Sunday, October 31, 2010

Updated Measurements

I won't have a formal weigh-in until Monday morning, but I went ahead and updated my measurements this afternoon.  How much can they really change, overnight? 

I've lost a little off my neck, waist, and ... HIPS!  I'm most excited about the hips.  They need to come down, down, down, if I want to fit into those next smaller pants. 

Plus, with all the walking I'm doing, I expect that NEXT week, the waist will show more loss.  I did a lot of walking over the weekend, which should really show by next week's measurements.

Will I break below 43, for my BMI?!  Tomorrow will tell all ...

I'm happy with the measurements this week, so I'm anticipating a good weigh-in.

Onward and downward ...


Find Strength

Today is Halloween, every sugar addict's dream - or worst nightmare.  I love sweet things.  I'm having no candy this year, of course, but I sure look (and inhale, as I pass the bins of candy at the grocery store).  Is it my imagination, or is candy getting CHEAPER this year?  I see a lot of 2-for sales.  It figures, the year I decide to get healthier ...

I suppose, whether the test is big or small, we have to persevere and just say NO.  Dieting may be simple, but it sure isn't easy! 

Well, this happens to be the halfway point in Allan's DDDY Challenge.  How am I doing?  Great!  No matter what the scale will say, I've made water intake a habit (already).  It wasn't as hard as I'd imagined, so I will walk away with that benefit, if no other.  Another check in the dieting "pros" column!  That side is growing, as I move along this journey.  The "con" side seems pretty pathetic (now).  I look over my pro/con list when I feel my motivation lagging (which isn't too often, thankfully).

It is important for dieters to find strength where they can, to keep old habits at bay.  I use all types of tools to help keep my motivation going - my fellow dieters' blogs help a great deal and are part of that arsenal.  I want to maintain my fortitude!

I managed to get a small tear in my left bicep muscle.  I can use the arm, but not extend it without great discomfort/pain, so I'll have to pamper it this week.  Another injury, another learning experience.  I'm more limited by my out-of-shape condition than I realized, so I need to be more careful.  Still, the injury doesn't stop my ability to walk - and that is my exercise today (later this afternoon). 

A lot of DDDY challengers are weighing in today.  I'll do my weigh-in tomorrow (Monday) morning.  That gives me a full week of results, and an accurate halfway point measurement.   It is just my personal preference. 

DDDY 7 Update:

Calories, so far:  1,300

Water glasses, so far:  11

Day 103 and finding strength in lots of little ways ...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Losing Weight Is Bringing Me Down ...

Losing weight is bringing me down ...

in size! 

And it is creating more work for me.

I had an interesting experience getting dressed today.  I suddenly have so many more things in my closet from which to choose. 

And, I've come to the realization that I am going to have to take on a project this upcoming week.  I need to go through my closet, try on clothes, and do some rearranging.  I need to donate the stuff that is too large for me now, and I need to take inventory of what is now available to me. 

This is no small task.

I was never a "clothes horse" but as I went up in size, I didn't do a LOT of weeding (though some).  I think the last time I went through things was about six years ago.  Yep, some of the items in my closet haven't been worn in 5-6 years.  (Crazy ...)

I'm comfortably in size 26 jeans now, and the 28s I bought in early September are pretty baggy.  They are almost to the point I can't wear them - almost.  So, the lesson there is when I next buy jeans, only buy two or three, because I may only get two months use out of them.  I am NOT complaining about that - at all - but it wasn't very far-sighted of me to buy seven, when I feel I barely had a chance to wear them.  It is a waste of money for me, but I know it will help someone shopping Goodwill next month.  (It isn't easy to find fashionable large clothing.)

I don't look forward to the extra work, and it is so time-consuming, but I can't keep reaching for stuff, only to find I look like a hobo in them, all baggy.  Hey, it may work for Halloween weekend, but definitely not afterwards.

Here is a fun NSV for me today ...

My husband has been eating the same things I have been (for dinner), only in slightly higher volume.  And today, he fit into jeans he hasn't worn in years!  I'm so happy for him!!

DDDY6 Updates:

Calories today, so far:  1,473

Glasses of water today, so far:  8

Day 102 and looking forward ...

Friday, October 29, 2010

If You See This, STOP ME

My motivational word today is confidence

I know that may seem an odd motivational word, but I think, too often, people go into things with a great deal of trepidation, rather than with confidence.  I believe, in order to be successful in my weight loss journey, I need to be confident that I can do this - to encourage myself and motivate myself. 

Let's face it, a dieter's greatest enemy is always him/herself. 

I have to have confidence that I can make my goal weight. 
I have to have confidence that if I make a mistake, I can shake it off and continue on.
I have to have confidence that THIS time won't be like past attempts, quitting is not an option!

This journey, this goal, is entirely up to me.  If I start doubting myself and my ability, no one else can just take over for me. 

I have to be my own leader, my personal driving force, my self-assured navigator - if I want to get to my goal weight.  All the best wishes and hopes of others can't make it happen.

We ALL have bad days, and the lick-our-wounds sort of posts (myself included), but I've noticed a few make whining routine, and their blogs are often a string of posts, peppered with excuses, rationalizations and justifications.

Leaders don't do that.  Well, successful leaders don't do that ...

And, in dieting, we are (all) our own leaders! 

So, if you see me posting a string of excuses or a string of laments over this or that - STOP ME.  That is not the sort of leader I want to follow, and it is a future forecast of failure!  Confidence gets results, trepidation gets failure.  And that is why my motivational word for today is confidence! 

I WILL reach my goal weight.

DDDY calories, so far:  1,345

DDDY water, so far (of 8):  11

Day 101, and feeling positively confident!  (How about you?)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doing The Math, Allan-Style ? My Head Hurts ...

Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass), creator of the DDDY Challenge, is a big fan of dietary math. 

That's because it works. 

So, I started thinking this afternoon (channeling Allan?!) ...

I am currently 269 lbs.  Using Allan's math, that means I have to consume 2,959 calories per day to maintain this lovely physique.  (269 x 11 = 2959).

If my goal weight is 145 lbs, my daily caloric intake needs to be 1,595 calories (145 x 11 = 1595). 

And, in fact, that 1,595 daily intake is what I aim for in the DDDY Challenge.  (Allan is challenging us to eat as if we are at goal weight, and it will eventually get us there!)

So, back to thinking ... how long will it take me to get there, if I continue eating like a 145 lb woman?

Let's see.  2959 - 1595 = 1364 daily caloric deficit.  Well, if 3,500 calories = l lb., I should be able to calculate this, right?

3,500 / 1,364 (the deficit) is roughly 2.5, so if I stay on this challenge, beyond its two-week length, I can expect to lose 2.5 lbs per week.  I think I did that correctly. 

My current weight (269) less my ideal weight (145) means I have 124 lbs yet to lose.  If I take 124, divided by 2.5 lbs/week = roughly 50 weeks. 

Hey, I can be at goal in LESS than a year?!!  I must have done something wrong, because that means by mid-October, 2011, I'd be at goal weight.  Wow, that just can't be right!  Right there is my incentive to stick to goal calories, if ever there was one (assuming my math is correct, and maybe it isn't).     

100 Days, 100 Ways

I awoke this morning to day 100 of my diet journey!  I decided to shake things up a little bit, and do a "reverse day."  I'm eating my biggest meal at breakfast, and will eat lighter meals as the day progresses.  So, in a manner of speaking, it is a sort of celebration involving food, but instead of eating unhealthy things, I'm just doing a reverse day.

Rather than bore everyone with every morsel I eat during the course of any given day, I'm just going to post my DDDY calories/water at the bottom of my daily post.  I'll update the figures as the day goes on, or by day's end. 

Now that I am super-fueled for my 100th day, I decided I'd post in this journal the 100 ways I have benefitted from eating healthier, in no particular order.

