Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 165 - Weigh-in Results: 242 lbs.

Yay, the scale is moving downward again (- 3 lbs)!!  It has been a challenging week, post-Christmas, between more than anticpated meals out, and 3-4 curve balls tossed our way from various directions.  Through it all, headway was still possible, and my health remains a priority.

This marks the end of the The Spawn challenge.  Tomorrow, about 60 of us are going to venture into the Phase IV Challenge, and get busy - literally.  It should be fun, and educational (for me).  I'm looking forward to it! 

I sure hope to see some HIP inches fall away, and maybe some skin tightening too.  I saw an old rerun of "Golden Girls" on TV just last night.  Sophia (the elderly mother), ended up being naked under her overcoat.  Long story, but she was safely home and relating her experience to her daughter, Dorothy.  Rose (Betty White) comes into the room, and asks Sophia why she was wearing an overcoat in the house.  Sophia - back to audience - opens her coat to reveal herself to Rose, who then turns to Dorothy and asked if her mother was naked, or was that dress just REALLY in need of ironing!  Hysterical to watch!!  Not so funny to live through, I'm sure.  I don't want to end up like poor Sophia, before my time!  LOL

Pouring rain here, but temps remain mild, for today at least.

I have lots of doctor-related things with the guys tomorrow (husband and father), so I don't anticipate being able to read up on too many blogs before Tuesday.  I plan to make the rounds in Blogland later this week!


  1. Great loss especially for this time of year. Good for you!!


  2. Great way to end the year with a nice loss, or, start the new year. Go gettem on phase 4.

  3. That's a great loss!! Sadly, I saw no change on the scale this week. I'm definitely excited (perhaps in a nervous, ok, scared to death kind of way)and can't wait to see the packets later tonight!

    Hope all goes well with the doctor stuff!!

  4. yeah well I am already wrinkled under the overcoat LOL 43 aint so young anymore. I wonder if my skin will bounce back?????

  5. You're doing absolutely wonderful unlike a lot of us over the holiday. We're all rooting for you. Exercising to help the toning and not losing too fast will keep the skin from sagging. Here's toasting to a good year. Oh, yeah water helps with the wrinkles and sagging too.


  6. Down 3 pounds is awesome! Go, Ann, go!