Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 8 - Feelin' Strong & Resolved

Do you ever feel like you've just had enough? This summer is miserable for heat and humidity, and being double the size I should be doesn't make for a comfortable time of it. I just do NOT want to go into another summer this unhealthy.

Is it reasonable to want to go into the summer of 2011, about 60 lbs lighter? I wonder if that is doable, in a mere year. That wouldn't get me into a healthy range - but I would sure be a LOT more comfortable.

I emptied the pantry of all the unhealthy things in there. (I cleaned out the refrigerator last week.) Wow, I filled two brown grocery bags with stuff. I mean, I couldn't cram another thing into either bag.

It was a real eye-opener, to see it all gathered together, my poor (past) choices laid out before me. I actually marvel that my body has survived as well as it did, for as long as it did, given the type of "fuel" I was using. What was I thinking?

So, here is my partial list of things I will look forward to, as my weight goes down:

Fitting more comfortably into those ridiculously small airline coach seats.
Crossing my legs like a lady again.
Clothes shopping in a regular store. Heck, just clothes shopping period.
Being able to sit in a booth - any booth - without having to first scope out if there is truly enough room.
Having more flexibility, energy and stamina.
Actually going to a public beach or pool for a swim.

and the most important ...

A longer life, of much higher quality, to spend with the people I love.

That alone is worth tossing out all that garbage "food" from my pantry. I mentioned in an earlier post that I kept putting off taking control until "tomorrow" - but that tomorrow turned into the next, then the next, and the next again ... one day, we run out of tomorrows. We don't know when that will happen, so we have to make the most of TODAY.

Feelin' strong and resolved ...


  1. Hi Ann, glad you stopped by my blog. I can tell that you are off to a great start-only someone very determined would be willing to gather up two bags of food and get rid of it.

    Since you are just starting out, I'd recommend two great blogs (if you haven't already discovered them,) A Deliberate Life and Fit to the Finish, both written by woman who have succeeded at losing over 100 lbs. They are both filled with information and insight.

    Best of luck on your journey.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Karen. I will definitely check out both blogs. I am soaking up as much information and insight as I can! I appreciate the suggestions.

  3. Those are the kind of goals to LIVE for!

    I agree with the fit to the finish recommendation! Her blog is wonderuful...she is an inspiration.

  4. It really begins with changing one's mindset, doesn't it? The fit/finish blog was fun to read. I'm doing this on my own, no formal program or anything, and I have chosen the low-fat route too. So far (through day 8), it has worked well. It was nice to read someone has gone before me, doing something very similar, and had success doing it!

  5. "Is it reasonable to want to go into the summer of 2011, about 60 lbs lighter? I wonder if that is doable, in a mere year."

    My goodness, that would mean losing only about 1.25 pounds per week... absolutely doable!

    Figure out how to eliminate about 4375 calories from your week (that equals losing 1.25 pounds) and you've got it made! That's only 625 LESS per day... a 625 calorie deficit under what it takes to maintain your current weight.

    You are probably familiar with all that already. Point is, I'll bet you would exceed your goal, adding in some exercise. :-)

    You are off to a great start. I agree with how you feel totally: I don't EVER want to go through another hot summer wearing extra "insulation" !!

    We can do this.

  6. Hi Ann, I am glad you stopped by today, the one nice thing I have found in blogland is the support system, and seeing success stories makes it seem more possible. I wish you all the best of luck. You can do this. and your not alone.

  7. I think that yes you can lose 60 lbs by next summer, and probably more. I have witnessed bloggers losing that and more in less than a year so yes its possible.

  8. Hey Ann,

    You are off to such a great start and yes, 60 lbs in a year is absolutely doable. HOWEVER, don't get hung up on that because your body will do what is right for it. It's always important to embrace feedback from others and try out ideas that you like, but ultimately, find the healthy eating plan that works for you and then work that plan.

    Loved your comments on my Introvert/Extrovert post. Thanks!

  9. All of your comments have been so uplifting, thank you for the wonderful boost! I needed it today. --- I didn't do the math (thanks, Loretta!!), but sure enough ... 60 lbs in 12 months is doable. And yes, I am definitely focusing on health, not numbers. I was just tossing out there that I'd need to be about 60 lbs less heavy, to be truly comfortable (by next summer's heat/humidity). I didn't know if I could achieve comfort by next summer, but apparently it is well within reason to expect that, as long as I work for it, of course. --- Thanks to you all, for your helpful commentary and support!! xxox