Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Having trouble, kick-starting your diet and/or exercise in 2011?  Having trouble getting back on track, after the indulgences of Christmas and the vacation of goodies?

Here is some built-in motivation.  Check out Margene's post:  10-Month Progress

It made me think, where will I be in 10 months? 

I started my journey near the end of July.  My 10 months ends about a week before Memorial Day.  I'm just beyond the halfway point of a 10-month calendar. 


Thank you to Allan, who has awarded a handful of us this award:

I'm proud of it, because it represents consistent and dedicated work toward improving my health, and all through the food holidays of 2010!  It was NOT easy.  But, in the end, the results were worth every sacrifice.  An added bonus, for me, was that I learned a lot along the way. 

I am wondering, now, how insane am I, to have signed up for the Phase IV - but I'm committed now, so we will see, won't we?  LOL


Lastly, motivation from my day today:

~ I am wearing my new size-24 black jeans today.

~ I am wearing a shirt I haven't worn in 13 years.

~ My neighbor's five-year-old boy ran down the driveway, as I walked by, and said, "Oh, you are prettier and prettier!"    (I must remember to include the child in my will ...)

Here's to motivation, from wherever we find it!!


  1. You are amazing Anne!! Big congrats to you on your award from Allan... well deserved. I am humbled that you would post my blog as a motivation and I am happy to be a motivation for anyone. Thank you for thinking of me and the hubs that way. I am motivated by you and your energy!

    I LOVE your NSV's and the compliment from the 5 year old neighbor is priceless. Rock on!!


  2. BRAVO, ANN!!! What a victory for you, and inspiration to me! And your NSVs are wonderful. Words of truth from a 5-year old boy -- they tell it like it is! :D

  3. We're crazy together. I"m crazier. :D

    I love the child's quote. I LOVE DAT!!!! It's like my Christmas one: "You're looking TOO good, girl" hahahah

  4. Now that is motivation. Congrats on getting in your clothes. Don't get used to it because you won't be able to fit in them long as you shrink.

    Congrats on the award too. I'm sure he doesn't just hand those out to anyone. You should be proud. And I'm sure you are. :)

  5. Oh, pretty Ann, turning the young boys' heads! That is too cute. What a sweet boy! Children light up this world. You are seriously rocking the challenges! Keep it up!!!!!

    Thanks for your kind words on my post. Shared pain is half pain, and shared joy is double joy. The joy part is easy to do, but the pain part hurts. The park we went to yesterday boards horses, so he saw horse tracks and tons of deer tracks. We had two or three warm days, and then the ground froze back up with the tracks in place. Ramsey was fascinated!

  6. You are not crazy for joining Phase 4! You'll do fine! Just keep looking at that number for May 1st! That's what I do! That was brilliant for him doing that.

    Nice on the clothes! It won't be long and these jeans will be way too big! :-)

  7. You're doing so awesome Ann. Things will be bright and sunny in May. I finally picked up the "scrap award". Thanks for giving it to me and I'm so sorry it took me so long.


  8. Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes. Gotta love it.

    I especially enjoyed when my 9 year old noticed and said, "oh mommy, you dont look like there is a baby in your belly anymore. "

    Gee, thanks :-)

    You will rock Phase 4 and win all the awards!!!

  9. Aaaaw that was so nice what that kid said ! I bet that made your day !!
    Thank you for the motivation ! :)

  10. I would have to say that you are not insane at all seeing as how well you did on the first 3 phases! This is hard work, but when we are at goal that is going to be the best award of all.

  11. Congrats on that cool award. And what a cool NSV, "Oh, you are prettier and prettier!"

  12. Get me that kid's number...I could use him around here now and then.

  13. The thing with kids is that they are honest and you will always get an honest report from them. Great job on your weight loss...and who knows where you will be....but youdo know one thing. You will be further than you are now! Keep up the great work!