Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Talkin' Turkey

Happy Election Day, Fellow Dieters!

I'm going to try to get in a little exercise (walk) after I vote.  It is a cool, crisp day today.  It would be a shame to waste all that sunshine, cool air, and pretty foliage - so off to the park I'll go, afterwards, for a quick 1-mile lap.

Congratulations to Jo (blog: Weight On Me at 50+), who has dropped into NORMAL weight range!  Maybe I'll be able to join her there next year.  I'm sure going to give it a try.  Be sure to stop by and wish her congratulations!  Jo has revised her goal somewhat, and will continue her journey a little while longer, before entering the golden maintenance mode.

This is the 9th day of the DDDY Challenge.  Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass) alluded to two additional follow-up challenges, so for anyone who missed out on this one (which ends Sunday night), be sure to sign up for the next!  Allan will be signing up participants later this week/end.  I am looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve for this next challenge, because it will take us to Thanksgiving.  The timing (for me) is perfect.  Thanksgiving is the holiday I am most likely to deviate from my plan, so I'm going to work hard to NOT let that happen! 

In years (diets) past, it was Thanksgiving that usually derailed me, and then I'd think "oh well" and pretty much take a "food vacation" (as Clyde* put it) through the end of the year.  And I remember really packing on the pounds in November and December - undoing a LOT of the hard, well-earned progress I had made.  I am NOT going to let that happen this time.  My mindset is different going into this, but I'm still weary enough to seek out methods to help me help myself.  This is why I plan to sign up for Allan's next challenge, the follow up to the Double Dog Dare You (DDDY) challenge.

Hey, in other words, I'm not going to let the Turkeys get me down!  LOL  Gobble, gobble is something a turkey says, and should not be something I do.

DDDY9 Update:

Calories today, so far:  1,545

Water today, so far:  9

*Clyde's blog is The Clydesdale Project


  1. Oddly enough, Thanksgiving itself is not really a problem for me - but that days following? Oy!
    Here's to keeping the gobble with the turkeys. LOL!


  2. I have made up my mind about Thanksgiving too, Ann. It is just another day, and I am going to have one portion of my favorites, especially fruit and veggies, and try to have no leftovers. After that day, it is back to normal for me. Oh, and no sweets.

    Thanks for the shout out. It's very nice. ;-)

  3. I found a local Thanksgiving 5K that I will probably do. Regardless of how much I walk/run, fast/slow...at least my head will be on some fitness before the big meal. That might keep my head in a more balanced way.

  4. Hi Ann...I stopped by to check in on ya!!! You're doing so great. We started off in about the same place and you've just taken off like a rocket!!! I'm slowly and steadily losing, and working my butt off for every single pound. I'm so happy for you. And as for the holiday's, you're right. Your mindset IS different and you can do it. I'm already thinking about my game plan. I'll share it on my blog soon.

    Have a great day!!!

  5. Ann you would be proud! I showed no loss this morning but I didn't freak and I forged on! I ran to my polling location to vote and it was a glorious run! =) Thanks for always supporting me. I look forward to seeing your comments when I've had a rough day.

    <3 katie

  6. Ann,
    You are doing so great. Congrats fro being so, so close to slipping out of the "M" obesity category. That is awesome.

    I agree with the "food vacation" addage. I have done that myself. No more, though. Michele

  7. Great line, Mary! "...Keeping the gobble with the turkeys." I'm going to use that somewhere. haha I'm like you, leftovers are real temptation.

    Jo, I like that resolve. I hope I can adopt it myself. What DON'T I like about our traditional Thanksgiving feast? Ummmm ... thinking ... thinking ... yeah, can't come up with one thing. LOL I'm making our cranberry relish using splenda instead of sugar this year, so I hope that will help. But, the stuffing is the thing that will get me - and I'm still trying to work out a strategy for that.

    Clyde - THAT is the best idea! If I was a runner, and not the head chef for our Thanksgiving meal, I might try that one myself. I'm definitely going to read your follow-up!! I love it!!

    Hi Kimberlynn!! I haven't been alerted to any posts lately ... I better check that. I don't want to miss your Turkey Day strategy post!! I am looking for ideas ... I'm already thinking I'll join a 5K run NEXT year (see Clyde's comment). I'm not so sure speed is as important as consistency in weight loss. I've worked hard to try to rev up my metabolism and am doing all sorts of things to help myself in the diet arena. I am finding that mixing things up - keeping my body guessing - is really working and provides the best results (so far) for me.

    Katie! I was so excited to read that you RAN to the polling place. THAT is enthusiasm, and smart health, combined. I actually thought of you today, as I was walking, thinking you could probably run BACKWARDS and still outpace me ... lol ... but, we all have to start somewhere. I walked 1 mile in 00:28 (that is minutes). Impressed? :P

    Oh, thank you, Michele! I'm not there yet, but I can feel the balmy breezes from SEVERE OBESITY. LOL Yes, I'm going to leap from morbid to severe - but I'm good with that. I'm getting healthier. Stay strong through the food holidays! We can do this!!

    No more food vacations!!

    Thanks you, everyone, for your kind comments, ideas and support! I was trying to figure out why "this time" was so different for me. Perhaps it comes down to the support. I'm not alone in my struggles, or triumphs, or fixation on weight loss. I'm part of a larger community of people, all having the same or similar struggles - with a common goal of improved health and smaller sizes. We aren't perfect, but we sure are a loveable bunch, aren't we?!

  8. I think it great how determined you are. How funny how are. And how you are whipping this into shape - you are really on target, Ann!

  9. I hope you had a beautiful walk!

    The challenges sound like they really work for you! Holiday season is most definitely a super-tough time for us weight-losers. Haha, I think my personal challenge saved me from gaining seven pounds this Halloween. Good luck, Ann!!!