Monday, November 29, 2010

Updated Measurements

I finally found a private moment to update those measurements.  I always complain that my hips don't seem to shrink much, but wow ... those little bits, lost here and there, really do add up eventually.  I've lost 7"  (albeit slowly) from the hips - total - and 8" off my waist. 

I'll be back into my normal routine on Wednesday, and am looking forward to visiting and catching up on all the blogs.  Thank you to all who've left comments, well wishes and thoughts of support and encouragement! 

I gave Anne fair warning that I'll be needing her help in posting an updated photo, when I reach this next goal (10 lbs from now).  I so appreciate her expertise ...

I got in some more walking yesterday, but nothing today, unfortunately.  I've been playing tourist guide, and today was a lot of driving.  For those within driving distance of the NC mountains, the company LOVED the views from atop Chimney Rock.  Pretty views from Lake Lure too, looking up the Gorge.  I love taking people up there for the first time.  Fun reactions!

Today, I had a very strong craving for something sweet ... I mean a STRONG craving .. chocolate would be nice.   LOL  No, I didn't act on it, but I thought about it mightily for a while there.  Sometimes, dieting is not as much fun as other times ... and this is what prompted me to take updated measurements today.  Helped to knock that craving right out of my head.  I don't want to add ANYTHING back to the hips.  LOL

Ah, the guests are walking back inside, so I need to sign off.  Just wanted to update those measurements before I forgot (or was lured by thoughts of chocolate).  Hey, whatever works, right?  :D



  1. I am only all too happy to help!
    And woo woo congrats!!

  2. I have had chocolate cravings this week. I measure out 1 tablespoon of sugar-free chocolate chips (Nevada Manna or ChocoPerfection) and enjoy them slowly, one by one. :) Or sometimes I just have a chocolatey type of protein bar (half usually, unless it's really small).

    Congrats on the diminishing you. My waist is the most resistant to reducing, but it's finally had to start caving this fall. Thighs and hips and upper arms went first, but waist just didn't wanna go. ; )

    I'm trying to figure out how we carry differently, cause we have the same hip and about the same waist and nect, but I'm lighter than you. Or maybe my tape measure is messed up. ; ) Or I'm shorter.

  3. Good for you, 50 pounds is major, that is wonderful and you must be feeling so good. can't wait to see the next photos.good for you for cutting that chocolate craving. whooo hoooo.

  4. We love the Chimney Rock and Lake Lure area of NC and have life long friends that live in Forest City so we are there fairly frequently as well. Are you close by? Maybe we'll be able to meet someday.

    Thought about you a lot over the holiday weekend. I know these are anxious days and your "fortitude" is serving you well. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks, Anne!

    Princess, isn't it amazing how different human bodies are?! I'm 5'6" ...

    Cinner, thanks! I AM feeling good, but am still looking forward to breaking below that 250 mark!! I haven't been in that territory in a LONG time.

    Sharon, we're about 2 hours from Lake Lure. I don't know ANYONE who doesn't love Chimney Rock. lol How could they not? And that you can take an elevator inside the mountain to the top just adds to accessibility, so no excuses for anyone not to enjoy those gorgeous views of Hickory Nut Gorge, the mountains, and the lake below.

  6. Ann,
    congratulationson your 50 pound weight loss AND loss of all those inches. You are inspiring all of us to dig a little deeper. Stay strong!!

  7. The Incredible Shrinking Ann! Seriously, your progress is just that, Incredible!

  8. Ah, a fellow hippie ... glad to hear your measurements are measuring up the way you want. I'm holding off comparing mine until I get in a real slump. I'm off and running again with lots of determination. Stay firm with your commitment!


  9. Congrats to you Ann - your hard work is really paying off. Good for you! Be strong girl!! :)


  10. WOW, you are shrinking!!!! Taking measurements is great! You are doing so well, missy.

    Good for you for not giving into chocolate. How is your willpower? Would you be able to just have a little bit? This journey is about finding habits you can maintain, so don't always pass up the chocolate (unless one bite leads to five candy bars). If you do indulge in chocolate, the best time to eat it is right after you exercise. You'll use more of the calories as fuel, and fewer calories will be stored. :) Mmm, chocolate... Some mornings I mix a packet of hot chocolate into my oatmeal concoction. LOVE. Okay, can you tell I'm hungry? I'm off to have a whole-grain pumpkin cookie.

    Keep up the hard work!!!!! :)

  11. Holy Cow. I'm 5'6 also. Are you like my lost twin or something?