About Me

This was me when I started this blog, on July 20, 2010, at 307 lbs. 

I'm Ann, very happily married and enjoying life. I'm posting my musings and ramblings to help keep myself accountable, and motivated, and to (I hope) learn some new things along the way.

I recognize there will be good days and bad. I hope to keep my sense of humor through it all. And I hope to re-read the good days' entries when I need an extra boost.  Losing weight is not an easy thing to do.

My youth isn't here anylonger (in my late 40s) to protect me from my bad habits.  Just in the last few years, my doctor has added a blood pressure pill.  Then, a year or so later, a cholesterol pill.  Most recently, oral diabetes medication.  The trend is obvious, and (so far) one-way.  I'm working to correct all of that, to the best of my ability to do so.  I don't want to become a statistic, but so far, I am - following the path so many obsese people follow. 

Obese - I was very seriously morbidly obese.  In December, 2009, I hit my top official weight of 327 lbs.  I say official, because I tapped 330 for a short time on the home scale, but the highest "doctor-recorded" scale weight was 327.  My BMI was 54.5.  Obesity is measured in layers, and my first priority was to drop out of the "morbid" layer of obesity.  That means bringing my BMI down under 40.0, and into the "severe" obese category. See the "My Progress" tab for the obesity chart.  That is where I am now, severely obese, and working my way down. 

I'm taking this weight loss journey in a series of small mini-goals.  Having so much weight to lose, it just makes sense to keep focused on the nearer, achievable goals, and in that way, ultimately reach my long-range goal of 145 lbs. - normal weight.   

I'm not a clinician, dietician, or anything like that - just a regular person who put on way too many pounds over the years. My story is really not that different from so many others. So, here I go - with a very different attitude and a strong determination to reverse some unhealthy trends.

My current (update) photo:

Dated December 9, 2010, this photo shows me with over 8" off my waist, and 52 lbs slimmer.  I have a long way to go, but I am making progress.  I started this diet on July 20, 2010.  My doctor saw me in late October, and couldn't believe my progress.  My routine blood work had improved quite a bit, and so I was PULLED OFF my cholesterol medication! 

It was an awesome day, and proof positive that I can reverse things - it isn't too late.