Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Someone Noticed

I guess the weight loss of the last two weeks have made a difference in my appearance, because we ran into one of our friends last night, and he just looked at me and said, "Wow!"  We saw him just three weeks ago. 

When you are a big person, it takes a lot of weight loss to even be noticed by others.  Most people didn't see any real change during the first 30 pounds I lost, though I certainly could tell. 

Now, however, I drop "just" (by comparison) six pounds, and it is being noticed!  That made me feel good.

Health remains my number one reason for losing weight, but it is still nice to get the occasional compliment.

I won this award from Allan, for my efforts in the last challenge.  I'll display it proudly under the appropriate tab.  Allan calculated that I lost 2.6% of me, over the last two weeks. 

SDDDY2 Update:

Calories today, so far:  562

Fluid today, so far: 16


  1. that would have been a feel good moment for sure! Very happy for ya!

  2. In Nursing School, we used to drink Mountain Dew from little specimen cups! Got in alot of trouble for it, too.
    You are looking good!
    Hope everything comes out ok!

  3. How fun when someone notices!
    Waiting for that!

  4. Great article!! Thanks for hte link. and Allan.. he is so funny. Thisaward is awesome!


  5. I know what you is my number one reason, but the compliments do feel good!!! Congrats on the award.

  6. That award is funny. I came, I saw, I peed!! I have to pee everywhere I go! lol

    I am with you on my motivation too. Yes, I want to look better but I want to be around for my kids more... I miss my mom like crazy and don't want to have my kids live their lives with me.

    Congrats on having people notice your weight loss. Always so nice. I don't think anyone said anything to me until I'd lost over 60 - and then after I lost 100 - then more noticed. I think it's because even as I was losing weight, I wore baggy clothes so it wasn't as noticeable. It's always good to have our own reasons and not wait for others to notice! :)

    Have a fabulous day Ann!!

  7. Pitter Patter -
    Let's get at her!
    *trying to think of water slogans*

  8. It feels really good to have someone notice all your hard work! It's hard not to notice, from the sounds of it! You are doing so well! We do we get an updated pic, Ann? :)