Friday, November 12, 2010

Today's Thoughts, Late Night Style (115)

 I've moved my official weigh-in day to Sundays for now, to accommodate the Son of Double Dog challenge schedule.  Yesterday, I thought I'd get a sneak peak.  I've been eating well within my calorie range, and drinking the optimal fluid amount each day, without fail. 

You can imagine, I was a bit surprised to see how little the scale moved.  I haven't deviated from the plan an inch this week.  So, I've been trying to figure out what else could account for this scale number.  My salt intake wasn't high, portions were good, etc.

Well, today I got my perimenopausal answer.  Umpf.  I'm hoping the body will readjust before Sunday, or it will throw off my scale reading.  In the meanwhile, I'm sticking to the plan and challenge directives. 

If the loss remains small on Sunday, it'll be corrected by the following week's weigh-in.  But here is the cool thing; I have not gained weight, as is usual for me.  In fact, I am actually down a little (very little), but still - a loss where I would normally see pounds of weight gain.  So, this challenge is working already, just days into it.

Congratulations to Kathy, who found the source of her dilemma and is now feeling much improvement (due to the vitamin D supplement)!!  Kathy, I'm so happy for you!!  Check out Kathy's post, which has a website reference with more Vitamin D information.  Kathy's blog is Kathy's Weight Loss Journal.

As I've stated before, deficiencies are serious things, and it is important to be sure we have proper amounts of all the vital nutrients and vitamins!  I won't bore everyone with another post about it, but regular readers know my doctor found (so far) about 70% of his patients were seriously deficient - me included, much to my surprise - and I'll  be on a prescribed vitamin D supplement well into January.  I was taking a multivitamin each day, which contained more than the daily recommended standard dosage - plus I'm out in the sun a lot.  I really felt like I was just humoring my doctor, when he wanted to screen for Vitamin D, expecting that I would be just fine.  If the dailly multivatimin and sunshine didn't do it, surely the fortified breakfast cereal and milk would ... but NO!   So, don't forget to have yourself screened for vitamin D levels, the next time you go for a blood draw.  I forgot that golden rule about assuming ... lol

Tomorrow is another day and an opportunity to excel. 

SDDDY4 Update: 

Calories today:  1612  (17 over optimal calories, so I'm calling this on-target)

Water today:  18

Day 115 ... almost over already!  Time to get ready for bed.  Good-night, my fellow weight loss bloggers!


  1. very good advice about the vitamin D screening. feel great about not gaining the weight right now, that is huge. hugs.

  2. I started taking a Vit D supplement this year!

  3. Did you read Allan's blog post today? It might explain the lack of movement on the scale.

  4. Sometimes the scale likes to play head games with you. Just remember that all your healthy decisions are extending your life and improving your health, and that makes everything totally worth it regardless of what the scale decides to do on any given day. Really believing that has help set me free in a big way.

    I'm going to have to read up on vitamin D!!