Friday, November 5, 2010

24-Update (108) & Poor Old Ethel

It is hard to believe another two weeks have passed!  Today is my biweekly attempt to squeeze into my old size-24 jeans.

Here is the link to my first attempt:

The last time I tried on my old size-24 jeans, I was able to get them over my legs with ease, which was great progress!  They fit well in the legs, but the hips and bum kept me from even coming close to zipping/buttoning.

The jeans were VERY tight on the hips (as in "second skin")  I estimated the distance between the button and buttonhole to be about 4" at the time.  Forget about zipping them up - no way.  The zipper halves weren't even in the same zip code for the abs "hill" between the two.

So, what are today's attempt results, given I'm probably a good 5 lbs lighter?  I've posted them below:

24-Update # 3

The jeans are still tight on the hips, but the distance between the button and buttonhole has gone down approximately one inch!  The zipper is still not close to closing, but the tummy bulge has reduced enough that at least the zipper halves can see each other now, from a distance.

Since I have yet a good 3" to lose on my waist, just to button the pants, and at least that much remaining to lose on the hips, I think it is clear I have to shoot for Christmas, rather than Thanksgiving, to get into these pants.  Still, I am enjoying watching the progress, and thank Sharon (again) for the suggestion.  For now, I've tucked the old 24 jeans back into the drawer, for another 2 week nap ...

The above is just a progress report, but I DO have an NSV (of sorts) to share. 

My neighbor's dog, who has adopted us as her own, and enthusiasticaly greets us every time she sees us, stood in her driveway and barked at me last night, as she does for complete strangers. 

Both her owner and I were very surprised and perplexed.  Ethel (the dog) loves me.  I mean to say, aside from her owners, I'm the next favored person in her world. 

Well, when I opened my mouth to ask Ethel why she was barking at ME, she turned into her usual adorable self, all excited and happy to see me.  Both her owner and I were baffled by her initial barking reaction.

Well, this morning I walked down the driveway to get the paper, and Ethel was out.  She didn't bark, but the old gal didn't greet me either, as she usually does.  She just sort of stood at the end of her driveway and growled uncertainly, with hesitation. 

When I asked my neighbor what was going on with Ethel, the dog turned back into her enthusiastic, happy self, racing over all tail-wagging and tongue. 

My neighbor figured it out.  Ethel has poor eyesight, and it turns out, he thinks she was having trouble recognizing my profile (the visual way she recogizes people from a little distance).

Yesterday, Ethel flat out didn't recognize me on site, across the distance of our driveways.  This morning, she was uncertain.  Maybe next time, Ethel will have my new, smaller tummy profile memorized!  LOL  Poor, old Ethel ... I love her so!

DDDY12 Update:

Calories today, so far:  1,561

Water today, so far:  11

Day 108 ... and I'm going to try to get in some walking this afternoon.  If I can squeeze a half hour out of my day (what am I saying?  Of course I can do that!) today's walk will be my third exercise of the week, meeting my personal goal for this week.


  1. And yes, MY dog is Lucy, and my neighbor's dog is Ethel. LOL It was complete coincidence, but true to their names, my Lucy tends to be the one who leads the much bigger Ethel into adventures (and sometimes trouble). LOL

  2. weren't in the same zip code .... haaaaa. Good one Ann. You'll get there!


  3. Ann, I love the biweekly jeans update and am so glad you've enjoyed the idea. Don't think I've mentioned it my blog, but I'm doing the same thing as I work back down toward my skinny jeans. Like you, hoping to back in them by Christmas! Sharon

  4. I love love love the description you give of trying on your jeans :) I think we have all been there. I can't wait until you can fit and we get to see pictures :)

  5. Good progress with the jeans. I think you're going to get into them real soon. Just keep on keeping on!

  6. Can't wait to see you wearing those jeans!! It'll happen before you know it!

  7. Carry doggie biscuits!
    That's what I do.... for work....
    Love Ethyl - the old girl!
    She'll have to get used to a new You!

  8. Bummer, even dogs treat overweight people differently. They are judgemental animals! (kidding).

    What a great idea to try on those jeans and monitor the progress. Very cool.

  9. Awww, that is sooo cute. I love how yo've fooling the dog. That is a NSV! :)

  10. Aww, lovable Ethel! That is so cute that she doesn't recognize you. You certainly must be looking different because I don't think Ethel is acting confused just to flatter you. :) Keep it up, Ann!!!

    I love the jean updates. By Christmas sounds good! You'll be in those jeans for sure!

    Enjoy your walk!

  11. Interesting NSV to have fooled the dog with your weight loss. All NSV's are victories, so thanks to Fido for making that one known to you. And congrats on the continued progress with the pants.

    Epcot, just as you descipbed on my blog; an international fest of coolness. Go when you get a chance and you will enjoy!

  12. That's an awesome NSV!!! Poor Ethel...sounds like the little pooch is gonna be confused for a while, because your progress isn't stopping here.

    I don't have anymore clothes to work my way into. My closet jumped from 22's all the way down to 16's (which my mom gave me), so until I get there I guess I'm just gonna have to go shopping!!! I'm in 20's right now and so excited that they're getting loose.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Love your story of the Dog, and you and your jeans make me chuckle.

    Thanks for dusting off your dream interpretation book.

    Don't hide it too far away there will be another dream sometime.

  14. I need to go to Lane Bryant in the next week or so and get a new pair of goal jeans, since I fit into the last two ones I got. Isn't it great when they slowly start to fit, bit by bit?

    I think (unless I went on a throw-out binge years ago and forgot) that I still have a pair of jeans from 1980--turquoise, no less (a typical 80's color)--from when I was 140 lbs. They looked to tiny last time I saw them, but I thought I was a fatso back then. Geez, and I'm not even aiming for that low a weight. Wish I was 140 and fit those jeans now.

    Happy jean-fitting quest!

  15. good progress with the jeans, your getting there. wow. love the story about the dog. glad you are doing so well, hugs, have a great weekend.

  16. That is the best NSV story I have ever read.

    Ethel knows you are getting there with the jeans too. Just think about how awesome it is going to be when you have to buy new jeans because these become too big on you. :)