Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seeking NSVs & Tuesday Meanderings

Where did November go?!  Was that not a FAST month? 
I was not properly (fully) hydrated this morning.  I needed to make several (long) round trips to the airport this morning, AND it is raining ... so, I'll just up my water intake this afternoon, while I am close to a bathroom.

I didn't get the "WOW" response I was hoping for, from any of our guests, but perhaps they were just being polite.  I know it is harder to detect weight loss from us big people, but you'd think at least one would comment - I've lost 50 lbs., after all (70, from last December).  Then again, I show every pound, so maybe the loss isn't that obvious to those who don't get to see me that often. 

I, however, WILL say "WOW" -- I've been catching up on today's blogs and you guys ROCK!  The runners I follow are doing an awesome job - whether beginning or already a seasoned runner.  It is inspirational, but I have to ask them .... how do you plaster the girls down?  I wouldn't want to try running, and risk getting knocked out by one of the bouncing twins.  When you are busty enough, even a perfectly fitted under garment isn't adequate for a jog/run, if you know what I mean.  Now, I'm not saying I would actually run, but I am definitely not saying "definitely not" to running.  (Did I just confuse everyone?  That made sense to me, which is actually a little scary.)

I'm doing well on the SDDDY Challenge, but I don't think I'll be carrying a new Kate Spade Anabel Tote this Christmas as I had hoped, with 10 lbs left to lose to reach that goal reward.  Christmas is less than a month away (already!!) but maybe by New Year's ... I'm going to give it my best effort anyway!  I've been working hard toward my goal, and am just tickled that I made it through Thanksgiving with a loss for the week!  I don't worry half so much about Christmas, as those meals don't hold the temptations that Thanksgiving always has.

Friday is the 24-Update Day, and I wonder if I'll notice much change from the previous update.  It would be such a treat to fit into those size 24 jeans in January, or at least by Valentine's Day.  The jeans continue to taunt me, but not nearly as loudly as they used to!!

Okay, here is my NSV for today.  One of the guests located a bag of Gharidelli caramel chocolates in my pantry ... and it still had ALL of its individually wrapped chocolates in it!  The bag isn't actually that old.  It was a "hostess gift" to me about three weeks ago.  The NSV is that chocolate has lasted in my house for three weeks - and would still be there, if not for the guests.  (I was happy to dump the chocolates into a dish for their nibbling pleasure.)  I knew the chocolate was there, and didn't go for a single piece, despite my recent chocolate craving.  I was going to put them out for the dinner guests this weekend, but the chocolate is just as gone now, having been eaten by my Thanksgiving weeklong house guests. 

You have to understand, chocolate - in any form - has never lasted long in my house.  If it is in here, I eat on it until it is gone ... or at least I USED to, but clearly not anymore!  Broke that habit.  NSV!!

What NSV did you have, in the past seven days?  I missed reading those, so please share in the comments section! 


  1. I think that was an awesome NSV!

    And I think sometimes people don't want to comment on weight loss in case they are wrong and the person either hasn't lost weight (or hasn't lost it for a good reason or in a healthy way)?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you on that chocolate. I still have some pumkin pie in the fridge and son birthday cake of my son's sitting around that I haven't touched. I forget it's even there! A year ago, I would have been the first to polish BOTH of those off!! :)


  3. OK - about the girls...
    I am also busty. Here is what I do. I wear two bras, both sports bras. The under bra is a cotton sports bra that is a size or two small and the outer bra is a heavy-duty nike or champion sports bra. This really keeps them in place. I think the key is that they under bra is too small so it really pulls them in. I probably look like an idiot at the gym, looking like I have a tire around my chest instead of boobs, but hey it works!

  4. Who knows? Your body may do a whoosh of 3-4 pounds one week and you'll make the Christmas goal. Happens sometimes, right? Here's to you whooshing!

  5. I wear a tight sports bra. I can do my run/walk and my girls stay with me. If I was a real runner, I would have to wear two, like Finding the Thin.

    My NSV? Buying 2 new (smaller) bras yesterday. I didn't realize how much I had lost "there."

  6. The girls like to wear a "front-loader"
    Which keeps them safe and secure...
    And no straps to fall down from the heaving shoulders.

  7. i missed this one cause I havent had time to come online so much. The girls. Well, I am a walker who occasionally jogs...when I do plan to jog I wear two bras, a regular one and a sports bra over it. My sports bra is a size too small. I tried to get one actually my size and the girls nearly gave me a black eye so I went down a size.
    Its the only way. I've tried just a sports bra and its not enough. There must be a better way though, LOL