Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Allan's Pugs - Participants in the Son of Double Dog Challenge

I'm calling us "Allan's Pugs" ... Charlie had his angels, and poor Allan gets stuck with us!  LOL

Day 113 and I am sloshing as I walk.


  1. Moon River?
    The Princess and the Pee?

  2. I am really catching up on blogs posts now, so I read a few of your recent ones. First: I think you are doing really great!! I love the fact that you are planning for Thanksgiving, yet also allowing yourself to take one day at a time. Thanks for posting about the water links. I will follow through and check them out. It is only recently that I really became committed to water drinking.

  3. I'm going with "Waterworld," as I too slosh when I walk. 119 oz down, 40 more oz to hit my minimum. *groan*

  4. I like "Allan's Pugs", but I am a Pug person as we have 2 of the little darlings. Good choice on the name and good luck. You are doing great!!!!