  1. I weigh nearly 60 lbs less than I did last December.
  2. I have more energy.
  3. I can bend/twist more easily.
  4. My clothes fit better.
  5. My cholesterol numbers now rock!
  6. My blood sugar levels have plummeted.
  8. My jawline has reemerged.
  9. My cheekbones are no longer hidden.
10. Blog buddies!!
11. I sleep better.
12. There is plenty of room between my tummy and the steering wheel.
13. My doctor didn't lecture me on this last visit and, in fact, was stunned.
14. I no longer "evaluate" whether I can fit into restaurant booths.  I no longer fear them.
15. I've learned to love vegetables!
16. Regular bowel movements.
17. My joints don't ache nearly as much as they used to.
18. I breathe more easily when exerting myself.
19. Hey, I actually exert myself!
20. My neck is shrinking, so necklaces and turtlenecks fit better.
21. I am stronger.
22. There is a good inch between my thighs and the arms of my office chair.
23. My ring is comfortable, no longer in danger of cutting off my circulation.
24. I get to wear clothes from the recesses of my closet that I haven't worn in years.
25. New bras!
26. Increased stamina.
27. The seat belt is no longer a torture device.
28. I find myself doing more, missing out less.
29. The dental chair suddenly seems much more comfortable.
30. The compiments!
31. My ankles and feet no longer swell.
32. Bracelets and my wristwatch actually fit now.
33. Mini-goal awards.  (i.e., My Ralph Lauren Zoe Loafers)
34. My kneecaps have reemerged!!  I love this one!
35. It is so much easier to shave now.
36. I can finally tie my shoes easily.
37. I can give myself a pedicure.
38. My shoulders have shape again!
39. I have a waist now.
40. I take stairs more easily.
41. No more back roll.
42. I feel much more rested.
43. Improved concentration.
44. I no longer obsess over food.
45. My skin tone has actually improved.
46. My gait is no longer "waddle" ...
47. I can stand for longer periods of time without my legs complaining.
48. And I can semi-cross my legs now!
49. It is easier to get up out of a chair.
50. And I don't worry about sitting in those outdoor folding chairs anymore.
51. New (smaller) clothes.
52. I make smarter restaurant choices because I want to!!
53. I've learned to appreciate water's benefits.
54. My refrigerator looks much more colorful inside.
55. I can finally buy a mini-trampoline, 'cuz I'm within weight tolerances.
56. I can put both armrests down at the movie theatre, and the seat is roomy.
57. Regular public bathroom stalls have suddenly become larger. (odd)
58. My extra chins are disappearing.
59. Less of my legs are rubbing together when I walk.
60. I've rediscovered my ankles!  (So long, Kankles ...)
61. And my calves are taking shape again.
62. I can pick up something I drop, without figuring how to negotiate that now.
63. My favorite chair no longer creaks when I sit in it.
64. I am not as physically uncomfortable.
65. I love the look of surprise, on the faces of people who haven't seen me in a while.
66. My vision has improved. 
67. My hands no longer look pudgy.
68. I've already added years back to my life!
69. No more trunk ledge.
70. My husband's arms fit all the way around me now, when he hugs me!
71. My fav jacket can now be buttoned, for the 1st time in 10 years.
72. I get to go winter coat shopping, because my current one no longer fits me.
73. If anything, my morning chipper is chippier (much to my husband's dismay).
74. Bath towels fit around me again.
75. I can reach things on higher shelves than I used to (weird, I know)
76. Getting in and out of the car is so much easier.
77. And I no longer dread those tiny bucket seats we sometimes get in car rentals.
78. New swimsuit!
79. No more back aches.
80. Better bladder control.
81. I'm doing a LOT more cooking at home - I've rediscovered my fondness for it.
82. Stronger self-esteem (not that mine was ever lacking ... lol)
83. Bigger range of motion in my limbs.
84. I'm saving money (smaller clothes cost less, as does eating home more often).
85. I can sit on the floor now & get up without aid, helpful during Christmas festivities.
86. I can squeeze into the tiny backseat in my BIL's van, so the kids are thrilled at least.
87. I rarely get headaches anymore.
88. If an emergency came up, I could fit into a regular-sized wheelchair now.
89. My husband & I can now squeeze past each other, at the narrow part of the furniture placement.
90. I'm apparently driving a female relative insane with jealousy & I'm okay with that particular one.
91. Improved balance.
92. Increased cardiovascular health
93. I'm taken much more seriously now. (This is good, but also irritating ...)
94. I'm thrilled to see my old hourglass figure starting to return!
95. Improved service (I get a LOT more attention now, so I'm not invisible anymore)
96. I fit into a standard PFD again, when we go out boating.
97. I don't have to sit inside, when outdoor cafes use those little white plastic chairs.
98. No more button pull-gaps in my blouses. 
99. Improved reflexes.
100.  So many more options and opportunities are open to me now.  My weight is not as limiting.  

DDDY 4 (Updated throughout the day/evening):

Calories: 1550
Water (of 8):  10.5

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paying Attention

Every so often, during the 99 days I've been dieting now, I will notice something out of the blue.  Today, was one of those days.

I slipped on a very familiar (comfortable) shirt, and jeans, and noticed immediately that the shirt is falling differently.  It even feels a little different.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but the thought flicked across my mind, before moving on to other things.

Then, as I walked down my driveway this afternoon, I noticed an ease in my movement.  It was so different, I actually tried to figure out what has changed.  Instead of the feeling like I was dragging myself along, I had ... power?  I don't know, but I felt more propelled, and less like I was pulling myself along.  It is hard to describe, but it is different than I've felt in a really, really long time.

So, of course, when I get home again, I make a rare appearance in front of the full length mirror inside the closet door.  Sure enough ...

The shirt IS hanging differently.  It is free swinging, not hugging the tummy on the way down.  I'm guessing I lost another quarter- or half-inch off the waist or something, though I won't know for sure until I take a tape measure to it on Monday.  The tummy is still there, but the shirt isn't hitting it anymore (cascading as it does, off the twins).

Something else I noticed ... more energy today.  I've been eating lots of vegetable and minestrone (fancy vegetable) soups this week, to be sure to get in lots of nutrients, since I have had to temporarily disontinue my daily multi-vitamin.  I'm wondering if that change has created the energy, or if I crossed some invisible line in my weight loss that led to finding lost reserves.  Maybe this is a result of my improved blood chemistry.  I guess time will tell.  Anyway, I'm paying attention to the cues my body gives me. 

Day 99 (already!!) and really feeling the benefits today, of a healthier lifestyle ...

Misc. & DDDY 3 (99)

Got in a short walk this morning.  Hoping to do more later today, but the rain is back ... no complaints - we need the rain!

I'm going to try to look up the restaurant's nutritional information for various dishes, before heading to the dinner tonight.  I like to be armed with information, so I can make intelligent (and the best) choices.

DDDY 3 (for day 3) calories, so far ...


Oat bran muffin  373 calories


2 bowls leftover Minestrone soup  200 calories

Diet Pepsi  0 calorie

Snack:  Large banana  135 calories


Bean burrito, modified (w/lettuce & tomato)  350 calories
Mexican Rice  270 calories
Tortilla chips w/FF salsa  150 calories

Total calories today:  1,478

Total water today (of 8):  8

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday -- (98)

Today ended up being a real soupy day - weather-wise AND food-wise.  The soups today were mostly vegetable, not so much broth, so I'm getting great nutrition and volume.  I was quite satisfied with today's meals.

I'm going to have another Thomas' bagel thin in the morning - Allan's FAVORITE.  lol   I am also going to try Margene's "Knox Box" recipe sometime this week, probably on Friday.  It sure looks colorful, and looks perfect for snacking too.  I wonder what flavor combinations are the best ...

We're going out with friends tomorrow night, and trying out a new restaurant.  I'm not sure what to expect, but it is good to throw myself into these situations - excellent practice.  I'm not too worried, because what restaurant doesn't serve salad?  I will tuck a bottle of my fat-free balsamic dressing into the glove compartment though - in case they don't have dressings I could eat on my plan.

A funny thing happened to me today.  I dropped my shopping list on the floor, and retrieved it with no hesitation, before I even realized it.  Doesn't sound like much, I know, but I used to dread dropping anything.  LOL  Now, no big deal ... 

Yesterday, no walking.  Today, I only managed about 15 minutes before the weather hit.  Tomorrow is another day.

Just a quick comment in general, to a specific question I was asked today ...

I know some folks have a problem with blunt, because blunt can often come across as rude or arrogant.  I was asked, specifically, for my position about someone's "bluntness" ...

Let me say this, we'd still be enjoying some major entertaining talents today, if they had more blunt people and fewer "yes" men in their inner circles. 

It feels good to be told what we want/hope to hear.  I get it.  I really do.

But, as long as blunt is truthful and coming from a helpful place, I have no problem with blunt.  I may not always like the message, but I'd be a fool to turn my back on truth, no matter how it is packaged, when it comes to my health.  I also recognize sometimes it takes someone a little removed, to see something I may be missing, because I'm just too close to it.

That said, does any one person ever know it all?  Hardly.  So, I've learned over the years, to not take everything so personally, and let go of the junk, while holding onto the valuable bits.  Do you know what I mean?  And, if someone really doesn't "get it" and I decide not to waste any more of my time, I simply move on.  Life is just too short ...  I'm happy to say, most of the bloggers I've run across are real keepers though!  What an awesome bunch!  And the blunt person is a keeper, by the way. 

SO, don't worry - be happy!  (They should write a song about that ...)

Day 98 (??!!) and feeling delightfully full ...

Musings & DDDY 2 (updated throughout the day)

Good morning, fellow health-seekers!

Thank you for all the wonderful and supportive comments on my updated lab numbers post of yesterday!  It was the equivalent to a group hug, blog-style!!  I was feelin' the love ...

Allan, no bag yet.  The KS tote is the reward for kicking morbid obesity to the curb!  That will happen when I hit 247 lbs., and will be another blog party, believe me. 

My recap for yesterday's DDDY Challenge (day 1) was good.  I ate 1,342 calories of my 1,595 allotment.  I went several glasses over the 64 oz, and it wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be, to get those 8 glasses in.  I was feeling a little tender, as girls periodically do (a-hem), so I didn't get any of my usual fruit for the day (not even juice).  That is rare for me.

While I was surprised how easily I was able to drink all the required water for the day, I was even more surprised at how recording things makes one aware of choices.  Does anyone else find that recording their food choices makes them hyper-aware of what they are eating?  That was interesting ...

So, day one of the DDY Challenge was (as expected) a learning experience for me - and a positive one too.  One day down, thirteen more to go!  Best of luck to all who officially, and unofficially, are participating!!

I was so excited about my lab results yesterday, I completely forgot to mention we had another dinner party to attend.  The hostess made things I couldn't eat on my diet, but I solved that by offering to bring the soup course!  I made butternut squash soup and it was a huge hit!  I made much more than would be necessary, thinking I'd have leftover soup for my lunch the next day, but the stock pot was EMPTY by the end of the dinner!  Anyway, I negotiated the dinner being quite satisfied with soup and salad.  Only one person noticed I wasn't eating the main entree and sides ... not too bad! 

Our neighborhood is getting ready for the holiday season's Progressive Dinner.  Our house was selected for the dessert course this year.  The dinner will be in early December.  Oh cruel, cruel world ... LOL  Actually, it isn't much of a temptation for me (at least, not right now).  And I will have plenty of fruit to offer, not just decadent desserts.  That being said, anyone have a favorite festive dessert recipe they want to share? 

