Monday, January 17, 2011

Belated Day 177: 24-Update Friday (# 8)

Sorry for the delay in posting my 24-Update.  Sometimes, when helping a very ill family member, the disease demands more time of us than other times.  This was one of those extended weekends.  Dad is doing well now, and is getting his last cancer treatment today.  Then, we just wait and see what the body does with it all.  Thank you, for all those who've been keeping Dad in thoughts and prayers.  I know it gives him comfort to know others have also raised prayers of support.

Now for the 24-Update, my biweekly attempt to try on my ancient size 24 cream-colored jeans, in the hope they'll one day fit me again.

First of all, I was AMAZED that I had as much room as I did, in the thighs of the jeans.  I don't often think about the thighs losing inches, but they clearly have.  In a week where I saw little movement in weight, I have noticed inches. 

The waist of the jeans fit perfectly - not too snug, nor too loose.

Once again, it is the abs (hips) still at issue.  However, unlike my last attempt, the abs/hips fit a wee bit better this time.  In fact, I could probably have worn them on Friday, but for the unsightly pull across the fabric there.  Dare I say it?  The NEXT 24-update may actually see me wearing these jeans!  I think I will be able to make my wish list of "by Valentine's Day!"  Yes, I am very excited.  When I search the 24-update entries, and read of the slow transformation, I am tickled to see the progress.  I had the pants hemmed, so now when I slip them on, the length is perfect.  I just need to get those hip measurements down another 1/2" and I'd be golden. 

I'll catch up on other things (measurements & weight) later in th week.  Not much time right now, as it is time to go over to Dad's and pick him up.  This is a milestone day - his last cancer treatment.  It either works, or there is nothing left to try - so it is a day I've both looked forward to, and dreaded.  Dad, for his part, is just looking forward to less hospital and doctor visits.  I can't blame him for feeling that way.  It has been his life for over 9 months now.  He is tired.

I'll look forward to catching up on my blog reading later.  How is everyone doing on their plans?  I hope all is well - I'm still right on plan!  The hospital stays make it challenging, but not impossible.  Onward and downward!!


  1. I am sending the very best healing thoughts to your papa. I loved mine madly and I know it's hard to see someone who is key in your life face daunting and terrifying illnesses. YOu give him lots o' smoochies, k?

    Great on the jeans. For me, the fit in the hips/belly area is always the issue. For me, most pants are unwearable due to the belly issue. If they fit the hips/belly, the waist and thighs are loose. If they fit the thighs, the belly is tight.

    I lost A LOT in my thighs. A LOT. So much that i have that wrinkly Elephant skin in the inner thighs. Ugh.

    I keep losing up in the bosom/upper torso and the thighs. The belly and waist are stubborn as hell.

    But since I started my new plan from the dietitian Friday, it's been 3 pounds down. Just seeing movement has cheered me considerably. Either way, it's still fighting the fight every day.

    You keep loving on your pa and sticking to your plan and moving and those jeans will be LOOSE LOOSE LOOSE!!!


  2. That's wonderful!!!! I'm so happy for you.

    Isn't it weird how the scale doesn't always match when we're losing inches? You're doing great. Keep it up.

  3. Glad you Dad is doing well, or at least as well as can be expected. It does take a lot of tiem. I gave you an award today for your determination and inspiration. Check it out on my blog. Take care! Michele

  4. I'll keep a candle on my altar for your father, if you don't mind... and congratulations on almost-fitting!

  5. Still keeping your dad, and you, in my prayers.

  6. I'm glad your Dad is doing better. Wonderful that you're on your way to getting into those jeans.

  7. So awesome Ann! The scales can be deceiving thankful for tape-measures (and jeans), because even though you may not see a loss, you can FEEL a loss! Congrats and keep up the great work.