Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Posts

It looks like I'll be resigned to weekly posts for the time being. 

The right leg continues to heal, though progress is very slow.  You know, the doctor original said "months" to heal, but since there was no break, I thought he was exaggerating a bit.  Apparently not.

And the sore left arm may be more seriously hurt than first anticipated. 

The doctor is concerned with the severe limitations of movement - well, I mean pain-free movement.  There isn't much motion in my left arm.  He thinks I may have actually torn a muscle.  Can you believe it?  I've heard of muscles being pulled, but torn?  So, I am tapping the keyboard, one key at a time, with my right hand.  Everything is off limits for the left - everything.  I have to be scheduled for Dopplar (?) imaging of the arm.  And then they "take it from there."  Fantastic.

Honestly, I am OVER being incapacitated already.  I'm down to one leg and one arm, for Pete's sake.  All over a silly little patch of black ice.

Anyway, I did well last week, but admit over-doing the calories at the Superbowl viewing, which put me over for the day by almost 200 calories.  Still, I didn't go crazy or anything like that, but I deviated from the plan for the first time.  It is back on track today though.  And I am a happy camper, because my beloved Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl!  Yay, Green Bay!! 

I didn't enjoy the first half very much, though we were way ahead.  Let's face it, football games are always more fun when they are close in scoring.  The Steelers finally decided to enter the game in the third quarter, and then things got interesting!  I was happy with the final result, and my Steeler fan friends kept their dignity.

Next week is hubby's second surgery.  I'm going to try to put off my arm stuff until after his post-surgery follow-ups.  I don't want one to interfere with the other. 

Well, time to catch up on emails and blogland posting!  Comments will be limited, obviously, because of my one-finger one-hand typing method.  You would not believe how long it took, just to write this!!  And, I can only use one crutch - can't do anything with the left arm, remember, so mobility is still an issue.  I can, thankfully, one-crutch it over to the computer now.  I couldn't do that two days ago!  Progress!!

STAY on plan, Everyone!  This is only early February, but spring will be upon us in no time.  Don't go chocolate crazy over Valentine's Day or anything.  Hey, I didn't even have a slice of cheddar during a Packer Superbowl game!  If I can do this ... yada, yada, yada ...

Stay healthy!