Diet or no diet, life goes on.  My girlfriend said she doesn't know how I can host a dessert course, while on a diet.  Hey, hosting (even baking) doesn't mean I have to EAT it.  Life is full of challenges, and it is up to me to adjust.  The alternative is to not participate, and part of the reason so many of us lose weight is so we can participate MORE in things - not less.  Dieting doesn't mean suffering - or no one would bother - at least not I.

Below is my current DDDY 2 (for day 2) status.  I'll update this lower portion of this post throughout the day, for those mildly interested in what I am doing today.  Each day, I'll include a similar DDDY update, at the bottom of that day's post, and it will be so marked, in the title.

Have a successful day!


Large banana  135  calories
1.5 cups chocolate lite soy milk  135 calories


Vegetable Soup  60 calories
Asian Salad (w/out Chicken, w/toasted seasame dressing)  300 calories


Minestrone Soup  100 calories
2 breadsticks  150 calories

Diet Pepsi, caff-free  0 calorie

Snack:  Granny Smith apple muffin 380 calories

Calories Today:  1,260 calories

Water Today:  8 of 8

Monday, October 25, 2010

HOLY COW ... My Numbers Are In ... WOW

Holy cow!  I just got the lab results call from my doctor's office.


That's right - no more cholesterol medication for me!!  I can stop taking it, as of today!  AND, my doctor wants to see me in January.  If I keep this up (or rather, down), and my weight continues to fall, the nurse said the doctor may reduce my diabetes medication "significantly."  Hallelujah ...


Check out the numbers updated on the right sidebar.  I am beyond thrilled, that after just three months, I have managed to reverse things.  That is just amazing.  And the ONLY thing that has changed was my diet.  It was that simple (not easy, just simple).   

Was it worth passing up the frozen desserts, the extra helpings, the chocolate ??  YES, YES, YES, a thousand times YES.  I don't even remember the individual times I have sacrificed and/or said NO to a craving.  That is how much those momentary things meant to me.  But, improving my numbers and giving up (entirely) medications?!  That is an event, a real event.  I've just added YEARS to my life, and it only cost me three months (so far) of saying "no thank you" to less healthy food options, NOT cheating here and there, NOT making excuses for unhealthy decisions.

And get this ... these numbers are ONLY from diet.  I hadn't started regular walking yet (when the labs were drawn).  Since then, I've started walking ... yes, exercise!!  (Exercise should boost my HDL up further.)  Tell me I won't blow my doctor away, when I see him in January.  LOL  This was the perfect boost to carry me through Thanksgiving, that is for sure. 

What trumps the lower numbers on the scale?  BETTER LAB RESULTS!  The scale and my clothing show me what is going on externally, but the labs measure improvements internally.  I LOVE IT ... but probably not as much as my internal organs do right about now.

Okay, sorry for being so excited, but holy cow, I NEVER expected such dramatic results in so short a period of time.  The nurse said even my doctor was wow'd ... how cool is that?!

Lovin' this low-fat diet, lovin' it!  Now, I get to have the fun of telling my husband over dinner salad.  hehehe  I'm having THE BEST day.  See?  Things happen for a reason.  My car breaks down (so I'm home), and I was here to get the lab results phone call.  I wasn't even expecting that until Tuesday or Wednesday! 

Life is sooooooo good!

DDDY Day 1 / When It Rains ...

Well, the good car started to shutter this morning, halfway through town, and then the "check engine" light came on - not a good sign.  There has been a complete change of plans for today, obviously.  I need to call the garage when they open.  I'll also call AAA to have the car towed there.  Looking at the bright side (it is my nature), I was fortunate to get the car turned around and back home at least.  It looks like this morning belongs to Murphy (as in "Murphy's Law") ... lol

Things happen for a reason, right?

We're expecting bad weather, heavy winds, maybe even some hail.  Oh boy ...

The scale still shows 269 (officially) today, for the DDDY challenge.


1 whole wheat Thomas' bagel thin (because I don't know better, it tastes good, Allan)  110 calories
Topped with St. Dalfour "Four Fruits" spread (1 TB, measured)  60 calories


Big bowl of minestrone soup (no cheese) 250 calories
Small portion of spaghetti with marinara (no cheese) 442 calories
Italian bread (plain) 110 calories


Salad of mixed greens, onion, tomato, etc.  (veggies, lots of raw veggies, no cheese)  200 calories
2 TB balsamic dressing  120 calories
1/2 slice wheat bread, grilled  50 calories

Today's calories, total:   1342 of 1,595

Water, total:  10 of 8 (8 oz glasses)  - Not as hard as I thought!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 96 - Weigh-In Results: 269 lbs.

I did it, I left the 270s behind!!

(Cue "Fanfare For The Common Man" theme music here.) 

I am posting about 12 hours early, because I just had something come up that will require my time in the morning. My official start weight for the Double Dog Dare You Challenge will be 269 lbs!

This represents a 2-pound loss for last week, and this weigh-in is technically almost two days early.  (Makes me wonder if all this walking would've resulted in a 3-lb loss on my normal weigh-in day.) 

This current weigh-in brings me just over 25% of the way to my current mini-goal - to leave Morbid Obesity behind.  I can't wait! 

Check out my BMI ... I'll be in the 42's within the next several weeks (I think).  And THAT means I'll be less less than 3 points from leaving this category behind! 

I've updated my measurements, with a big change in my hip measurement this week.  Yay!   I am not expecting the results from last week's labs until Tuesday or Wednesday, but when those numbers come in, I'll update them - you'll see the question marks disappear, replaced by current numbers.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this has changed, having dropped just about 12% of my original weight at the time of that blood draw.  Actually, it is more like 18% if you count the loss since my Dec. 09 doctor appt.  Cool.

Is it wrong for me to be looking forward to seeing the numbers change, much like an expectant parent in the delivery room, waiting to find out what sex the newborn baby will be?  LOL

Down another two pounds, and waving bye-bye to the 270s forever ...

Questions To Ponder

Just some things to think about:

1. Do you make yourself a priority? 

2. Do you have a positive outlook?

3. Have you set achievable goals for yourself?

Remember that little airline demonstration, where they indicate (in cases of emergency) you are to put on your own mask, before assisting the child who may be traveling with you? 

That is because you can always give aid to the child, if you are getting oxygen, but a child cannot always assist YOU, if they are taken care of but you have yet to don your mask.  It makes sense.  Well, so it is with weight loss.  If you take care of YOU first, you'll be there in years to come, to help those you love.  But, if you forego your own health concerns to handle the immediate needs of people around you, you may be gone before you know it.  And then those around you cannot count on you ever again. 

Did you make up your mind today, to be positive about your efforts?  A postive attitude really does make the journey easier!  If we have to do this anyway, we may as well make the best of it - look for the positive and surround yourself with optimists!  Life is just more pleasant and fun that way ... and who doesn't want pleasant and fun in their lives?!

Goals are important, but more so for a weight loss journey, in my opinion.  Goals keep you focused and moving forward.  They challenge you, drive you, and give you a boost in morale, every single time you achieve one!  Small goals, strung together, get you places you want to be. 

No goals mean no direction, and no direction gets you ... NOwhere. 

If you gave up on a goal, set a new one!  My goals always change and shift, as I move forward or hit road-blocks.  But I always have goals - always.  Make them achievable and realistic, and you'll reap the results!

What are important aspects of your weight loss efforts?   Mine are, obviously, prioritzing, positive thinking, and goal-setting.

I'm Back ~ To An AWESOME Challenge !!

We're back from our quick, too-short visit to Williamsburg, VA.  As I was telling my challenge buddy via email this morning, I said a little prayer this morning that we get help in reaching our weight loss goals.  So, what did I fire up the computer to find?  Allan's (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass) AWESOME weight loss challenge! 

The challenge begins TOMRROW (Monday, October 25) and runs for two weeks.  I said to count me in, I think the timing of this, just coming into the food holidays, is perfection itself!

The challenge is a good one.  Here are the rules:

Your goal weight x 11 = your daily caloric intake, for the next two weeks.

Drink 64 oz of WATER, each day.

Record/count everything you eat/drink.

Weigh-in tomorrow (Monday, October 25) and again on Monday, November 8 - post on your blog.

And, rather obviously, no cheating and NO EXCUSES.  Just do it - make it happen.

The challenge starts Oct. 25 (tomorrow) and ends Nov. 8 - two weeks.  Hey, almost everyone can stick to something for two weeks, right?  A little extra effort and discipline and FOCUS is just the ticket for getting a boost before the holiday season.  I've signed up, and hope you accept the challenge as well.  If you want to see what living life is like AT your goal weight, this will show you just what you can, and can't do.

In my case, my goal weight is (for now) 145 lbs., so I need to eat 1,595 calories per day, starting tomorrow.  I also need to get in 64 oz of water each day.  I was going to post my weigh-in on Tuesday this week, given my last one was Wednesday, but for this challenge, I'm switching weigh-in to Monday (tomorrow).  Next, I need to get a little notebook, so I can keep proper track of food intake.

I'm naming Allan's challenge the "Living The Life" Challenge.  But Allan's official name is "Double Dog Dare You" Challenge.  You can see the challenge avatar under my "Goals and Challenges" tab.  (Who doesn't LOVE a pug??!!)

In other news, I got in a mile on the treadmill this morning (00:29), before it was time to get in the car and head for home. I don't count exercise "burn" against caloric intake.  I do it for health - man, my cardiovascular system is NOT what it used to be!!  Besides, I don't need the extra (potential) excuse to eat a little more, just because I have more wiggle room in my daily calories.  If I do that, it defeats the extra effort toward weight loss a little bit.

