Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 2 - Got (Soy) Milk? Cleaning Out The Kitchen

I recognize everyone, myself included, is super-enthusiastic about their diets when they first begin, but that initial burst of energy is often tested by our old habits knocking on the door. So, while my conviction is at its peak, I took to the task today of emptying my refrigerator of all the not-so-wonderful things I keep in there.

It almost pained me to toss out the three cheeses I had in there. Yes, even the parmesan. I tossed out the sour cream and the chocolate dessert ... all sorts of little unhealthy (but yummy) things.

Then I hit the freezer. I found a few popsicles in there, and loads of other items that weren't health-friendly. They all went out to the curb. I was ruthless.

I need to hit the pantry next, but I'll save that for next week's collection. My garbage can (literally) has no more room this week!

I also stocked a few more healthy choices today. I bought a bag of golden apples (lots of fiber and other good things), I thought they would make great snacks and/or desserts. I bought salad fixings, and a big bag of baby carrots (another good snack food, not just for cooking), and a bag of celery hearts too. I'll cut those into sticks. I think a little advance planning and preparation can help avoid some pitfalls, and my weekend evenings are often "snack attack" times. This weekend, I'm prepared with apples and carrots and celery.

This is Friday. Instead of the usual - and super easy - pizza (and cheeeeeeese ...), I'm going to do something easily as quick ... I'm driving through Taco Bell for some bean burritos - NO CHEESE. When I get them home, I'll top them with some low fat, fresh Tostido salsa. That will make a quick and satisfying meal without all the bad stuff, and I won't have to chop a vegetable.

I'm swapping unhealthy choices for better ones today. No counting calories or weighing food. I don't realistically maintain that over time, as I've discovered while on diets past.

I'm also making it a point to try something new every week. This week, I am going to try soy milk. I admit, I'm scared. I'm not sure what to expect from bean juice. Therefore, I am going to go with chocolate flavor - because EVERYTHING tastes better with chocolate. I'll opt for the "lite" version. This decision will do double-duty. First, if I get hit with a craving for something sweet, chocolate is always a good choice, and chocolate soy milk has to be better for me than a chocolate candy bar or cupcake. Second, soy milk has some benefits over good old skim milk, the least of which is I am somewhat lactose intolerant, so I won't be tied to the house for an hour to see if milk has worked its usual magic. Enough said on that subject ... And, I think, chocolate flavor would perhaps mask any weird taste that soy may have.

Aside from getting rid of the familiar, and adding the new, I am also doing a lot of reading. I'm hunting down healthy recipes. My initial plan is to eat out less, cook at home more, but I'm realistic about it. (i.e., Taco Bell stop tonight) Right now, I'm reading the American Heart Association book "No-Fad Diet," which includes a section of pretty good looking recipes. This is a library book, so it keeps me motivated to try many different recipes, before the book is due back.

I did well on my first day, so far! My plan is in place, and I'm working toward success.


  1. Hi Ann,
    Sounds like you are off to a great, enthusiastic start.

    Thought I'd share a great tasting product I found: Almond Breeze, by Blue Diamond company. They make an unsweetened Vanilla, that I use instead of milk. Very nice, no funny aftertaste. They also make an unsweetened chocolate (yum) that I sweeten with stevia and xylitol (or the sweetener of your choice).

    I don't do soy products, because I have hypothyroidism, and the research out there warns that soy suppresses immune function. I sure don't need more of that!

    My best to you on your journey to health--for the last time! :-D

  2. Thank you for the great tip, Loretta !! I will definitely try Almond Breeze. Feel free to pass along any tips, anytime. I'm always learning something new. I DID pick up chocolate lite soy milk earlier this evening. I was amazed at how good it was, actually. It didn't taste funny at all, and the texture was that of milk too. I'll get to the store again on Sunday, and Almond Breeze will be at the top of my list! -- Ann

  3. I second the recommendation about Almond Breeze, soy isn't good for you for many reasons, even for people without hypothyroidism. Almond Breeze is awesome and they have unsweetened chocolate too, which I sweeten with a little stevia. I don't count calories or fat, I count carbs, though I was successful in the past counting those things. Some of my family members have diabetes so I decided not to get that, and try to eliminate sugar and empty wheat, rice and corn carbohydrates.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey, I look forward to reading of your progress!

  4. Thanks for your recommendation, Nancy! I didn't get to the store today, as originally planned. I will have to go on Monday or Tuesday - and unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze is definitely on the list! I didn't know soy was bad. I thought it was good, actually, until Loretta mentioned it. Now, you also indicate it isn't good for us. So, I obviously need to do some reading on the subject of soy, to educate myself better. I learn something new all the time! And I appreciate your input!! Thank you too, for your kind words. I wish you continued success ...

  5. Almond breeze is definitely the best i use unsweetened vanilla and unsweetened chocolate. I love making a protein shake with the chocolate one.