Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cholesterol Numbers

I forgot to mention, I've posted my cholesterol numbers in the right sidebar area, such as they were at my last doctor appointment. I don't know what the numbers are today, but I'll post an update (rather than "?") after my next exam/results.

Like I've mentioned before, sometimes our success isn't indicated on the scale. When those scale non-movement days hit (and they are bound to, at some point), I hope my measurements, or test results, etc. will show my progress.

Besides, it will be interesting to see what changes the body goes through, and how exactly it responds, when my diet has been improved.

I had another good day (Wednesday), which completes a full week of healthy eating. Veggie volume continues to need improvement, but I'm getting better. Today, I enjoyed a kale salad, dressed with a combo of vinegar and lemon juice. It was quite yummy, plus, I got in a dark leafy green!! Hey, that is exciting news for me. I can't believe I ate kale, and actually discovered I liked it. I used to think that was just a plate garnish.

And yes, I tried the Almond Breeze chocolate milk. The flavor was good, but I think I need to get used to the oily feeling it leaves in my mouth. It must have a higher fat content than I am used to, but I think it is just a matter of getting used to it. Flavor-wise, it was really good! I have to thank those who recommended I try it.


  1. well, your total cholesterol is your trigliceride number divided by 5 and that number added to your LDL and HDL. As your HDL goes up your triglicerides SHOULD go down and your total cholesterol should also, but sometimes those take longer to go down, the HDL goes up and consequently your total cholesterol goes up. Because most doctors see this and total number and try to get you to panic I say, dont focus on that one big number...if your HDL is going up, you are on the right track, the other numbers will come down eventually. Actually your total Cholesterol does not look bad to me, mine is higher and I was told it was GREAT. my LDL is 111, my HDL is 58 and my triglicerides were 124 and when divided by 5 and that number added to LDL and HDL added together my total number is 194. Why is 190 too high for you and 194 great for me? Hm, sounds fishy. 190 is within normal range which is 150 to 220.

    I'm glad you like the almond milk, i never have noticed an oily taste.

  2. Hi Nancy! The almond milk didn't exactly "taste" oily. It actually tastes very good! But, it just left an oily feeling inside my mouth. I've since checked labels (still learning to make that a habit), and it does have a slightly higher fat content. It isn't a bad thing, just something I have to get used to is all. --- Total cholesterol under 200 is good, but my 190 is WITH a statin medication helping it along. And the LDL should still ideally be lower, HDL higher (it used to be 50-something). I didn't realize the total cholesterol was a function of triglycerides -- Thank you for explaining how it all relates and works off each other! THAT was an excellent learning post/comment!! I'm sure I'll be re-reading that one, to make it sink in and stick. Thanks, Nancy!! xx

  3. oh i see, i didnt realize you were on a statin drug. One of the problems of statin drugs is that lowers HDL as well as LDL. Well soon you won't need it at all!! I myself am on a blood pressure med, and hoping one day to be done with that as well.