I noticed my blue timer box (right side bar) has just dropped below 300!  That means we're 65 days into our 60-pound challenge (to lose 60 lbs in one year).  Wow, it seems like we JUST started that challenge too.  Well, here it is, just under 20% into that challenge year, and I'm officially down 1/3 (20 lbs).  We'll just have to see if the next 65 days are as successful.  We have Thanksgiving and Christmas in there.  Who needs Halloween - facing Thanksgiving and Christmas, while dieting, is scary enough!  LOL

Time to catch up on some more reading of blogs.  I found an email, saying thanks for the fabulous day (Saturday) and that my blog buddy returned safely home (to the D.C. area) ... their ride was about half of ours. 

Still Day 96, onward and downward ... and accepting Allan's Two-Week "Living The Life" Challenge (I call it that, because for the next two weeks, we're living the life we are going to get, when we reach goal.)

Day 96: Blogger Get-Together, Colonial Style

Yay!!  I had such a nice time, meeting a blog buddy today!!

We (all) had a FABULOUS time today!!  We "recognized" each other because we two bloggers had the baggiest clothes in the place.  I guess it is time to do some shopping!  LOL

We ordered the same thing for lunch - an acorn squash dish, which was wonderful.

We paraded up and down the Duke of Glouchester Street (the main avenue), in Colonial Williamsburg.  The maples were red and orange, the sky blue, and the company was a lot of fun!  And, while I didn't find the elusive Leedsware platter I was hoping to find, and my blog buddy didn't find her "chef" nutcracker, we enjoyed the history and scenery of CW.  The husbands enjoyed the ale and (I suspect) the lamenting over what we might possibly find in the shops we gals popped into.  (No damage was done to either pocketbook - we both like to shop, but apparently are picky.)  LOL

We had only planned for lunch and some CW walking, but had so much fun, we extended the visit through dinner and a nice visit afterwards.  We head for our respective homes in the morning.  My blog buddy is now fully back in the groove (she was finding motivation lacking the last month or two) ... GREAT job!  I think it is sometimes easier to be motivated when you are around other, similarly motivated people.  Don't you?

Dinner was actually just big salads (for the gals) ... the guys had steaks.  Everybody was happy! 

Laughter was had by all, and Saturday (Day 95) was an enjoyable day!

If my husband sleeps in, in the morning, I'm going to do something I've never done before ... check out the hotel's exercise room.  I know!  I can't believe it either ... walking Friday, walking Saturday, exercising on Sunday??!!  I thought it might be nice to try one of those big intimidating treadmills (when did they get SO BIG??), since I'll be in the car for half a day.

Time for bed ... it is going to be a busy day (later today). 

Day 96 and loving how Day 95 went ... Safe travels, my blog buddy!!  xx

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Update

I managed to walk 30 minutes on Friday afternoon (00:32)

Heading out EARLY on Saturday, so not sure when I'll post next - possibly late evening on Saturday, or sometime on Sunday evening. 

Colonial Williamsburg (VA) should be in full, gorgeous fall colors.  Mostly, however, I'm looking forward to meeting a blogger buddy!  It will be fun!!

Stay healthy ...

Friday, October 22, 2010


The 24-Update is my biweekly attempt to get into my old size 24-jeans.

Here is the link to my first attempt (oh boy), which seriously involved my thinking I'd need third-party help to cut them off of me:

You may wonder why I am doing the 24-Update so early.  It is because if I got stuck in them, I wanted my husband to be able to help get them off of me.  I was seriously in trouble the last time I tried this.

Well, I need not have worried.  This morning, I managed to get the jeans over my legs with ease! 

They are NOT baggy, but neither are they a second skin this time.  I actually still had feelings in my legs, and I could pull the jeans off without gyrating on the bed like a sick horizontal copy of Elaine Benas, dancing.  (Jerry Seinfeld episode reference there.)  

Clearly, the legs are getting better, but the hips, bum and tummy have a way to go. 

The open zipper halves still cannot see each other over the tummy area.  I'd have sucked in my tummy, but it was hard to breath in the jeans as it was.  LOL

So tight are the jeans on the hips, I could actually see a panty line through denim.  I estimated the distance between the button and buttonhole to be about 4" ... but I may be off by an inch, give or take.

The legs are still tighter than I'd wear jeans, but I am amazed at how much easier they were to pull on this morning.  Going over the hips still gave me that "oh-oh" hesitation, but they made it. 

I'd sure like to be able to zip/button the jeans by Thanksgiving weekend.  I'm just not sure how realistic that is.  I'll give it a go anyway. For now, however, I've tucked the 24 jeans back into the drawer. 

I'll pull them out in two weeks to try again. 

You know, I should be able to wear the size 24 jeans (I think) by the time my next photo update is due.  Hmmmmm ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

NSVs - Share !!

Two great NSVs to share today:

1. My neighbor's son came over selling PIES.  Gotta help him get his uniform, but I really don't need a pie in my freezer, mostly because it probably wouldn't stay there.

Solution: I called his mom and asked what pie was her favorite and recommendation.  Then, I ordered / paid for the pie, and wrote on the "reminder" card HER name, and "Happy Thanksgiving" !!  I bought her a pie for their Thanksgiving, and still helped her son out.  Win-win. 

2. I was outside, working in the yard.  I came into the house to get cleaned up, and was just out of the shower when the doorbell rang (see # 1).  I wasn't finished getting dressed, so just grabbed the nearest pants, so I could answer the door.  The nearest pants were the ones in my profile photo - my old favorite black jeans ...

I grabbed them, and pulled them up without even unbuttoning/unzipping them ... and they fell right back down again.  I had to put on different pants - I cannot wear these anymore.  The hips won't stop them. 

And, after I was done at the door, I went back to the bedroom and put the black jeans back on.  They are so HUGE on me.  Even more so than when I had my update photo taken at the end of September.  After the high of that, it is going to be hard to face the 24-Update of tomorrow (aka, my second skin jeans that can't close).  LOL  But, those will someday be too big too ... it just takes patience and time, and adherance to the plan, of course.

What are YOUR NSVs (non-scale victories) for this week?  Share!!

I'm Losing It (93)

Being so close to the next "decade" of weight is a great temptation.  I hopped on the scale this morning already, just to see if I'm inching any closer to the 260s.  (I'm not.)  But, now that I am so close - at 271 - I'm like a hunter with a target in my scope.  The hunt is on! 

I shouldn't be so tempted, to focus on weight alone, but I am focused rather intensly on getting rid of the next two pounds. Crazy ...

If I feel this way about getting into the 260s, I can just imagine how I'll feel when the magic 2-5-0 comes into view.  There will be no living with me, I'll be a woman on a mission!  LOL

The 270s were fun to go through (so far, since I'm not out of them yet).  I hit my 10% loss at 277.  I crossed the 25-lb-increment milestone at 275.  I wow'd my doctor at 271 ... 

The 270s was fun, as I said.  No major milestones in the 260s, but I'm looking forward to sliding down the scale through that next lower decade, nevertheless.  Hey, after 267, I can say I have LESS than 20 lbs to go, to leave Morbid Obesity behind.  How awesome is that?!

Anyway, I've decided to use this obsession/temptation (focusing on these next two pounds) to my advantage.  I've looked throughout Blogland to see what others are doing, and see how I can tweak my own program this upcoming week.  Let's see if I can make this the last week (ever) of 270-something!

This is the Saturday I get to meet a fellow blogger!  She is very excited, and has already been hunting for restaurants.  It will be a fantastic lunch, and we'll follow that up with walking around Colonial Williamsburg (VA).  It will be so much fun!  She hasn't been as on-track lately as she'd like, but says this will kick-start her back into action.  So much of this journey is mental - and we all go through those periods of time where we just can't seem to get our heads into the journey the way we know we should.  The losing weight process is actually very simple, but that doesn't mean the journey isn't hard.  Every dieter knows that!  I'm glad a day like Saturday can help.  I know I am looking forward to it, and this will be a nice boost for me too.

My husband is my biggest cheerleader (but in a manly way, as he points out) ... funny guy!  He said he'd sacrifice Turkey for Thanksgiving, no problem.  What a sweetie!  But no, we are not giving up turkey.  We just don't need to eat an entire bird at one sitting ...

So, my husband is already thinking Thanksgiving.  It is a month away.  I will need to start planning my strategy for that holiday in the next few weeks.  It will include NOT overeating, a lot of walking, and of course, healthy food options.  Oh, and we have to watch Detroit lose to someone.  Who plays them this year anyway (yes, I know ... "The winner" ... but which team)?

Traditions ... gotta love it.

Day 93 and focused on leaving the 270s behind f-o-r-e-v-e-r ...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The 60-Pound Challenge Update & Other Observations

As my signature reflects, I am (as of today) 1/3 of the way to reaching the goal in the "Lose 60 lbs in One Year" Challenge!  I have about 9.5 months in which to lose 40 more pounds.  I think that is more doable than I first thought.

My BMI has fallen into the 43s ... it is six points below where I was 92 days ago.  Amazing!  In fact, it is down a full point just since starting this current mini-goal.  Just to give it perspective, I am down OVER 10 POINTS since last December, when my BMI was 54.5

Now, weighing in at 271, what does a BMI of 43.7 mean exactly?  It means I'm still carrying about 118 lbs too much on my frame, but that is changing every week. 

My current mini-goal is to get down to 247 (leaving the Morbidly Obese category behind).  I'm officially less than 25 pounds from reaching that goal.  But nearer to home, I'm just a few pounds from kissing the 270s good-bye forever!  I am so excited, I can't wait to see 260-something!!  I'm looking forward, and moving onward and downward!!

Day 92 ... and I am having a GREAT day!

Day 92 - Weigh-in Results: 271 lbs. !!

Oh, this was the most fun I've EVER had at a routine doctor's appointment! 

My doctor's nurse escorted me to the weigh station first (as usual).  I'm wearing a bulky coat, which I take off and put on the nearby chair, before I get on the scale.  The nurse's head is buried in the chart, so I stand on the scale and wait ...

She looks at the number, refers back to my chart, looks back at the scale ...

