Thursday, January 6, 2011

Revising Rewards

Rewards are the carrots I dangle before myself, to add an extra incentive and bolster my motivation.  (See my "Awards & Rewards" tab.)  I know health alone should be enough, but let's just say the reward speaks loudly enough to drown out the Call Of The Brownie.

Well, my reward for reaching this current mini-goal (# 3) was going to be a Bel Chateau teaspoon.  I've revised it.  I'm saving the "big" prizes for reaching true milestones.  So, mini-goal # 4 (the next goal after this one) will see me into the plain old "obese" category. 

New category = bigger prize.

And leaving my current "severe obese" category is worth an entire 4-piece place setting, if you ask me. 

Yes, I dangle really good carrots.  It keeps me moving toward goal.

I've decided to change this current mini-goal reward from the teaspoon to four china salad plates by Lenox, I think.  I don't own anything in this pattern currently, but these are very pretty - simple and elegant.  Plus, they are a great size for portion control.  (See Award tab)

I don't feel the need for a particularly big reward for this mini-goal I'm working right now, because I think the fresh new year adds enough "umpf" to keep me going.  Still, the plates are attractive enough to keep me moving and motivated!  I think they would be lovely around a spring table. 

Positive reinforcement works most effectively for me.

Someone was asking when she'll see an updated photo of me.  I intend to post one near the conclusion of each mini-goal, so I'm probably a month or month-and-a-half away from posting the next progress photo. I don't want to frustrate myself, and post pictures more often.  I want to easily see the difference, and at my weight, it takes a while for those types of changes to show in any significant way.  lol  


  1. Why not bribe yourself now and again? I do it as well - once I've passed 75kg (going DOWN), I will treat myself to expensive luxury body lotion, and once I've reached a normal BMI (about 5kg from now - uhm, a bit more than 10lbs?), I will raid the Etsy store of a good friend (she makes beautiful jewelery).
    Ooooh, and as soon as I have reached my final goal, all large clothes will be burned (or given away) and new clothes will be bought. (Except for that dress I had custom-made last summer for a wedding - that will be sent back to the woman who made it, asking her to please alter it according to my new measurements; it's a beautiful 50s dress with cherries... *G*)

    See? Bribes!!!

  2. I decided I'll only set THREE goal rewards: One for May 1 if I reach within 5 pounds of Allan's estimated goal weight for P4. The other when I totally reach goal weight and MAINTAIN IT for 1 year (maintenance deserves reward), and the last when I maintain goal weight by 55th birthday.

    The last one will be humongous. Hubby better start saving.

    The goal weight one: a trip. To Tuscany or some cool US place of my choosing (like Christmas at Ahwahnee or somesuch).

    Hubby definitely better start saving.

    I want big rewards. Body lotions don't do it for me, as I already have Les Bains Du Marais, Chanel, and Body Shop White Musk (my three faves).

    I want me some big-ass rewards I'll be WILLING to go hungry for. Lotion...nah, I can't go hungry for that. TUSCANY, now that I'll starve and do torso raises and squats for.

  3. Actually, make that FOUR rewards. I need on for reaching goal weight, yes?

  4. I love little rewards along the way. They help me keep my eye on the prize (and I know it is literally a prize!)

  5. As I get smaller & smaller I grow a bigger & bigger fan of rewards. My current rewards system just takes me to my goal weight but I will definitely come up with maintenance goals too.

  6. Rewards are good... waiting for them is like a new kind of self-discipline.
    And the ultimate goal is our health and new relationship with our body.... which is priceless!