Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noticing The Small Things

Oral Hygiene Day for me today, as I had my teeth cleaned this morning (routine cleaning/exam).  The dentist was so surprised at my weight loss (he hasn't seen me in six months).  I was a little embarrassed though, when he said, "Wow, Ann, you are really gorgeous!"  Come on ... gorgeous?  I'm not buying it, but I strangely felt happier writing the check today.  LOL

I have a luncheon to attend today.  It will be held at a restaurant that is new to me, and not likely to have many choices.  I'm going to be very selective.  As long as they have salad, I should be fine.  These things don't bother me anymore.  I'm up to the challenge, and if nothing works, I enjoy the company and eat at home (before or after).  I can't afford to excuse myself this time of year.  Steadfastness, my motivational word for today, speaks to that.  The need to find and stick to a proper path to good health.  The thing I've discovered in previous attempts, is that there is always another excuse, right around the corner.  Life happens.  It finally clicked that I have to change my go-to repsonses to those challenges, if I want to regain good, long-term health.

Dentist's comments aside, I have some NSVs to share today.  I'm able to easily touch my fingers all the way around my left wrist now.  (I've been able to do that with my right wrist for months already.)  My comfy pair of gray stretchy pants have now been relegated to "house pants," because they are too big to wear in public.  In fact, the only thing holding them up are my hips.  (When will they finally start reducing significantly?)

I can now (barely) fit into a suit - one size smaller than I'm wearing today!  I wouldn't be able to sit in it yet, but the fact I can get everything buttoned/zipped is pretty neat.  Another ten pounds and I should be there comfortably.  So close, so close ...

It will be fun to see what progress has been made in my size-24 jeans.  This Friday is the 24-Update!

Speaking of updates:

SDDDY8 Update -

Calories today:  1713  Whoa ... over by 118 calories!  So, what happened?  I forgot a fruit serving until day's end, and had to decide - get some needed nutrients, or stay within bounds.  I chose (this time) the nutrients.  I can make up the 118 calories easily tomorrow or over the next few days.  The choice was mine - and made consciously, after weighing the options and consequences. 

Water today:  19


  1. Ahhh... So that is how dentists make us happy to pony up. They flatter the money out of us. lol

    Way to go on your NSVs. Good luck with your jeans trial. You will be wearing them, soon. :D

  2. Yay for the NSV's. Very cool. I can do that now too. Yay for the little things. How nice of your dentist, gorgeous woman you!!


  3. Gorgeous! What a compliment!! Go you!! I'm finally beginning to learn that life continues whether I'm "dieting" or not so I do have to learn how to handle challenges in the day to day real world and not succumb every time...especially now, during all the holiday festivities! Geez...I must have either fat wrists or short fingers, I'm still seeing at least 1/2 inch of wrist between my fingers! Looking forward to the 24 Update!

  4. Ha, flatter the money out of us is right! LOL

    Congrats, Margene, on "wrist wrapping" fingers! Yay for the little things, that mean so much. No one will ever know ... As for the dentist, as I was driving home, it occurred to me I should probably be offended ... I've been gorgeous all along! hehehe

    Oh, that is so true, we need (all of us) to learn how to handle challenges in the day-to-day world, without turning to food in an unhealthy way. You will be able to wrap around your wrist soon enough. In July, I had a good inch between finger and thumb. Now, I can touch them (on the right wrist) without even "squeezing" or locking the wrist in a death choke hold. LOL

    Thank you, Everyone, for the sweet comments. And, just so the NSVs don't go to my head (apparently), I had to buy my first pair of readers today. My arms were no longer long enough for the book I was reading. LOL

  5. You're moving right along Ann!!! Great job.

  6. Hi Ann. Your positivity AND accomplishments are fantastic. So impressed with you! :)

  7. Great non-scale victories!!!!!!! Hearing about your dentist's comment made me smile. I can't wait for the jean update! :)

  8. I bet you are gorgeous!!! Way to keep that motivation.


  9. Steadfastness, love that word. Certainly does sound fitting for your attitude towards yourself. The wrist NSV, thats good for a huge smile!