Then, she makes me STEP OFF and get back on again - like the reading was glitchy or something.  Now, I'm smiling.  She looks at the number again (still reading 271), and finally lets out a "WOW ..."  hehehe 

While we're walking back to the assigned examining room, she is telling me my doctor is going to flip.  And, of course, once we're in the examination room, she finally can look at me without the jacket on.  All she can do is stare and say, "WOW ..."  takes my BP, etc.  But she keeps looking at me and shaking her head, like she just can't get over it. 


The nurse leaves.  After a few minutes, enter my doctor.  He doesn't even open the chart.  He walked in, stops, and says, "Holy cow, Ann, what have you been doing?!"  THEN he flips open the chart and looks at me, looks at the chart, flips a few pages back, looks at me again, goes back to the first page ...  hehehe 

He slides his stool right in front of my chair and says, "Okay, tell me exactly how you did this."  So I tell him, low-fat diet, blah blah blah ... And he says I've lost 56 lbs in less than a year (like I don't know this?).  hehehe

I, of course, correct him, and say I've lost 36 of those pounds in just 3 months. 

Well, my doctor tells me now we'll have to wait for the blood work-up results.  He may have to make some adjustments DOWNWARD in a few of my medications.  (SWEET!!)  But, in the meanwhile, I am to continue taking the meds as before. 

No problem, Doc!!

As I leave the office, he stops in the hall, looks back at me and smiles.  "Ann," he said, "you've just made my day.  For the hundreds of patients I tell every month to lose weight, very few actually do.  This is what we doctors long to see.  Great job!"

Officially (and by my doctor's scale), I lost 3 lbs this past week, now down to 271 lbs.  I am THISCLOSE to saying good-bye to the 270s!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 91: Doctor Appointment Countdown

It is just under 16 hours to my doctor appointment - and my official weigh-in figure for this week.  Last December, that same scale weighed me at 327.  This year?  It will be UNDER 277 ... so I'm expecting a happy doctor visit for a change.   This may actually be fun. 

The blood draw results will take 7-10 days or so, but I'll post those results when they eventually come in.

I've seen zero changes to my measurements this week, but I know (unofficially) the scale has moved down a little bit.  That is okay, any loss is movement in the right direction.

Confession time?

My last two doctor appointments (both well over 300), I was sure to wear the lightest weight clothing I owned.  Like THAT is going to help the scale.  LOL  This time, I can't even wear the lightweight pants, unless I like the pants-around-the-ankles look.  It'll be jeans, and I'm not worried about the scale - curious, but no longer worried.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  That, by itself, is very freeing.

We're eating Mexican tonight (sans cheese).  Lunch today was minestrone soup and salad - loved it!  (Can you believe it?  All vegetables, and I actually WANTED it?) 

Hmmmmm ... sounds like I've been able to make some positive, permanent changes to my diet (aka Lifestyle Changes).

So much to catch up on in Blogland ... I'll be doing a LOT of reading tonight!

Day 91 and doing well ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 90 Changing My Numbers

Wow, I've been dieting for three months now.  I'm going to let my doctor's scale be my official reading for this week.  That appointment is on Wednesday morning.  I've already hit my goal, of reaching my 10% loss before that scheduled appointment.  It will be interesting to hear the medical opinion on this.  Speaking of medical ...

Just a quick update on Dad, who is doing well and is back home again (as of yesterday).  He begins this last round of cancer treatment next week, and should be concluded before Christmas.  It is, as always, in God's hands, but after the treatment is concluded, we just have to wait and see what affect, if any, it has upon the cancer.  (It is the last treatment option remaining for him.)  Thank you, one and all, for the many emails and well wishes, and especially for the prayers.  Dad is optimistic and hopeful, which is a good thing. 

I ordered the pink (for the Cause) Emile Henry pie dish, using the gift certificate I won recently from Big Clyde's blog (The Clydesdale Project).  I'm told to expect it today already!  I'm very impressed with how fast delivers ...

And, of course, I can't wait to get the pie dish!

Here is a tiny NSV from the weekend.  I attended a kids' football game yesterday evening, and the host only had available those dreaded collapsible tube-framed chairs ... the very kind I've always resisted sitting in, because I just KNEW I'd end up on the ground with the twisted metal frame and/or torn fabric around me.  Well, I actually attempted to sit in one of those things at the game.  It was that, or stand.  And ...

It held just fine.  I took a peek at the tag, as everything was being loaded back into the trunk afterwards ... the weight capacity was 300 lbs.  NO WORRIES!  Of course, if I tried sitting in that back in July, I'd have been in trouble ...

Just one less thing to have to think about. 

Plans for this week included my routine doctor appointment on Wednesday, and the 24-Update on Friday, where I try (again) to squeeze into my size 24 jeans.  I'm going to attempt to put them on every other Friday, until I finally fit into them.  Last time, I got them over my legs, although the jeans were like a second skin.  And, I could not zip or button them ... I don't even think the zipper teeth could see each other, over the gap that was filled by my middle section.  The zipper halves were practically in different "zip" codes ... sorry, couldn't resist.

Since the food holidays are fast approaching, I thought a good additional incentive to stay focused and on track, would be to ... get this ... WEAR the famous size 24 jeans over Thanksgiving weekend! 

I know.  I couldn't believe myself either. 

Considering I was seriously afraid I'd have to get outside assistance to cut them off me, just 1.5 week- s ago, it is a big goal to shoot for, but I look at it this way, the venture is either mad, or genius.  Regardless, it is a goal I can shoot for, and will at least carry me through Thanksgiving Thursday.  I've watched our Canadian fellow-bloggers breeze through their Thanksgiving holiday with nary a ripple, so that is additional incentive.  The Canadians are blazing the trail ...

The size 24 jeans are tan, by the way, not a nice, dark (SLIMMING) color.  I think the last time I was a size 24, it was summertime (thus the lighter color).  I don't care if it is mid-winter, I'm wearin' those jeans whenever I manage to get into them.  LOL

Speaking of incentives, I set as my reward for reaching my NEXT mini-goal (30 lbs, or achieving 247 lbs - getting OUT of morbid obesity) a Kate Spade tote.  I've looked over the budget, and it just isn't happening. 

The Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag Tote - in black - is $345 (the cheapest I could find it). 

That just isn't going to fit into our budget, anytime before April.  I'm hoping, of course, to leave morbid obesity sometime in late January, so I will probably have to rethink my reward for achieving this mega-milestone.  One female relative (aka, "the hater") told our other sibling that - and I quote - "Fat people aren't fashionable anyway," and that I shouldn't even be looking at nice things.  How about that?  And this comes from a gal who could stand to lose a few pounds herself, not that I would ever criticize her.  So, whatever her problem, clearly she is no supporter of my weight loss efforts.  I have to be honest, her criticisms do nothing to thwart me from my efforts, but I'm really not looking forward to my side's family Christmas gathering this year, because of her attitude and outright hositility.  She doesn't have to support me, but how about just keeping silent?  You'd think I killed her dog or something, with the viciousness of her verbal cruelties.  If I outlined even half the stuff she has said (directly to me) about my weight and this weight loss journey, you wouldn't believe me.  ANYWAY, this isn't about her, but about my giving up the idea of my next reward incentive (the Kate Spade tote), for something else.  The hunt is on for a different (cheaper) reward idea ... to celebrate (when the time comes) leaving morbid obesity behind!!

Day 90 (already!) ... and feeling a little less enthusiastic today.  This too shall pass.  I'm actually looking forward to changing my numbers - though I think it takes 7-10 days (from Wednesday's blood draw) before I know what impact this diet has had upon my body, other than weight reduction.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 86

Just a quick note to say Dad has some more hospital stuff that has cropped up.  I'm probably not going to be online tomorrow (Friday), or through the weekend.  No worries, just something Dad has to take care of.  Needless-to-say, he is very tired of hospitals and doctors, poor guy.

I'm anticipating everything getting back to normal by Monday.

Enjoy your weekends, and stay on your plans!! 

Move a little, laugh a lot, and don't forget to ask yourself, "Am I hungry?"  or "Am I full?"  ... and take appropriate action.

You can do this!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, Day 85 - Let the Countdown Begin

One week from today. 

I'm in countdown mode for my doctor's appointment, the first since starting this diet.  I'm going in 33 pounds lighter, maybe even a few pounds lighter than that (we'll see at the next weigh-in).  I'll have labs done, but it will take a good week (or more) after that, before I'll know my results. 

I've been reading blogs this evening.  I see that a few bloggers have done a "power day" - or two - leading up to their doctors' appointments, but no one ever follows up by saying whether that paid off or not.  I wasn't planning on doing anything special, but maybe I ought to ... LOL

I picked up the pants I dropped off for alterations earlier in the week.  I won't attempt to try on the (now) famous size 24 jeans until a week from Friday, but I'm going to give a 24-Update.  We'll see if I can get them off, once I get into them.  I won't have an extra long leg material to use to  my advantage next time.

Anyway, I started thinking about what I'd like as a reward for making it to my next goal, and dropping out of the morbid obesity category.  I've decided on a Kate Spade handbag.  I REALLY cannot afford it though.  I just wanted to make this milestone special, and this bag does it for me.  It is a black & cream colored barrow street anabel bag.  NO, I don't have a baby, but that bag has loads of convenient compartments.  The price tag is pretty hefty though, for this gal.  (Let's face it, who can afford those NY prices, unless you live in NY.)  I may go with choice # 2, the Kate Spade New York Travel Anabel.  Less compartments, same great look, and only slightly less damaging to the pocketbook.  I'm still dreaming about the barrow street anabel baby bag though, in black/cream ... maybe I have some more thinking to do on it.  I just hope it is still around by the time I hit my next mini-goal.  LOL

You'd think I was a fashionista, and really I'm not, which makes these things so much more special.  I dangle nice carrots for incentives.  (Trust me, I've rarely earned any ... until now.)

