Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 172 Weigh-in

Yesterday's number sticks.  Officially. 

The scale isn't the only number that defines results, so I happily turned to my measurements. 

Oh goody.  I lost alright ... in the BUST.

That just puts the dot under the exclamation mark, on a not-very-fun weigh-in day. 

The hips, of course, stubbornly remain exactly the same.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

Right, so I am sticking with the plan, and trusting better results are on the way.  Meanwhile, I needed to jot a quick note here to say I may not be able to post again until Wednesday.  We have severe weather due in tomorrow - my husband's surgery day.  Plus, there is a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday AND Dad has to go into the hospital for his next procedure.  If the winter snow/ice hits as predicted, we'll (all) need to grab hotel rooms nearer the hospital tomorrow.  Regardless, it is going to be a busy two days.

Thank you to all who have given me encouraging words, both in commentary and by email.  I truly appreciate it, but there really is no fear that I will quit.  That isn't even an option.  We all have our frustrating dieting weeks, and this just happens to be one of mine.  It is the pits that it is at the beginning of a new year, and a new challenge, but sometimes that is just how it rolls.

No time to update numbers today (except for bust measurement).  Maybe, by the time I get back online to post, it'll have corrected itself.  (One can only hope.)

Onward and DOWNward ...


  1. I did a post awhile back about the bust thing. Why are the boobs always the first thing to go? I'd rather my rear end shrink a lil bit :D

  2. Quit? You?
    How silly.
    I KNOW that was never an option with you.
    You lead the pack!
    Say good bye to the girls and go go go!

  3. You really are my twin (well, except your labs are better than mine and your waist is smaller). I lost more off boobs....but waist is still not buding. MOTHER OF HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move, waist, move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ann, I hope your weather doesn't deal you too bad a hand. Don't worry about posting just take care of yourself and your family. New habits take 21 days to form so continue on and I am sure the results will start to show soon. Hugs!!!

  5. Ann, I was reading your post from a poor internet connection yesterday so I couldn't comment. I just wanted to send you some love. You have been doing an amazing job, so don't let one bad week get you down. next week will be better! That's how it works. You are a continued inspiration to me!

    <3 Kstie

  6. Ann, you are leading by great example, so re-bounding from a frustrating day is just another way to demonstrate your commitment. Well done on the measurement loss and keeping the right perspective.

  7. You do have a keen sense of whare you are at and that have served you well day by day. With the coming needs of your family, place your attention where it is needed most. Remember all you have learned for keeping healthy in any situation, and know that you are Livn Large No More.

  8. No frakking way will you ever quit. :D A blip is just that. A blip. Brief and then gone. You will succeed. I have absolutely no doubt.

    Your husband and dad are in my thoughts, I hope all goes well for both of them. You all stay safe and warm and we will see you when we see you. :D

  9. Stupid boobs. :-(

    Well, at least you're moving.

  10. Trust is the name of the game in my book. It is not just about the number, but how you feel. You are doing great!

  11. Don't you hate that ? You lose weight and it's from the BOOBS !!!

  12. Now is the time to develop a good exercise program.

  13. I mentioned to hubby and Sunshine (Karen Ogle) that it may well be my insulin resistance reacting to the increased starches---or a plateau (I am due after 6 months of dieting and losing X pounds)--or a combo of both with crap timing. Either way, I may need to just cut back on the starches. I don't need to stop doing the "rougly 1200", but I may need to cut back on what makes my body overproduce insulin.

    Thanks for the visit.

  14. Haha, yea, the bust-loss does suck. I'm maybe a B-cup, so I always hate seeing my bust number decrease. How many 23-year-olds have saggy boobs?

    I hope all is going well medically for your family! You guys are in my thoughts.

  15. Its hard to lose weight where you want it, I would like to lose some in the bust but I lose it in the hips. Or better yet keep my chest and hips and just lose in the waist! But reality is my body type. And when I was 118 lbs I still had a barely discernable waist, so, it is what it is.
    You are doing great though, if its coming off in the right place or the wrong place, at least its still coming off. :-)

  16. I love your blog! Thank you for being so honest with your weight and measurements! I'm too scared to post those on my blog! Keep up the good work! I love it!