Monday, November 8, 2010

SDDDY Challenge Training Day

The Son of Double Dog (Dare You) Challenge - SDDDY - begins Tuesday morning.  I used today to see how my body handles the increase in fluid. 

I did fine, though I feel like a spring source at this point.  LOL

My calories today = 1500
My fluid intake today = 148 oz.

I did the skin hydration test.  Let's just say I'm well hydrated now!

The skin hydration test, for healthy people?  In general, place one hand flat on the table top.  Pinch a little bit of the skin on the top of the hand.  If it bounces back right away, the body's hydration should be good.  If it takes a little bit for the skin fold to go back down, less good.  I was surprised, at 64 oz., my skin still took a few seconds to return to proper position.  64 oz is the recommended daily minimum, but clearly, my body requires more than the minimum to be fully hydrated.  This makes sense.

According to Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass), the proper hydration for most healthy adults is 0.5 oz per pound of a person's weight.  So, the heavier a person, the more fluid the body requires. 

My skin hydration test worked perfectly around 126 oz., which is pretty close to Allan's computation, and almost double the daily recommended 64 oz. 

Fascinating stuff, how our bodies work.  I'm learning new stuff every single day, even at my age.

I think I'm ready for the SDDDY Challenge tomorrow.  Time for a good night's sleep!  I hope all the participants do well.


  1. I'm eager to find out how more my bladder can take. I whizzed myself a bit today when I sneezed. I have to do proactive toilet runs, or I think I'll need to re-invest in pantiliners. ; )

  2. Wow, that is fascinating. We really do need more than it seems, and especially if you are drinking any caffeine or alcohol. Oh, and I've been finding water to be calming.

  3. My doctor says to drink when you feel thirsty so I'm not sure what the mega liquid intake is for? Does that help weight loss? Well good luck!

  4. Nurses call it "tenting."
    As in "tent."

  5. ok, thank you.. I was wondering what the water formula was!!

    I boosted my water intake up to 3 liters of water a day, which I now see I don't need that much, but I am going to keep it up for another week or so and see what impact it has on my weight loss

  6. Nancy - Drinking water helps a TON with weight loss! Google 'weight loss beneifits of drinking water' or something like that. We all know drinking water is good, but most of us don't realize how freaking amazing it is. :)

    The skin test was fun! I drink a lot on runs and during the day, and I drink a ton during my night classes, and my skin bounced right back. It didn't used to do that. I also noticed I have really cold hands. :) Keep up the water drinking, Ann! That's impressive. Do you have any helpful strategies?