I read on one woman's blog that she is buying charms for a charm bracelet.  What a great idea that was!    It makes me wonder what (if any) rewards others set for themselves.

I so rarely buy anything for myself, it is a luxury, which also makes it special.  My husband teased me about the RL shoes I "earned" with my last mini-goal.  I needed replacement shoes anyway (always practical), but he teased me because I haven't bought shoes for myself in 8 or 9 years.  (Yes, ladies, YEARS)  LOL  

Day 85, onward and downward, as they say ... I say, Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag, here I come!

And The Survey Said ...

Patrick (blog: Responsibility 199) posted some survey questions today.  Here are my answers:

1. What was your highest weight, what do you weigh right now and what is your goal weight?

My highest official weight was 327 pounds, by my doctor's scale, on 12/09

(It was 330 lbs at my highest "at home" weigh-in).  Right now, I weigh 274 lbs (as of Monday).  My goal weight is 145 lbs. 

2. What is your #1 motivation for losing weight?

Improved health and (hopefully) longevity.

3. Have you always been overweight?

No, I was actually an ultra-thin child/teen/young adult.  I started putting on a little weight in college, enough so I didn't have to by "slim" and take them in anymore.  I was probably closer to normal weight around that time, but I REALLY put on weight after taking a desk job after graduation.  I never changed my eating habits from my youth - the days when my metabolism was so high, I could (literally) eat anything and everything and still not gain weight.  That doesn't happen as we age though ... things change. 

Oh boy, do they change.

4. When you want to give up what inspires you to keep going?

Remembering my past failures, and where quitting has gotten me ... and, of course, my "died too young" close relatives.  I also get inspiration from my fellow bloggers and their success. 

5. What is the #1 thing you look forward to when you hit your goal weight?

My ultimate reward is a trip abroad, where I won't have to sweat the plane seats.  I look forward to that, but mostly I look forward to feeling the way I used to feel - the way I should feel.  NO MORE hot, tired, lethargic out-of-shape summers for this gal ...

6. Do you have support on your weight loss journey?

Yes, and no.  One female relative is bitter, actually.  No support there whatsoever.  Mostly everyone else has been wonderful!  I especially appreciate all the blogger community support.

7. What is your favorite exercise?

There is a "favorite" category in exercise?!!  Um ... breathing. 

No wait, walking ... yes, walking.

8. What is the most important thing you have learned on your weight loss journey?

So far, I would say it is all about the little choices.  Little decisions really do add up.

9. What is one thing you have given up that you miss the most?

Cheese, glorious cheese.  I love cheese.  Chese, cheese, cheese.  Queso too.

10. What is your strategy for losing weight?

I stick with my dietary plan. I try my hardest to make one good choice after another.  And I am always focusing on a goal.  Motivation is important.

So, there you have it.  If you are interested in answering these survey questions on your own blog site, feel free to do so!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pardon Me, My Changes Are Showing

I grew up in a "clean plate" household.  Waste not, want not.  Starving kids in China would apparently love what I was given to eat.  Does this sound like anyone else's household, growing up? 

So, today, at lunch with one of my girlfriends, I order an entree and two veggie sides (one substituting for fries).  It is the same lunch I've enjoyed with my girlfriend, once a month, for years.  Okay, in the past I'd go with the entree and fries - so during my diet I've changed enough to replace the fries, AND add an additional veggie. 

So, we're enjoying our lunch, catching up on the latest, when my girlfriend asks what is wrong with my entree.  Wrong?  I love it, nothing, why?  She noted (and I failed to notice), I ate only half the entree, polished off one veggie side, and only got about a quarter of the way through the other veggie side.  And I just stopped there.  I WAS FULL.  And I had a super-light breakfast/late lunch ... and still, I WAS FULL. 

Holy cow, I had to take home almost a full veggie side dish and half (literally) of my entree.  There's lunch for tomorrow, right there. 

Two things struck me. 

1. I WAS FULL.  My stomach size is obviously shrinking, because the portion sizes were the same as they've always been.  In the old days, I would eat the entree, fries, an appetizer, AND a dessert.  And I wasn't even feeling "stuffed" afterwards ...

2.  I stopped eating when I was full, and didn't even realize it or think about it.  I am automatically now stopping when I'm satisfied.  No more mindless munching just because something was still left on the plate to eat.

Very cool.  Very cool indeed!  My changes are showing!

I was caught completely off guard, but in a pleasant way.  I'm short on my fruit today, but I've already hit my target on veggies.  That is another change for me - I'm eating more veggies, and actually enjoying it. 

In other news, check out Kathy's blog (Fatty Kathy's Weight Loss Journal).  She has a link to the 10-lb challenge by Dr. Oz, which includes a free bracelet if you sign up for the challenge.  (The bracelet is like the Lance Armstrong/cause variety, so guy friendly too.)  I'm registered for the challenge.  Anyone else care to join?   

Let's Talk Dieting

I've been taking my weight loss journey in a series of tiny steps, and as I so often say, by making one good decision at a time.  It is the only option open to me really, given the overwhelming amount of weight I need to shed, just to reach "normal," normal being healthy. 

I am doing this for my health.  Actually, I'm doing this for my very survival.  Oh, I may have lived another 10 or 15 years in morbid obesity, maybe even longer.  But then again, maybe not.  And since there are no guarantees, or even assurances, I figured I better get serious, once and for all or risk being added to the statistics of those who died "too young." 

I have to face it, I'm not getting any younger.  And, if the truth be told, I've already sacrificed a LOT to this weight.  I don't really see the advantage of going into my golden years (assuming I'd make it there), with normal aging issues AND fighting morbid obesity issues too.  Quality and quantity matter, when it comes to my life.

I had to start somewhere, and I've read ten percent is a great target for reduction.  So, my first mini-goal was to lose 10% of my body's weight (30 lbs).  I've just achieved that.  But, rather than shoot for the next 10% (27 lbs), I made this current goal another 30 lb. target.  I'm not stuck on "30" as a number.  I chose it over and above the 10%, simply because achieving this goal drops me out of the official "morbid Obese" category for someone of my height. 

I'll be "merely" severely obese at 247 lbs.  I'll still have a very long way to go.  But, for me, leaving the morbid category is a true cause for celebration. I think I crossed that line, on the way UP, sometime around 1995.  It didn't seem that long ago, but wow, fifteen years!  That is a long time to be putting myself at risk, unnecessarily.

There is no doubt, for me, part of the journey is psychological as well.  I had to get my mind to the right place, to finally get serious about getting this job done.  It is hard to break long-standing and beloved (unhealthy, but beloved) eating habits. 

What has made the difference this time, in part, is that I finally stopped thinking in terms of what I can't have, or what I'm missing.  I let go of my former "indulgence" mindset.  Instead, I have truly embraced the attitude about properly fueling myself FOR MY BODY'S SAKE.  I'm mentally looking at this body as something in which I have to take a pro-active approach to its proper care.   

I've had (literally) decades to treat myself - and it is obvious that I have.  So, now I have to pay for this, by working so hard to correct for my past food indiscretions.  I'm not beating myself up over history, but I have to deal with the ramifications.  Enter, my diet.  Enter the foot path to improved health.

I'm moving a LOT easier these days.  I have more energy.  I sleep better (and I'm not closing my eyes anymore, wondering if I'll wake up the next morning).  I'm more comfortable.  And I'm very, very determined.  I'm not perfect, but I have focus.  I'm realistic too. 

This is no criticism, but I've read some bloggers who have given up weighing themselves routinely.  They call it "freeing," and it may well be, but it is not for me.  The scale - love it or hate it - is THE tool that tells me, exactly, how well (or not) I am doing.  It is the tool that is going to help me succeed.

I also take my measurements (which sometimes move even when the scale is stubborn) and I gauge how well I'm doing by how things fit.  Ultimately, however, it is all about that scale number.  And I have to be honest, sometimes I don't like it very much.  I have a real "kill the messenger" attitude about my scale some days.  But I'll give it credit too, because it has sure taught me a lot about how my body functions during this weight loss process.  I've learned how sensitive it is to certain foods, exercise, even how efficient it is in regulating things.  I've come to appreciate that this body is still working well, despite what I've tossed at it over the years.  The human body is truly a marvel of efficiency.

Thank goodness.  Thank God too.

So, my attitude shift, a diet that works for me, and setting lots of little goals (and medium goals, and long-term goals) have worked for me, so far in this journey. 

What have you been doing, that has worked for you?  Share some of the secrets to your success, and perhaps we can all learn something new to help ourselves along the way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

As Promised, The Vegetable Pot Pie Recipe

Vegetable Pot Pie

As promised, here is the recipe I used as the basis for my vegetable pot pie (though I modified it slightly for my own tastes/diet). It is FABULOUS, so please check it out and give it a try ... couldn't be easier! 

In fact, I'm purchasing the Emile Henry Pie Dish (in pink) to use for this recipe, among others.  No pies in this gal's future, as long as I'm on the weight loss track.

I first saw this recipe demonstrated on an episode of "Ask Aida" (Aida Mollenkamp), on the Food Network.

If you try it, let me know what you think!!

Day 83 - Weigh-in Results: 274 lbs.

I've lost 2 lbs. this week, bringing my weight down to 274 lbs.  That means I've kicked 33 pounds to the curb since the third week in July, just a little under 3 months ago.  In fact, I made my next routine doctor appointment/blood-draw for a week from Wednesday, because that is the 3-month anniversary since starting this diet.

I don't think 274 pounds would be cause for most people to celebrate, but I'm so happy to be below 275 now!  My attention is focused on getting into the 260s next.  So close, so close ...

Those baby steps will get me to my goal - eventually.

