Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And yet ...

This is a no-whine zone, but since I'm journaling for myself, I have to keep it accurate and honest. 

Today, I'm thinking, "what the heck?"  I'm into a fresh, new year.  I handled the holidays pretty well.  I am looking forward to all the benefits I'll be giving my health this year, I'm highly motivated, and yet ...

And yet.

I anticipated happily embracing (at least initially) the exercise mindset.  I've made adding routine exercise my priority this year.  And yet ...

The weather today will be mild.  PERFECT for getting in a ten-minute walk.  That is all I have to do today - a lousy 10 minutes.  And yet ...

Here I sit, still, knowing I should lace up my shoes and get going.  I have NO excuse not to do so, and every reason to just get out and do it already.  And yet ...

Wow, the couch potato-ness does not give up its throne easily, my friends.  So, I'm thinking, "what the heck?"  Why am I just not doing it already?  Sheesh ... THIS IS THE FIRST WEEK.  It is the easiest week.  And I'm already fighting myself over exercise. 

My motivational word for this week is simplicity.  The formula for getting healthy is not all that difficult or even complicated.  Eat less.  Move more.  It is simple, not easy, but simple.  I need to keep this in mind. 

Here I sit, filling my day off with all sorts of chores around the house, relishing being home after the hectic day of yesterday, and not exercising.  And yet ...

I'm going to sign off right now and lace up those shoes!  I've made a commitment to myself, and I need to honor that, for my health's sake.  I'm just a little surprised that my mindset today isn't where it should be.  I need to power through that, and turn my day around!  I've been right on-plan for my diet today, and I need to bring my A-Game to the exercise portion of the fitness equation.

Perhaps, knowing myself as well as I do, I need to make exercise a routine MORNING (first-thing) sort of ritual.  The couch potato tendency is to push it off, and that is not compatable with my goals this year.

But Ann, if you are losing weight just fine without exercise, why bother?

Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are two different animals.  Statitics say, people who incorporate routine exercise into their lives are FAR more successful in making weight loss permanent, and getting off the loss-gain roller coaster.  While I am creating new habits, I'm adding in some that will ultimately keep me where I want to be - healthy!

Right.  Time to go for a walk.  Have you had your exercise today?  Hmmmmm?

More later ...

ADDENDUM (aka "later"): 

Okay, I powered through my lazy ways, and actually enjoyed my walk.  I am amazed at how out-of-shape I really am - then more amazed that I was amazed at how out-of-shape I really am.  I mean, after all, I'm over 240 lbs for Pete's sake.  Way should a low level of fitness amaze me?  LOL

I feel so much better for having taken my walk. 

I need to remember that feeling, the next time I have the exercise blues.  I've had decades, literally, of granting my every whim, so if I want different results, I need to stop doing that. 

My whim, today, was to give myself a day off from "doing" anything. With whims like that, who needs enemies?  For those of us on the weight loss journey, we are our own worst enemies, aren't we?  The good news is that we can also be our own best friends! 

I'm showing myself a little love, by getting that walk in today. 

It really isn't about the walk, but about me powering through the "I don't want to do it today" stuff.  Amazing, how one little GOOD decision can really make a day, isn't it?


  1. I have just started my latest weight loss journey. I am highly motivated and 'intense' about everything. This is not however, my first go-round with losing weight. I, like you, know what I need to do, but have at times lacked follow through. I am hoping that is what the blogging community I am just venturing into will do. Give me the push on days I don't want to exercise and act as a kind of conscience when I feel like diving into nachos. If I am looking for that kind of support, I feel like I should also be willing to give it. That being said, you have done so well. You have made such great strides (I have enjoyed going back and reading past posts) and have many great days ahead. I know you can do it and I know you will feel sooo much better when it is done; fresh air in your lungs and a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Just returned from my walk, and Andi, you are so right! I actually really did enjoy myself, once I was out in the fresh air and sunshine. I need to remember that feeling, when I next feel the tug of procrastination.

    Welcome to blogland, Andi! I wish you every success in 2011.

  3. LOL That is funny, Kathy! I should adopt that mantra, where it comes to exercise. I need to JUST DO IT.

  4. I knew you would feel better after walking, I have to walk in the morning Ann or it will not happen. and it seems to start my day off to a good start.you have got to be feeling so much better since loosing 85 pounds. Keep up the great great job.

  5. There's a great feeling after I've done my Pilates, 55 grueling minutes, this "Wow, I climbed the mountain!" feeling. Walking is tough for me cause of my gimpy left knee, but I'm gonna do it. I may only be able to do back and forth in front of my house (the one block) in case my leg gives way....but if that's what it takes, let the neighbors laugh. :)

    I am not an exercise lover. But I have gotten muscles, flexibility and know how good I feel AFTER a good workout. It does feel GOOD. And sex is better..that's always a plus. When you're 240 lbs and can climb on top of hubby and go for it with strong thigh uscles, it's amazing how you feel like some really strong vamp. :D Er, TMI?

  6. I totally agree that am exercise is important for me. If I don't get it done, my life gets in the way. I think it's great you powered through Newton's First Law: An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless you apply a force to it. Way to power through and I'm glad you enjoyed your walk.

  7. Getting out the door is the hardest part. Once you're out there, you'll enjoy it (eventually). Once you get home, you'll feel good about yourself, and your body will feel good. Even when you really, really love it, it's still hard to get out the front door. Exercising is a delayed gratification thing, and I'm an instant-gratification nut. What gets me out the door is thinking about how I'll feel after and about how much I'll regret not going. :)

    Great job getting out there today! I'm glad it made you feel good.

    P.S. - Love Nike, love "Just do it."

  8. Christina is so right. Getting out the door is the hardest, in fact, for me, the first 15 minutes tend to suck. Then, it just gets easier.

    Good for you, girl.

  9. Well I am a homebody and unless I am walking the dog or walking SOMEWHERE I just don't want to go walk the neighborhood. I guess if I were some cute size I might want to put on a cute outfit and go out walking but not now. So I have a treadmill!! Its still boring, but I can watch TV, or surf the net while walking and jogging so its fine. Otherwise I just wouldnt go out walking around the neighborhood. I have to admit, I am downright annoyed by people out obviously walking for exercise. I cant help it, LOL I always think something terrible about them like "oh look at me, I'm a perfect exerciser!!" I know I know. I shouldnt do that.
    But I'm not perfect, LOL