Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 11 - August

I'm back from church, a healthy lunch is in my tummy, and I am planning my preparations for the guests that are coming in later this week. I wonder if they'll notice there isn't an unhealthy snack in the place ...

I have one more weigh-in, which is this week, before my vacation the following week. Thanks for all the suggestions on how to best handle things while on vacation. I'll go with much more confidence in my abillity to stay focused on my goals.

This week, while I am NOT on vacation, I'll be hosting a house full of guests, so I'm anticipating not getting on the computer much - if at all - once they arrive. And then, of course, I leave right after they do, to go on my vacation. I'm going to have blog withdrawal! Not from writing, but from reading all those other inspirational, motivational and just plan enjoyable blogs out there!

I'm borrowing Sharon's "Awesome August" attitude this month! So, in keeping with that ... here is my HUGE NSV (non-scale victory) for today, August 1st:

I can now touch (though barely) my thumb to my longest finger, around my right wrist! YES, I can now close my hand entirely around my right wrist! Gosh, I haven't been able to do that in YEARS and years. How cool was that?! Plus, without getting on the scale prematurely, it is telling me I've lost more weight since my last weigh-in. August IS awesome already!


Loretta (blog: Loretta's Journey) - Day 357 - issued a wonderful August-only challenge! I'm joining. The challenge is called"

"Just 1 Thing: Consistency Challenge"

You are challenged to focus on one thing (and it can be anything at all), for the month of August. The thought behind this is "even a small thing, done consistently over time, can explode with results!" There is only one rule Loretta is requiring of this challenge, that participants please choose a goal that's NOT [directly] related to the number on the scale.

I added the "directly," because indirectly, a LOT of things ultimately relate to the number on the scale.

If I can figure out how the badges work, you'll see this challenge badge at the bottom of my blog page. If not, visit Loretta's blog and you'll see it in all its glory!

Loretta is challenging herself to consistently work on improving her time on the mini-trampoline. I've decided I will challenge myself to some form of exercise every day, even if just for a minimum of 10 minutes. Since I do ZERO exercise right now, that is no small challenge. I hope, by month's end, I can say I met this challenge successfully.

Loretta says, "And it would be great if you could do me a favor, and get the word out on your own blog, if you have one. Let's rock August!"

I'm rocking, Loretta, I'm rocking! (Does that count as exercise? I didn't think so.)


  1. Ann, Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog today; glad to follow on here with you.

    That NSV around the wrist, that has to feel reel good!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Ann!

    I added the word "directly" to my post about the challenge. Your way of putting it was exactly right!

    To add the badge, download and save a copy (the little badge) to your computer.

    Go to your Blogger Dashboard, click on Design.
    Click on Add A Gadget.
    Find the one that says Picture; click to add that.
    It will have a place to choose to upload a file from your computer.
    You do not need it to resize it smaller, unless you'd like it even smaller.
    When the pic uploads, click save.
    Then drag that module to where you want it in your sidebar, and save.

    If you'd like to link the badge to the post telling all the details, then BEFORE YOU DO ALL THE ABOVE:

    Go to my blog, click on the title of that day's post for the challenge.
    Then go to your browser and copy that http address.

    When you click to add the Picture gadget, it will have a place there for a LINK, and you paste the post address in there. Then proceed as above.

    Hope that isn't too confusing!

    PS: the minute I read of your cool NSV, of COURSE I had to try to get my fingers around my wrist! I have about an inch to go... so next year for me. ;-)

  3. Hi Patrick - thanks! I tried to follow your blog yesterday, but it didn't let me. I'll try again later today. And YES, I was so happy the wrist diameter is shrinking. That was something I hadn't anticipated.

    Thanks, Loretta ... I hope you see the badge at the bottom of my blog page! It was working last night ... your instructions were perfection. Hey, try the fingers around the wrist every month. I estimated a good inch to close the gap too, and that was only about three months ago. I was trying to gauge wrist diameter to purchase a bracelet. I'm guessing my original inch estimate was off a little, but that is what it looked like to me. I have a long way to go, but I'm seeing tiny improvements every week. Some weeks, we have to search harder for those NSVs than others, but this was a fun one! xx