My signature shows the updated 60-lb one-year weight loss challenge update.  I've lost 17 lbs of the 60, with over 300 days remaining in the challenge!  (See the blue countdown box for days remaining.)  I am three pounds away from  hitting the 1/3 point in that journey.  We'll see how successful I will be through the upcoming food holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are tough ones for me during diets past.  I am calling them "The Gaunlet" this year ...

Interestingly, I am getting three different reactions from my extended family, over my weight loss so far:

1. Loving support and enthusiasm  (thankfully, by FAR the main reaction).  This is 100% completely positive.

2. What I call the "challengers" reaction.  I have 3 family members who have quite literally taken my weight loss as a wake up call for themselves, and has spurred them to weight loss.  This is a bit of a mixed blessing.  First, it is positive because it is helping inspire others to improved health.  BUT, it is also negative (in these three cases) because they've said, "I don't want to now be the family fat person."  Um ... hello?  I'm standing right here.  If I lose much more, I'd be passing these folks on the way down, and their incentive is that they don't want to be ME?  Thanks ... I think.  ??  LOL  I know they didn't mean it the way it came across - at least I hope not - but I'm choosing to focus on the "inspiring others to lose" part.  I'm ignoring the less-than-positive motivational aspect.

3. I have one family member who is outright hostile about my weight loss journey.  Nothing positive here.  My husband tells me to ignore her entirely.  If she didn't have my weight to focus on and talk about, she'd have nothing left to criticize in order to make herself feel better.  He's probably right, so I'm choosing to ignore her.  I suppose some people feel threatened by someone else's weight loss, though that seems pretty unstable to me.  Obviously, those types have their own self-esteem issues to deal with, and that is unfortunate.  (I probably outweigh her by 70 lbs, so I don't see the threat myself.)

The fellow-blogger get-together has been decided for a week from Saturday (that would be October 23)!!  It'll be fun and I'm looking forward to it.  We're planning on meeting for lunch and a stroll through Williamsburg (VA).  The town should be lovely and in full color by then, perfect walking weather too. 

In other news, the knee injury feels so much better this morning!  I'm hoping to resume walking by the end of the week.  I'll be more careful not to hyper-extend my leg next time.  It has been more than a week since the bothersome injury.  I'd like to get serious about walking, because the exercise should help me through The Gaunlet.

I liked Sharon's rather strong suggestion of trying on my size 24 jeans every week.  However, I am so worried about getting stuck in them, I think I'll take up the suggestion, but for every TWO weeks.  I seriously don't want them cut off me.  LOL

I took the Jeans to the alterations place for hemming, and I get those back at the end of the week.  I'll start posting the "24-Update" a week from Friday.  That will be a good measure of my progress, unrelated to the scale.  Check out my last attempt to try on my size 24 jeans ... see the post entitled, "How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?" from October 7.

So, this is Day 83 and I'm continuing my downward progress ...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Do You Know?

Countdown To Passport

Hubby is talking of taking a cruise this spring. Oops ... I let my passport expire last month.

I mentinoed earlier that one of my background incentives was to lose weight so I won't be stuck with an obese passport photo for the next ten years. Well, I'm thinking I'll have to put in a new application by February, in order to have the thing processed in time.

I'm going to suggest next FALL instead. Maybe I can make that another incentive - treat myself to a cruise if I lose x-number of pounds. Which brings me to a travel question ...

At what weight are you comfortable sitting in a coach airline seat, without need for belt extenders, etc.?

It has been long enough, since I fit into that category, I've forgotten at what weight I was actually (literally) comfortable.  I'm guestimating 250 lbs.  Anyone care to offer input?  I'd appreciate it!  That is another background incentive ... 

Question for Low-Carbies In The Know ...

What in the world happened to Blaine Jelus, the chef who lost a boatload of weight during the course of his lo-carb cooking show, "Low Carb Kitchen" (or something like that)? He weighed himself at the end of every show, so the audience could go along for the weight loss ride. I'm just curious ...

Veggie Pot Pie Recipe

I've had several requests for this. I'll post that sometime next week - promise! It is wonderful when cooler weather creeps into the forecast.

Current Book I'm Reading

Foods That Harm - Foods That Heal
It is interesting to see what different foods do to support us (or undermine us). This is a good reference type book, not a narrative per se. 

For instance, take Corn:

Benefits:  good source of folate and thiamine; fair amount of vitamins A & C, potassium and iron; air-popped unbuttered popcorn is low in calories and very high in fiber.

Drawbacks: the niacin in corn is not released in the human digestive tract; corn lacks [several] amino acids needed to make a complete protein

The "corn" page goes on to discuss corn, and even lists common corn products.  Like I said, a great reference book.

Versatile Blogger Award(ed)

Thank you, Katie (Blog: Finding the Thin Within) for this latest award! I'm honored ...

Part of the requirements are to relate 7 things about myself, no matter how boring I am (okay, I added that last part):

1. I'm naturally blonde (at least the hair that hasn't started to turn gray yet), blue-eyed, and of German ancestry. Yes, I love all that fattening German food - still.

I just can't eat it now.

2. I lived in central Mexico for a period of time (a few decades ago).

3. I still prefer my old 35mm manual-override camera to the digital point-and-shoots, though I have both.

4. I won an award once, in a contest for milking a goat.  (Impressed?)  My skills are boundless ... LOL

5. I wonder why no one ever knows what I'm talking about, when I mention how much I love the Royal Gorge Bridge. (For those who don't know, it is the highest suspension bridge in the U.S. - think Grand Canyon meets Golden Gate Bridge.)

6. I had a relative who died from being gored by a bull.

7. If I count the 20 lbs I lost very early in the year, before "getting serious" and starting this current diet, I've lost more weight in 2010 than I have ever done before, on any previous diet, ever - at 51 lbs. (currently).

Lastly, I'm supposed to name 5-15 award receipients, but I always say I'll do that later ... and so it is true today as well. Why break with tradition at this point?


Day 82 and now I'm stuck thinking about stupid coach airline seats ...

Ramblings (81)

Today was a good day on plan, but I admit to an indulgence ... dinner at Olive Garden! No worries, I had the minestrone soup, and undressed salad. (No cheese in sight either.)

I'm calling that my last hurrah, before my routine doctor appointment, which is only about 10 days away now.

While my eating is fine, I am going to try to be better (for these next 10 days) about getting in ALL the water. I'm usually short a glass or two. Who knows, maybe I can finally establish that habit - to be fully hydrated with the recommended 8 glasses each day.

I'll have a routine blood work-up, so it will take a while to discover the numbers, but I'll be sure to post the current figures in my sidebar when I get them back.

Someone asked me what I plan to buy with the gift card I won (on blog: The Clydesdale Project). I plan to purchase the Emile Henry pink (for the Cause) pie dish. Pie??!! Yes ... for vegetable pot pie. Gotta go healthy, of course! I've had my eye on the dish, and of course 10% of the purchase goes toward the breast cancer cause. The gift card won't cover the entire cost, but it will cover a chunk of it. I own a few Emile Henry baking dishes, and they are of high quality, functional and beautiful. And I'm a girl - so pink is grand.

We are enjoying this current mild weather, so today I went swimming for a while, maybe 45 minutes. Yea, exercise!

Well, time for bed. Church is early tomorrow morning.

Day (81) and calling "soup" an indulgence - who'd have thought?!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool NSVs

Every week, we eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I can customize my food to my liking (and for my diet), and everything is always freshly prepared. Yummy!

Anyway, this week, I order a little bit less than I normally do. That is because I've had trouble the last several weeks, finishing "my usual" plate.

The waiter is apparently used to how I order things, because at the end of the meal, he commented that I ordered less than usual, "though this time you didn't leave as much on the plate, so that was a good thing."

Wow, he REALLY pays attention. So here is the cool NSV ...

The waiter then says "they" (the staff) have been noticing how much weight I've been losing, and they look forward to seeing the changes every week!

How cool is that? I never mentioned (at all) that I was even on a diet.

Then, another cool NSV ...

I had to have my husband push the booth table closer to me, because I had TOO MUCH ROOM between me and the table, for comfort. The table was properly centered, but that was too far. I can't tell you the last time a booth felt too roomy! The "usual" is just the opposite, in fact. I'm usually scanning to see if they can accommodate me - and sometimes they can't (well, couldn't). There is an old-fashioned soda shop that has booths from the 1920s, and I've never been able to sit in them. THAT would be the ultimate goal, to be able to fit into a vintage 1920s booth. They just don't have enough room for anyone obese.

So, those are my most recent NSVs (Non-scale victories). Booths ... how cool!!

How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?

Okay, I look ridiculous, but I'm happy as heck!

That size 24 jeans has been hanging in the back of my closet, taunting me, for YEARS and years. And today, I decided to try them on.

The good news, I got them on.

The bad news, I can't wear them anywhere - yet - unless I don't mind going out with them completely unbottoned, unzipped, and my panties substituting for jean material across my abs. Not the look I'm going for, exactly.

I can only move around the house in a weird little half shuffle, because I have no movement in my legs (never mind feeling in my legs), and sitting is out of the question.

That's right, the jeans are like a second skin over my legs, and are wide open on top, by necessity.

On the plus side, I got them over my thighs this time. Progress!

SO, I am actually enjoying them a few minutes, in the privacy of my own home, standing/shuffling - and now I'm thinking how in the world am I going to be able to peel these off?! I know part of the formula will require me to collapse on the bed, but I have to be able to bend to peel these off. I don't think I thought this all the way through ...

However, I did ascertain that I need them hemmed about 1" - so if I manage to get these off without the help of my husband or EMS, I will take them to the alterations place and have them hemmed. All, of course, in anticipation of one day actually being able to wear them like a normal human being! I'm thinking another 19 lbs maybe ... okay, maybe 22-23 lbs.

