Thursday, January 13, 2011


I took one of my jeans out of the dryer, and slipped them on, and was surprised not to have the post-dryer snuggness I normally have, the first few hours after the jeans come out of the dryer.  So, I took tape measure to waist.  I didn't step on the scale, because I didn't want to frustrate myself if there was no movement.

Keep in mind, I just measured myself on Sunday, and only lost in the chest. 

I measured - twice.  My waist is a full half-inch smaller!  I've reflected the change on my sidebar. 

Natrually, I was then hopeful the hips would show a drop too. 

Nope, of course not.  They didn't budge.  Well, tomorrow is my next 24-update, and the hips are the only thing holding me back.  We'll see if things shrink by then.  Hope springs eternal.  I would really like to wear those old size 24 jeans on Valentine's Day.

I am tickled that my waist is at least in the 30-something range again.

Maybe I need to look up hip exercises, something to target that area.

Thank you, and a shout out, to Kathy (my challenge buddy/cheering section in the Lose 60 in a Year Challenge), I was tickled to find I made her favorite inspiratinoal blogs list!  (Me?  Seriously?)  I really am honored.  I find it interesting too, because I'm always seeking out inspiration from others.  I think, in that way, we all help each other through the difficult battle of losing weight and getting healthy.  As the famous quote goes, no man is an island ...

I read that actor Kevin James was the latest famous person to take up the weight loss war, and with some success.  It is reported he has dropped more than 40 lbs so far, and it shows.  Great job!  We all know how much work it takes, right?  Most of us avoid cameras, and it is inspirational when a person who makes his or her living in front of one, drops a bunch of weight.  We can see how the changes affect their looks and energy, sometimes when we can't see it in ourselves. 

I put on a black pull-over I haven't worn in about a month.  I'm used to how it looks on me.  Well, today it looked different.  I looked different.  What was it?  The fabric didn't have a little bulge to outline, as it hugged my tummy.  Today, it cascades off the girls and goes straight down.  It is amazing how slimming that - alone - makes one look.  I may not be losing pounds, so far this month, but the inches have started to move again (finally).  I'm going to resist stepping on the scale until Sunday morning's weigh-in.

I am going to sing from the rooftops, when I get into the 230s.  I can't wait. 

I last weighed 230 lbs 21 years ago.  I'd like to be there by March, if possible.  So, I'm working the diet and moving more.  Is there another way? 

We are almost to mid-January (already!!).  The year is really flying by.  It will be spring before we know it.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'd really like to go into it with a spring in my step this year.  I'm looking forward to it, actually.


  1. Ann, You're doing great. I think I'm finally reaching a point where I can take up the weight loss cause again. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Wowsa's your having some great NSV's lately!! You go girl :)

  3. I'm with you, I would like to enter spring with a spring in my step and hopefully a lighter step at that. Congrats on the shrinking! That's awesome.

  4. Way to go hun. Keep up the great job!. Gracie

  5. I am doing the happy dance for you. Every now and then our depleted fat cells decide to hold onto the water, that's when measuring the inches lost is most crucial.


  6. Great job on the 1/2 inch loss.. that's hard to do!

    and Kevin James.. I love him! He's so funny! I hope he keeps it off this time, as he lost a lot of weight a few years ago (when King of Queens was still on), and the "showbiz world" didn't really like him slimmer, for some reason.. I think he looked that much hotter.. lol

  7. You can do it, Ann! Your Valentines Day is going to be great wearing those pants! And I think if you've started exercising, you'll see the hips losing, too. Some of the pants I wear fit fine but feel different too, because my thighs are smaller. Fun little NSV's!

  8. Now, I don't have a stupid fabric tape measure so I have never measured myself. I could use some string but just never have. I should though because even though my scale is not moving, I FEEL smaller and better.

    You will so hit 230 by March, or darned close!

  9. Yay, Kathy !!!! I'm so excited that you are getting to the point of restarting !!! When you are ready to jump back in, please let me know.

    Hi Suzi - hey, they ARE NSVs, aren't they? lol I am loving how this shirt fits. In today's outfit, I can really tell I've lost weight, so of course, it has become my favorite outfit now. LOL

    Thank you for the well wishes, Tammy! A lighter step is right!! It will feel great, to have added energy in the spring.

    Gracie, thanks for your encouraging words! I need encouragement when that scale stalls. Frustrating ... but I have learned to power through it. I look at it as a pause in the journey. The body may pause, but I'm still moving and eating on plan! The bod will just have to catch up to me, that's all.

  10. Good point, Mary! And thanks for the happy dance ... burn those calories!! lol

    Hi Sarah, thanks. I agree, Kevin James has the face, and now he is working on the bod to match. He is a cutie.

    Casey, I hope you are right about the exercise/hips. I even TALKED to them today. I put the tape measure around them, saw the unchanged number, and said to them, "WHAT is with you already? GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Sheesh." hehehe I'll see next week, if they listened.

    You need to buy a fabric tape measure, Debbi. They are inexpensive, and can be a dieter's favorite tool. I'm giving 230 my best shot, so we'll see what happens. I wonder which I'd prefer, hitting 230, or losing inches of the hips? I'll take .... .... .... ... BOTH!!


  11. Great NSV on the waist & getting down to where you havnt been on 21 years; awesome feelings must be bursting from you!

  12. Yeppers - spring before we know it!
    Awesome progress, as usual -
    you really are an inspiration!

  13. Your blog is inspiring, so how wonderful that she gave you a great nod like that! Congratulations on the shrinking waistline and clothes coming out of the dryer lose, rather than snug!!

  14. The year really is flying by!

    Oh and I've left you an award on my blog :)

  15. Glad for your non snug jeans out of the dryer!