Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Evening

Happy Exhuasted Wednesday Evening, Blogland.

Thank you, Everyone, for your well wishes for the boys.  My husband's surgery did not go.  (It did not go well, Ann?!!  No, I mean, it did not happen.) 

Everyone showed up, except the surgeon, who ultimately decided he didn't want to drive in the snowstorm.  The anesthesiologist. made it.  The nurses made it.  The orderlies made it.  The billing department made it.  Heck, even all the morning patients made it.  The one guy who decided "I don't think so?"  Yes, the surgeon. 

We call that "Surgeon World" ... must be nice.

I'm glad the doc didn't risk his life, but it sure would've been NICE if he picked up a phone and had someone call everyone, to save the rest of us from the danger.  We only knew the storm was coming THREE DAYS in advance.

So, it wasn't bad enough we braved the middle of the storm to get there (leaving HOURS early, to ensure we walked in the door on time).  We had to then get in the car and drive home again, in deteriorating conditions, and not even have anything to show for the effort.  It was scary.  And the normally 25-minute drive took us 3 hours.  Roads were literally shut down.  Accidents - everywhere - but we finally made it back. 

It was a very long few days.  Dad's stuff was successful.  Monday's thing was moved to Tuesday, of course, and his Tuesday thing was moved to today.  Dad is in pain, but doing well otherwise.  His cancer treatment will resume next week.  They have the port in again, and so far so good.  My husband's surgery has been rescheduled to the next available timeslot - a month from now.

After all the medical stuff, I spent the day today breaking up ice chunks and attempting to clear part of the driveway.  I've used muscles I didn't even know I had - but I do now!  It was great exercise.  Exhausting, but a real workout.  After the snow, came the ice storm.  So, we have a layer of wet, heavy snow, covered with 1/4" of ice.  Pretty to look at, hazardous to walk or drive on.  Our road isn't really passable yet, but we're hoping tomorrow will be a different story.  The melting started late this afternoon, and should return tomorrow - the sun is a wonderful thing.  Right, so onto the weight loss stuff, because this is about getting healthy, after all.

I remained on plan, to the best of my ability, throughout the long drives and hospital stays, the "nurse Ann" duties at Dad's, and all that stuff.  I did NOT get in a walk in the last three days.  That isn't good, but the situation and conditions just didn't allow for that.  I'll do some walking tomorrow, and Friday as well.  I'm playing catch-up at this point.  Still, I think the heavy-duty snow/ice shoveling of the driveway should count for either cardio or weight training.  Anyway, I will try to get caught up in the walking.

I just now ordered myself a Kate Spade wallet, not 60 seconds ago.  It isn't the Anabel Tote I had my eyes on (for the last goal I met - leaving morbid obesity behind), but it is what I can afford right now.  The milestone was reached a month ago, and I didn't want to let it go by without something special.  I worked hard to get there, and leaving morbid obesity behind is a huge deal.

Speaking of morbid obesity, my doctor's appointment was rescheduled to the end of the month.  His nurse called today to rebook.  She asked me if I managed to maintain my weight loss (I was in the 270s at my last appointment).  I told her, no, I did not maintain my weight loss.  She started to get all understanding on me, Christmas and all that, blah, blah, blah ... when I stopped her and clarified that maintaining isn't accurate.  I was STILL LOSING.  Really?!  Yes, really ... except for this past week or so, but that is another story.  How much more have you lost?  Well, that is for you to tell me, when you next weigh me.

Oh, this will be SO FUN.  I'm down about 30 lbs from the last visit - yes, even though we've had Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas since then.  hehehe  This is gonna be FUN!  I only hope I get off this plateau soon.  And, of course, I'm hoping for improved numbers, which equates to improved health - the reason I'm doing all of this.

The end-of-the-month doctor appointment should tell all.  Well, the labs always seem to take forever to come back, so more accurately, the lab results, back around mid-February, should tell all.

I used to dread doctor appointments.  Not so much lately.  Go figure!

One last notation.  We found out today that one of our dear friends may have to have his arm amputated.  Scary stuff, and life-changing!  We are keeping him in our prayers, hoping for the best.  He is desperate to want to save his arm ... now. 