Now, I'm thinking I better shuffle to the bedroom. I may have to go use the restroom, so I need to be proactive and start the process of peeling these off, somehow. Wish me luck!

I don't know how I'd explain this to my husband, if he were to come home this evening, to find me laying face up in the bed, with these melded to me, wet ...

Remember the old "I Love Lucy" episodes? I'm living my own version of "I Love Ann" ... geez ...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Htis and Misses (78)

Today was a day of hits and misses. I am short one fruit serving today, and that is a miss. I did really good eating on plan otherwise (a hit). I had perhaps a bit too much salt (a miss). I ate an early dinner (a hit). I am short on some water (a miss). I had an extra serving of vegetables today (a hit).

Days are like that, filled with hits and misses. I try to make the hits really good ones, and the misses minor enough to not negatively impact my weight loss journey. Of course, I always try better the next day. And each day gets easier. The hits are more major, the misses only slight.

One fruit serving short, one day, isn't going to negatively impact anything. (I DO take a multivitamin too.) Eating on plan is a major hit. Short a glass of water is relatively minor, and eating dinner earlier (further from bedtime) is fantastic.

It is about balance, with the scales always tipped toward what is beneficial to improved health.

Now, off to try to make up the slight water shortage for today. I may yet be able to turn that miss into a hit!

Day (78) ... and feeling good about today's efforts.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looking for Suggestions

Any good suggestions for heart-healthy frozen dinners?

I like to keep one or two ready meals, in the event I get hit with the flu or something, and just don't feel like cooking. I already have frozen soups, etc. but I'm just looking for back-ups.

I haven't been down the frozen prepard food aisle in years, so I am completely clueless.

Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget that today is the final day to enter Big Clyde's $25 gift certificate/card (?) giveaway.

Go to his blog: The Clydesdale Project, for details and to enter the drawing.

Entries must be received by Clyde no later than midnight - tonight.

Clyde is always looking for followers willing to comment and/or to leave good ideas ... as are we all! Tell him Ann sent you ...

Day 77 - Weigh-in Results: 276 lbs.

I've lost 3 lbs since last week's weigh-in, and am now officially at 276. That is a total of 31 lbs lost in 11 weeks!

I actually look forward to watching my BMI drop to the next lower number range. It is inching closer to 39.9 all the time (that is the BMI target that takes me out of the morbidly obese category).

The last time I saw 275 on my scale was in 2001, so I am in territory I haven't seen in nearly 10 years (and even that was brief, on the way UP).

Oatmeal, on this chilly morning, and some cranberry juice - and yes - the usual WATER. Can humans develop gills? I wonder.

Day 77 and sliding down the scale ...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 76 - Perspective Is Important

Now that I am paying attention to what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, when I'm eating, etc. I'm finding lots of learning opportunities. I learn new things every single day, in fact.

I had an interesting exchange at lunch today. A girlfriend and I ran for a quick bite at an Italian eatery. They had one of those little chalkboard sandwich signs on the sidewalk outside. On it, the restaurant listed today's specials.

We paused to glance over the board, before heading inside. My girlfriend commented first, saying there wasn't a thing on the specials I could eat. Odd, I thought, because I was standing there mentally reworking one or two dishes, to make them acceptable. I looked at the opportunity where she only saw the obstacles.

It is all about perspective, and it is everything.

My challenge buddy (Kathy) posted that she is making up her mind, and looking at the positive, and that is where she is going to go. Brava to Kathy! THAT is the can-do attitude necessary for success, in anything, but most especially in dieting.

Well, this is not so different.

HOW we look at something often determines how we react, how we feel, how we perform. If I looked at only the stuff I couldn't eat, how satistifed would I be on this diet? Not very. But I don't look at things that way. I look at the variety of what is available to me, and the options I have within my dietary guidelines. I think pro-actively about how I can make slight changes to make things healthier and more diet-friendly.

I also look at how my new diet is making me feel, how it is postively impacting my body, the energy it is giving back to me. I want that to continue, so it makes the difficult task of dieting so much easier (not easy, just easier).

If all I focused on was the cake I was missing, the cheese that was calling to me, the heavy sauces that tickled my tastebuds ... I'd be miserable, bored and unsatisfied.

Perspective is important.

Look for the joy, and you will find it. Look for the misery, and you will find it too.

It isn't exactly mind over matter, but proper perspective and a positive outlook can go a long way to making the journey smoother, and the goals more readily achievable.

And yes, I had one of the specials - all perfectly within plan. I simply had them hold the cheese on one dish, and toss in a few extra veggies (for which I gladly paid a little extra). Opportunity sought, found, and challenge met! Lunch was delicious.

Oh, and I brought (literally) half back with me, so I have lunch for tomorrow too!

Day 76 (already??!!) ... and feeling satisfied and happy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evening Musings

I ate a veggie burger and kale salad (dressed with a vinegary hot sauce) for dinner tonight. I enjoyed that! The veggie burger had lettuce, tomato, and onion on it.

Afterwards, I ran to the grocery store for a few essential items (TP is always a good thing never to run out of). As I was energetically unloading my cart's contents onto the conveyor belt at the check-out, while reaching into my cart for the next item, my ring slipped right off my finger and fell into the cart! I was in shock ...

That has never happened before (and, thank goodness, it landed on something in the cart, so I could easily retrieve it). I knew it was getting more comfortable, but holy cow. So, I am going to have to be very cautious. In fact, I'm going to temporarily substitute a different ring for it, until I get this one resized. I don't want to risk losing it, or having it damaged from falling off.

That was something that never, EVER, occurred to me. So, I guess my fingers have lost weight since last week. They look the same, but I know the ring didn't suddenly change sizes. LOL

I've been enjoying pickled beets with lunches lately. They don't have many calories, and I drain the juice off, but it just seems to hit the spot lately. (Gotta like beets to appreciate this, of course.) Honestly, I could eat an entire jar by myself. LOL How about that? I'm talking vegetables here, not chocolate! My tastes, they are a-changin'...

My walk today didn't go so well. I pulled something behind my left knee. OUCH! It feels like a sharp spider-vein sort of pain, if you know what that is like. I think I hyper-extended that leg, pushing up hill. It will probably be a few days before I can comfortably walk again.

As it is, just around the house, I'm being careful not to pivot or turn that leg in an odd way - or to extend it all the way either. I'll see how it does in another few days. Other people get injuries from downhill skiing, off-road biking, hiking canyons ... I can't make it around the blog three days in a row, strolling, without injury! Sheesh.

Time to catch up on the happenings around Blogland today!

Good choices to all ...

Day 75 - Background Incentives

How is this for optimism, yesterday I bought a bathing suit on sale (deeply discounted) that is THREE sizes smaller than I am?! I guess that is another form of incentive, to be able to fit into that suit by next year's swimming season! I figure I'll be able to squeeze into it in about 60 lbs., so I have my work cut out for me this winter/spring.

It was a tremendous deal, and I needed to get a new swimsuit anyway, but decided to "go for it" by buying it smaller.

It actually isn't as foolish as it may sound. I have a pair of size 24 jeans that are taunting me, and I'm working like crazy to be able to get into them by Valentine's Day - a background incentive.

That got me to thinking, I have dozens of background incentives.

For instance, my passport expired on my birthday last month. I need to renew it, but I really don't want to be stuck with the heavy-me photo for the next 10 years. So, I have that as an unofficial background incentive too. I want to lose weight to look better for my passport renewal photo. Shallow? Perhaps, but it is just a background incentive, not a primary reason to lose weight.

Does anyone else have background incentives to lose weight? I wonder ...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Goal Reached

Knowing I was within one pound of reaching my first goal, I've been hopping on the scale each day, to monitor my progress.

Today, I reached my first mini-goal! I am now 30 pounds lighter, and weigh 277 lbs. This represents a 10% drop in my body weight! My BMI has dropped nearly 5 points - awesome!

I did it, and it feels GREAT!

I am going to celebrate with a walk, one with a lighter spring in my step, actually. My knees will be thanking me. I read an article (I believe, on WebMD) that indicated for each pound of body weight lost, there's a 4-lb. reduction in knee joint stress! So, with 30 lbs gone, I've significantly lightened the load on my joints.

After that little celebritory walk around the block, I'm going to order my Ralph Lauren Zoe Loafers! That was the little reward I promised myself, for reaching this first mini-goal. (What is more classic in autumn casual wear, than a comfortable pair of jeans and a good pair of loafers?)

So, I am now setting my sights on my second mini-goal. It is another 30-pound drop, to bring me to 247 lbs. Achieving this goal has a special significance, because it will officially drop me out of the morbidly obese category. I'll still be obese, but no longer morbidly so. It is a step in the right direction. I'm too busy celebrating this victory, to think about a reward for this next goal - plenty of time for that later.

I did it, I really, really did it!!

Day 74 and my first (10%) goal was achieved today! Onward and downward ...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Award

TinaM (Blog: My Day) has awarded me with a "Blog With Substance" award! Thank you, Tina!

The rules of this award are:

1. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in 5 words. (??!!!)

2. Tell who gave you the award.

3. And pass it along to 10 other blogs of substance!

My blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in a mere 5 words? Here it goes:

Live, Love, Learn, Laugh, Lose

Tina, as mentioned above, gave me this award. She's the one with the pretty cat face profile picture.

And I have to pass this along to 10 other blogs of substance. THAT is going to require some thought and consideration, so I'll get back to that part later.

My First Update Photo !!

I've replaced my profile picture with the update photo. You can see the before/after at the bottom of my blog page. (Thanks, Anne!!)

There is nearly 6" less of me around the waist, and so I'll be unable to get away with holding up those pants for the next update photo. I'll have to put on something else, though the shirt should still be okay. Nice and cheery bright color for dull winter months! :D