Goals & Challenges


Goal 1 - Lose 10% (30 lbs) bringing weight down to 277 lbs. from 307 lbs. Accomplished 10/02/10
Goal 2 - Lose 30 lbs., bringing weight down to 247 lbs. from 277 lbs.  Accomplished 12/14/10

My current mini-goal (Goal 3):

Lose 17 lbs, which would bring me down to 230 lbs.  I'm shooting for Valentine's Day with fingers crossed.

My # 1 New Year's Resolution for 2011:  Add regular exercise !!

My overall goal:

Reach my healthy target weight of 145 lbs.  Before 1-2-12.


The Phase IV ... no puppy dog eyes here!  Time to get serious about fitness in Phase IV.  I need to be ...

wait for it ...


and fight for my fitness, of course.  This couch potato is getting active, and introducing regular exercise into her routine, one day at a time! 

Mid-term Challenge:

I'm in a one-year challenge with Kathy J  (Blog: Kathy's Weight Loss Journal) to lose 60 lbs in one year.  The blue countdown clock in the right sidebar of my page, tells you how many days remain in the challenge!  And my progress toward this challenge is located immediately after my signature.  Don't forget to visit Kathy's blog and cheer her on!!  I am estimating I will reach this mid-term challenge within the next 5 weeks, well ahead of the year threshhold!!