Friday, November 19, 2010

It Is Friday, So Time For The 24-Update

Yes, two weeks have gone by already!  It is once again time for the 24-Update, where I try on my old size 24 jeans - the ones that have been taunting me forever.

Here is the link to my first attempt:

24-Update # 4:

PLENTY of leg room this time around, but the tummy is still in the way.

I can get the zipper up about 1/4 of the way though - so, progress! 

The button and button hole still have about 2.5" to go, to meet together, but the gap is shrinking.   I can get the edges of the waistband fabric to touch (barely), if I suck in my abs.  Not comfortable, not buttoned, definitely not zipped, but getting closer every (other) week.

These size 24 jeans are very light colored tan - great for summertime - but I'm going to where them WHENEVER they first fit me, I don't care if it is winter!   For now, I have tucked them back into the drawer, to await the next biweekly attempt to try them on. 

So ends this 24-Update! 

In other news, Dad needs a transfusion, so that is on the agenda for later today.  It is going to be a long day ...

Enjoy your weekend!  And thanks to those who are remembering my father in their prayers!  It is appreciated so very much ...

More later (?) ...


  1. Definitely praying, Ann. And I can't wait to see a headless picture of you in those jeans!! ;-)

  2. You are so all over this, Ann!
    It is so slow, it seems, but really not!

  3. Hey, the zipper 1/4 of the way today, 1/2 way tomorrow, all the way oh so soon. Gotta love progress! Keeping you & your dad in thoughts & prayers.

    Have a Great weekend!

  4. Nice progress, Ann.

    Prayers for your dad this weekend.

  5. I love the fact that you check in to those size 24s. It won't be long before they fit!

    I am behind in blog reading, so I just read about your dad. I hope you all are hanging in there. I know how hard this all is as both my parents passed this past year. My hubby and I were the care givers and overseers. So, I know exactly how much energy is required. SO, take good care of yourself during this time.

  6. Those jeans are a great way to motivate yourself. :) I was caregiver to my mother before she passed away so I understand how you must feel. I'll keep your dad in my prayers. Have a good weekend.


  7. Whoohoo on those jeans!!!! That is such a good idea! Praying for your Dad and for you!


  8. There isn't anything more satisfying in this journey as getting something to fit that hasn't before. You are so close! I can't wait for the pic of you in them when they fit.

  9. good for you Ann, prayers for you and your Dad, hugs.

  10. Just time for a quick check-in. THANK YOU for all the prayers and well wishes. Dad needed 12+ hours of transfusions yesterday. Tomorrow begins treatment. I probably won't be able to do much online this week. I'm STICKING to the plan, despite everything, and hope you are (all) doing the same! I've been able to meet the minimum water (for the SDDDY Challenge), and all is good there at least.

    I'll look forward to catching up on what everyone is doing, when things are a little less demanding and I won't be spending quite so much time at the hospital as I am right now.

    Best wishes for a happy and HEALTHY Thanksgiving, if I don't get on before then!!