Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 9 - Let's Trash Fat People

No self pity-parties here, but I am amazed how cruel some people can be. Sometimes, there must be an "open season on fat people" sign out there.

I'm not talking about loving concern for someone's health here. I'm talking about rude and critical commentary - let's call it what it is - just plain mean.

Keep in mind, I weighed 327 last fall. I weighed 303 this week on the scale ...

At issue? I overheard [shortened version: an unkind comment about my weight]

Well, as I said, no pity-parties here. I am just sad because I don't think I'll look at that person quite the same way again. She won't know that, but I will.

Still, it is sad that society in general seems okay with trashing those who weigh too much. The overweight are (now) a full third of our country. I think it says something about the people who would do this.

I made up my mind to use this overheard conversation as an additional motivator, though I admit it isn't a particularly strong one (for me). My priority remains focused on improved health.

I don't often run into the "let's trash fat people" mentality (overtly, anyway). It was an eye-opener.

On a happier note: Day 9 and I'm still doing well. I only get on the scale to record my official weight once a week, but today (for instance), I am noticing my bracelet is loose! Other things I am noticing:

I need to go bra shopping, probably within the next few weeks - mine are becoming less ... supportive, shall we say? I will soon need to get a smaller size, or break open some duct tape.

(And how cruel is that? My chest shrinks faster than my behind? NOT fair!)

My ring turns freely now - just last week I commented how it wasn't cutting off my circulation anymore, and now it is actually free-spinning. I'm forever righting the ring ... and I love that!

I'm losing a chin (an extra one).

My favorite chair has suddenly become a little more roomy ...

All signs (while not getting on the scale), showing me changes are at work.

How sweet is that?!! I read someone's blog, who called this sort of thing a "Non-Scale Victory" ... NSV ... what a wonderful idea, to give those fun things a name.

So, here is to my NSVs today!! (Raising my iced water ...)

I have officially "just" lost four pounds, but the changes since that scale visit are already telling me that I can expect more good news next week.

In the meanwhile, I'm forever improving my vegetable consumption, and have been so far successful in avoiding the less healthy things. This was in no small part because I completely emptied the refrigerator and pantry of every stitch of unhealthy food in the place! It was just a little extra insurance.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Ann be deaf to such comments, I know its hard but one day you will surpass your sister in weight loss and health. Her need to comment on your weight is only an indication that she is nervous about her own. Still its mean and negative isnt it? Don't listen! Listen to me, you are doing GREAT, 9 days is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I myself am trying to get back on track and your blog is helping me!!

    I have not worn my wedding ring for over 3 years...I look forward to the day when it fits again (I have already resized it up once, refuse to do it again!!!!) You are doing great and dont let anyones rudeness get in your way.

    "like a salad is going to help" YES EXACTLY, every salad DOES HELP!!! She ought to eat a few herself!

  2. Oh, if I had thought of that line "YES, exactly, every salad DOES HELP!" I'd have used it. I am glad I didn't - no need in both of us feeling badly. LOL I'm not letting her comments get to me all that much, Nancy. I was more disappointed in her, than in feeling sorry for myself. I WAS surprised, though, that such an attitude would crop up in my own family. We were not raised that way. It made her look bad, as far as I'm concerned. We'll see her next probably at the June family reunion (2011), and perhaps her attitude will be different then. But, if not, oh well ... I am not giving away my power to regain my health to others - not even to family. I know you'll get back on track soon, and I'm glad my blog is helping, because I find your insight helpful too. I'm just starting out, so you can be just re-starting out. The journey is easier with good (NON-judgmental) support. xx

  3. Sorry you are not getting family support-but I have found some of my needed support on the net.

    We'll be your support, too! You are doing so well-keep it up!