Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 10 - Couch Potato, exercising?!!

I am doing a happy dance. Kathy (blog: Fatty Kathy's Weight Loss Journal) just announced the winner of her Pilates Ring giveaway - and I won!

Thank you so very much, Kathy!!

Of course, this means I have to now commit to exercising - me - the original couch potato!

I've read enough to realize a successful weight loss story always includes some form of exercise, so I've already wrapped my mind around this fact, and I have made up my mind to be enthusiastic about exercise. I'm actually looking forward to receiving the ring and USING it!

I have a lot of weight to lose, and it will be important to start toning, even at this early stage, to minimize the loose-skin that is sure to come. Besides, toned muscles help burn fat, and increase the metabolism - a win-win for anyone on a weight loss journey.

What muscle groups the Pilates Ring won't work, I'll add some exercises that do those groups too.

I've been told we actually have ab muscles, though I don't think I've detected mine in about 20-25 years now. The poor darlings won't know what to think, when I first start out.

I'm into the diet groove, so now the exercising portion needs to be added. This was just the push I needed to get started.

Thanks again, Kathy, for offering a great giveaway - and just the thing I needed (truly)!

Day 10, and right on plan ...


  1. Woohoo! congrats on winning :)

    That is SO funny about the ab muscles because I know I have them under about a milion layers of fat and I don't think i've seen them since I was 4!

    I did Winsor Pilates back in 2002 when I got down to 174lbs for about 3 months before I got pregnant and I swear it was helping and then my OB on my first appointment was like "Wow, you have really strong tummy muscles" haha even though I still had 25 or so pounds to go to get to a "healthy" weight. I'd kill to be 175 right now..heck id kill to be under 200 hehe

  2. yay! congrats on winning! Good luck on your exercise program!

  3. Thank you, Nancy! I am very excited ...

    Aly, I know they are in there - somewhere - but my ab muscles are very well hidden. I liked your Pilates story! I've had zero experience with Pilates, so this will be a fun new adventure for me.

  4. How perfect! To win the Pilates ring, and get that little extra push to get you going. Fun!