Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take A Compass Reading

Now that I am challenged to keep track of my calories, I decided to follow Patrick's lead (blog: Responsibility 199) and take a look at this week's daily nutrient composition. 

What I discovered, to my surprise, is that I am doing GREAT on the low fat part of my diet, but I'm taking in too many carbs (not greatly, but enough to need correcting), and am shorting myself on protein.  THAT is not good.  I need to beef up my protein intake. 

I'm still not the biggest fan of recording everything I eat.  I'm only doing so because of the DDDY Challenge.  However, I can definitely see now the benefits of doing so.  While (post-challenges) I probably won't record everything, realistically, I will be sure to make the effort to do so every now and again, just to spot-check myself, and to make corrections as necessary. 

Recording food intake information is like periodically taking a compass reading.  You can point the ship in the direction you want to go, but you have to make periodic corrections to stay on-coarse.  I can see, in the future, I need to take a compass reading, if I want to safely get to my destination.
In anticipation of the November 8th SDDDY Challenge (Son of Double Dog Dare You), and the volume of fliud that must be consumed, I rummaged around the recesses of a seldom-used kitchen cabinet and found the 2.2L (64 oz) refillable water jug today.  Wow, it was bigger than I remembered it to be.  The SDDDY Challenge won't be easy, but it will get me through Thanksgiving, and I can do this!

DDDY11 Update:

Calories today:  1,458

Water today:  8

Day 107 ... getting my bearings


  1. I am being totally committed to logging every bite and sip on SparkPeople's nutrition in order to see where I am lacking, overdoing, and the meal breakdowns. I want to see if there is a particular eating pattern, meals, carb/fat/protein ratio, etc that makes the losing EASIER (less hunger, faster loss, whatever).

    It's a pain, but it's like anything, putting in early effort until particular meals/eating patterns are habit (maintainers, according to the NWCR, tend to have fave meals they just repeat, repeat and they already know calories and such, so it's habit, no brainer.)

    I like seeing what nutrients I'm missing, then I can try to compensate with the last meal/snack or supplements (if I'm low on calcium or B vitamins, particulary). I tend to ALWAYS be low on iron, zinc, magnesium, Potassium and folate. It's a given. That's my pattern of lacking nutrients. I take magnesium supplements from ages ago, but without them, I'd nto EAT enough.... I can't eat seafood and I loathe organ meats, and nuts are so high in calories that I tend to steer away. Hence, certain holes.

    It's nice to know some of this stuff, if for nothing else, then for filling in the holes.

  2. "beef up my protein intake" .. you are punny! ;)

  3. Ann, did you use Sparkpeople to break down your nutrients, or another method?

    Just curious, as I suspect I am a bit high on fat and would like to track nutrients for a week or so.

    You give me such helpful ideas. I believe it's called inspiration. ;-)

  4. Once, they were passing out samples in Sam's.
    What's Sam's? It's like Costco. But it's not as far
    for me to drive. So the lady gives me a strawberry with Truvia.
    And I took a picture of it. And she took it back!
    Said I couldn't take pictures. Called me "MISS."
    You know you are in trouble when they call you "Miss."
    I said "I have to take a picture of everything that goes in my mouth!
    Why? Cuz I am a Phatty!" She said no - I must a been a spy.
    For what - blueberries? Grapes? Sugar?
    So yeah. Tracking food can be Risky Business.
    But worth it, in the "end."

  5. You're taking in too many carbs according to whom or what? Be careful about following a formula you find on the internet because everyone's body requires a different mix.

    I decided to take your advice and take off both days before my race. Some running plans advise taking off the day or two before a race while others recommend a short run the day before to keep one's legs loose. There is a surprising amount of seemingly conflicting advice in the running world. As someone who likes to read dozens of books and combine the best information from all sources, I sometimes end up a little confused. :)

    Do you have a favorite no-sugar-added jam brand?

    You are doing grrrrreat!

    P.S. - The comment above mine cracked me up!

  6. I love reading the commentaries! Ideas, punny clever comments, industrial espionage ...

    I just googled a nutrient calculator. I didn't pay attention to the name of the site. I log my calories, fat, protein, carbs and fiber, so I total each of those items at the end of the day. It is pretty easy to see if I'm low or high in any particular category.

    Christina, so true about different bodies requiring different forumulas! My preferred no-sugar-added jam brand is divided. The one I use most often is Polaner All Fruit with Fiber. ALL the AF w/Fiber flavors are pretty good, but I'm partial to raspberry. The other brand I use is St. Dalfour (a French import - pricey, but a little goes a long way). St. Dalfour is 100% fruit.

    Anne, your mistake was trying to snap the picture while standing in front of Evil Sampler Woman. Next time, take the fruit, walk away, snap pictures like crazy and pop it in your mouth before she can reach your location! "HA ... take THAT, ESW! I am Carb Tripper, super heroine and hair fashionista extraordinare!"

    Princess, that is so true - about filling in the holes. Or, as in the other day, I find I need to create a deficit to make up for something I miscalculated. Works both ways!

    Tamzin - thanks for the chuckle! LOL

    Jo - When I have labels to look at, for purposes of my low fat diet, I try not to eat anything that has more than 4 fat g/serving size. Then, it is pretty easy to stay below. The extra fat (to bring my percentage up) comes from other non-labeled foods. I need to sign up for SparkPeople. That site seems to have a LOT, but I have to register to use it. Maybe this weekend ...

    Thanks, Everyone, for posting comments! I had a busy and interesting day, but no one accused ME of industrial sabbotage. Tomorrow, however, is another day. I guess Anne should be grateful she wasn't handcuffed. LOL Hey, it is Texas. It could happen!

  7. I, too, slip up with calorie counting, especially lately when I am eye balling it more. Reading your post is a good reminder of why it is important Keep it up! Michele