Monday, November 15, 2010

At Least We Didn't Blow Up ...

Heading out to our mechanic's garage shortly.  I can tell it is going to be "one of those weeks."  I went into the garage this morning, and smelled fuel.  I alerted my husband, who checked, and discovered a slow drip from somewhere in the fuel line of my car.  It is going to be ANOTHER trip to the garage - different car, same month.  A dripping fuel line cannot be ignored.  I hope my hubby is right, and it will "just" be a replacement hose, but he also said I should have them replace the fuel filter at the same time.  So, while he is off to work, I am using my vacation day dealing with a car issue, instead of making the house pretty for all the guests we're expecting next week.  Hey, forever the optimist and always looking on the bright side, at least we didn't blow up!

Isn't it amazing, how we adapt to things?  I now get the basic 8 (8 oz) glasses of water ingested by midmorning, without even thinking about it, or trying.  And I actually wake up in the morning thirsty.  My body is clearly getting used to being properly hydrated. 

This is day seven of the Son of Double Dog Challenge - 25% through the challenge already!  The body's weight loss efforts are slowing down (seemingly), but this may have nothing to do with the challenge.  I've been fairly consistent in losing - with the exception of a 3-week plateau in September, so this may just be the body's readjustment period.  Maybe it is adjusting to the water intake volume, or maybe this is just something my body just has to do every two months, who knows?  I wish it picked a different month than Killer November, but we don't always get to choose our challenges, right?  No worries - I'm sticking to the SDDDY parameters and have not deviated from the plan.  I don't intend to either.

If I stick with it, I should be down at least to 251 ... or even into the 240s before Christmas!  I'm looking forward to that and getting healthier by the day. 

SDDDY7 Update:

Calories today, so far:  1,578

Water today, so far:  17

Day 118 ...drinking another water and getting ready to head to the mechanic's garage ... "sloshing all the way" (that could be a song)!  More later ....


  1. Yikes! good nose on that one. And yes... leaking gas....very dangerous!

    I noticedhte same thing about hte water. I woke up this morning gasping for a drink. :) And the weight is coming off, I'm enjoying it.


  2. Yes, I'm so glad you didn't blow up! Great job getting your water in too. You are certainly coming right along, girl, and your challenges. You are a determined soul and it rubs off too! I love it. Hope your day goes super. :)


  3. So glad you didn't blow up as well!! I love an optimist!!
    I actually had a gain this week, but I'm not body is crazy like that! Lol! I am going right along, doing what I need to do, enjoying it, and waiting patiently for the scale to catch up!

  4. I'm curious about the double dog challenge? How and where do you participate? I'd love to know more, thanks!

  5. Yay, Tamzin! You are doing GREAT.

    I AM determined, Margene. I've been carrying this weight for far too long. And, I've "been there, done that" on diets in years past. I am just tired of not being fit, and I will not quit.

    I think every body does some crazy stuff, Mary. I am glad you are sticking to your plan, and enjoying it too!! That combination is success in the making. Congratulations! I'm going to SO use that line: Wiating patients for th scale to catch up! I love it!

    Getting Fit - I'll pop over and leave a note, in case you don't return to read my response, but the Son of Double Dog challenge is being hosted by Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass).

  6. Not blowing up is definitely on my lists of blessings.

    I'm also constantly amazed that I awake thirsty when I've had enough water to sink a canoe daily. Interesting, yes?

    On to slimmer holidays!

  7. Good luck to getting slimmer by Christmas! Thats what I want too...

  8. LOL, yes, Princess - not blowing up is DEFINITELY a blessing! Slimmer holidays, here we come!

    Nancy, I think it is the dream of every dieter in the country, to get slimmer by Christmas (at least a little bit slimmer). LOL And here we thought we were unique! :) How have you been?!