It is like my weight loss journey.  I've known what I needed to do, but there was always tomorrow.  Well, he ignored his health too - there was always tomorrow.  Only this week, his tomorrows ran out.  He said if he could just turn the clock back ... but of course he cannot. 

If you are ignoring a skin lesion or lump - anywhere - see your doctor.  Do not put it off.  Our friend ignored something for years - just didn't want to be bothered with it - and what was a minor nuisance may end up costing him his arm now.  It is a high price to pay for ignoring something. 

Ignoring my health (and weight) can have an even higher cost, if my tomorrows run out.  Anyway, pay attention, take action and catch stuff early folks.

Gosh, only Wednesday, and I feel like I've already had an overflowing week!  No stress here or anything.

Here is to a normal Thursday!  I'm going to catch up on my blog reading now ...


  1. I always feel like a vip when you visit my blog.
    I don't know why.
    thanks tho.
    Glad there's no trouble!

  2. Great and timely post. First, sorry that that doc did not call you. How insensitive to the rest of you. Could have at least called the HSP. Second: I know what you mean by clearing ice and snow and finding more muscles than you thought possible...third: that tale of your friend and his arm is sad. But an incredible reminder for all of us to take care of ourselves. The cost is just too high.

  3. Anne, I visit your blog all the time - just don't always get a chance to comment. Regardless, you ARE a VIP, no matter who visits. Don't you know that?

    Michele, you sound like you speak from shoveling experience! Well of course, look where you live! Well, this is the first time I've picked up a shovel in something like TWENTY YEARS. LOL The 327 lb me wouldn't even consider it. The 243 lb me said "good exercise, let's go!" Nice change ...

    And yes, it is sad. Our friend ignored a skin lesion, which continued to grow unchecked (internally), ultimately letting the cancer get all the way down to the bone. It looked the same as always, with just minor changes, on the skin surface, which is why he never bothered with it. He figured, if it wasn't bothering him, no big deal. Well, what should have been a simple and effective skin lesion removal will now - at the very least - take a big bite out of the arm, assuming it can at least be saved at this point. It was a shock to learn of the turn of events, and simply heartbreaking. It could be any of us.

    When something pops up on us, never assume "must be an age thing." Show it to your doctor, and let him tell you that. If you didn't have it at birth, mention it at the next doctor appointment.

  4. Wow Ann, you have a lot on your plate. I have sent up prayers for all those you mentioned above. It does sound like you have been able to keep going strong through it all. Now that is tenacity!

  5. I've missed you Ann. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere = ) From one swan to another

  6. Sorry about the surgeon no show... truly how unprofessional!!
    I totally relate to enjoying doctor visits now too. I used to dread them but now... bring it on. Cheering for ya girl!!


  7. Glad to get an update. I had missed your posts. This week has been a mess in the southeast, hasn't it?

  8. Funny, I hate going to the doctor, you sound like you are totally looking forward to it! Good for you!

    My scale is still completely stuck too. Very frustrating. Though I KNOW that eating 1200 calories a day it WILL eventually go down but meanwhile, it's highly annoying. :-)

  9. Oooh that doctor !!! Are you for real ?? How can someone be THAT inconsiderate ? I would yell at him... AFTER the surgery. But that's just me. :D

    I can just image the doctor's face when you walk in 30 pounds lighter. What determination you have ! I envy you !!

    May God be with you and your family through these hard times. It really sucks !!

  10. The nerve of that surgeon!

    Still praying for your dad, Ann.

    Love that you're looking forward to that dr's visit where you can step on the scale. Finally, I feel the same.

  11. Great post Ann. Thank you for the reminder.

  12. I'm sorry the doctor was so insensitive, that wasn't fair, nice or even decent. He'll get his some day, it just comes back around.
    I'm also sorry about your friend, sounds a bit like my sister who could of done lots to prevent losing one complete leg just below the knee and the other foot. Hindsite, can't change, need to be thinking about now and the future.
    You are doing amazing with all that the Lord is throwing your way. Stay strong, take care of yourself and take care.
    I have a physical in April, I'm sorta looking forward to it. Last year I was done 25 lbs, the year will be about 50, exciting really.
    Have a blessed afternoon.

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