Awards & Rewards


Rewards are those tantalizing "carrots" I dangle before me, to give me that extra push to achieve a goal. The more difficult, or more important a milestone is, the more desireable the reward I promise myself. The reward is never a food item, but it can be almost anything else. The current reward I am working toward is the one listed immedately following the crossed off line below.

Mini-goal # 1: Lose 10% of start weight (achieve 277 lbs) - REWARD: Ralph Lauren Zoe Loafers
Mini-goal # 2: Lose 30 lbs (achieve 247 lbs, leaving morbid obesity) - REWARD: Kate Spade Anabel Tote
Mini-goal # 3: Lose 17 lbs (achieve 230 lbs.) - REWARD: 4 June Lane China Salad Plates (8")
Mini-goal # 4: Lose 14 lbs (achieve 216 lbs.) - REWARD: Lunt sterling 4-pc place setting of Bel Chateau