Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation Help !!

I'm putting a shout out into the blogosphere, for suggestions and ideas on how to remain on plan (or how to avoid temptations) while on vacation!

What has worked/not worked for you?

This would be a driving vacation, and almost entirely restaurant eating. Oh boy ...

I will say, I AM packing carrot and celery sticks (for the hotel) for snacking, etc. And I have no problem with the beverage side of things (water, water, water).

Ideas? Suggestions? Experiences you'd like to share?


  1. I dont know, but I would just suggest selecting restaurants where you know there is something you can eat. What does not work is going to a restaurant known for hambergers and expecting them to have a salad in there somewhere! Packing snacks is a good idea, but also protein snacks will keep you fuller, maybe some grilled chicken, string cheese.

  2. Good idea - no hamburger joints! NO cheese for me though, that is one of my "hard to resist" foods. I'm better off without it. I will pack some other foods to fill me up, so that was another good suggestion. We scheduled this August vacation before I plunged into a diet (isn't that always the way?) and my usual vacation-mode self would really enjoy sampling all the local goodies (desserts, and fatty-gooey things, etc.) You know, writing that, it just makes it sound like I went on a gluttony-binge. LOL I'll have to be sure to pack a bag of apples too, so if the sweet tooth hits me, I can always try a Granny Smith instead.

  3. I started LoCarb while on vacation, last March....
    So it CAN be done.
    With a little luck and alot of planning!
    I take alot of Atkins shakes - ready to drink--
    And have hamburger without the bun and salad alot while on the open road!

  4. I once tried the Atkin low carb plan, years ago, and had good results with it at the time, Anne. However, I am diabetic now, so there is no way I'd try it at this point. That diet plan is a bit hard on the kidneys, and diabetes is enough for kidneys to handle. That is why I decided to go the low-fat route. It may be slower, but it is much more gentle on those organs. (Diabetics need to be careful to protect the kidneys.) HOWEVER, the fact you started a diet WHILE on vacation really encourages me! I should be able to do this - with some planning (as Kathy advises). And if I get discouraged, I'm just going to picture you in your Speed Racer helmet. Your can-do attitude is wonderful!

  5. We travel a lot and yes, the key to success is advance planning. A cooler doesn't take up very much space and is a lifesaver. Fill it with fruit, veggies, items with protein and ice packs. Most hotels now have mini-fridges, but if yours doesn't, once your ice packs have thawed, just use ice from the hotel. Do NOT be ashamed to take your own food into a restaurant if your family chooses something you don't feel you can handle appropriately. I've done this many times because I didn't feel strong and it was just easier to focus narrowly on what I brought than to open a menu and try to make a good choice. Good luck - it isn't easy, but it most definitely can be done.