Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 3 - Goals & Non-Edible Treats

I read somewhere that it is a good idea to set up a reward system for oneself, for each goal obtained. That is a good idea, for an extra boost to motivation. So, it got me to thinking ...

What would be a good reward to myself, for reaching 277 lbs (when the time comes)?

Generally, we go down a clothing size for every 20 lbs., and since that weight represents a 30-pound loss for me, I could treat myself to a new pair of pants. Then again, I'd be just 10 lbs from needing to down size, so that might not be very economical.

Hmmmm ... maybe a new pair of shoes! That would work. So, easy enough ...

When I reach my first mini-goal, to lose 10% of my body weight, or achieve 277 lbs, I will buy myself a new pair of shoes!

Speaking of goals, here is my mini-goal list (mostly shooting for 10% reduction in weight):

Goal 1 - 30 lbs or 277 lbs.
Goal 2 - 27 lbs or 250 lbs. (haven't seen that number in about 12-13 years)
Goal 3 - 25 lbs or 225 lbs.
Goal 4 - 22 lbs or 202 lbs.
Goal 5 - 3 lbs or 199 lbs. (hey, it is a major goal to get below the 200-pound milestone)
Goal 6 - 19 lbs or 180 lbs. (I last weighed this back around 1988)

I'll have more mini-goals to list, but this is plenty for now, which represent 126 lbs! Broken down, it doesn't seem so far to go, but of course that is precisely why we break things down into smaller (achievable) targets in the first place. Goal # 6 would bring me into the "overweight" category, and that would have me leave the "obese" label for the first time in about 20 years. Ideally, I hope to reach that goal by the end of 2011, but we'll see. I'm not in any sort of race to lose, and am quite happy with slow and steady progress. For right now, my eyes are trained on my first goal.

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