Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forging a New Relationship

Life tossed me a real curve-ball today, and I didn't do as well as I should've.  I didn't ace this surprise test, but I'm forging a new relatinship ... cool. 

I awoke, and before I could even get my first sip of beverage or bite of food, I had to hit the ground running.  (Long story, probably too boring to bother relating, but unexpected and somewhat urgent matters.)  Anyway, there was no time for eating and drinking ... 30-seconds from the time I was awakened, to the shampoo hitting my head ... I had a quick hop in the shower (very quick), dressed and out the door.

It has just been one of those mornings.  Life tosses one of those out there every so often. 

I did a poor job of eating and drinking - having nothing (ZERO) from the time I woke up until sitting down for lunch at a restaurant. 

While I ate a good lunch, and downed four glasses of beverage (no wonder, I was no doubt dehydrated), it was entirely unacceptable to wait six hours to eat or drink anything.  I have something I could've taken with me, if I had time, but the nature of this morning was sort of a rolling crisis - all resolved now - and I had no clue how long I was going to be unable to eat/drink. 

Here is the interesting part of the day.  Once home, I was able to finally start my regular water routine.  Holy cow, was I thirsty, despite having four glasses of beverage with lunch!  I polished off MANY glasses of water without even thinking about it.  The fact that I could do that in a small amount of time, tells me how truly dehydrated I was.  And I wasn't dying to use the restroom right away (another sign I went too long without hydration).

I'm back on track now, finally, but I need to be sure I don't go that long again.  Live and learn, right?  I avoided vending machine food - even though I was really eye-balling the Reese's PB cups, just daring them to give me any little sign of enticement.  LOL  Hey, my "obese" brain - aka the pimp for taste buds - says, "PB IS protein, after all ..." but my "getting healthier" brain reminded me that a lot of sugar and fat come along with that protein ride.  My better judgement over-ran the lure of the chocolate/peanut butter combination.  It was tough though ...

I made (all) excellent lunch choices, and probably overate ... but on VEGGIES!  No worries there - no one ever was likely told to eat less vegetables.

I said I was forging a new relationship, and I am.  Here is what I mean.

I noticed something else today.  I had PLENTY of energy.  I was forced to forego a normal morning routine, and my body was there for me.  No headaches.  No sleepiness.  No loss of focus.  I demanded a lot from it this morning, and gave it nothing in return.

Whatever I demanded of it, my body came through. 

Normally, I'd have a rip-roaring headache if I went overnight and an additional 6 hours without food. 

I wasn't parched either.  Oh, I was thirsty, but not in any sort of dire way.  This allowed me to work from one urgent situation to the next, without interruption - and to a good outcome.  (Whew!!)

And I marvel at that now.  I think, since I'm finally paying attention to what my body NEEDS (instead of what the brain wants), I'm treating it better.  And in return, my body is there for me. 

I have its back, and it has mine.

I'm asking what the entire body needs - and I'm properly fueling it, hydrating it, moving it.  I'm not always perfect, but I'm trying.  I am forging a new relationship - the dictatorship is gone!  LOL

And, I think that is how I'm going to view this process from now on.  I'm going to have my body's back. 

No one else can.

SDDDY Update:

Calories today: 1343

Water today:  19

Day 114 ... I'm one of Allan's Pugs (SDDDY challenge taker), but I'm not quite at the place to include a head shot, as Allan wants.  This is only due to privacy reasons - not because I'm hideous or anything.  lol  It is important for me to be able to journal in an open and honest way, and if (esp. certain) family members knew of it, blogging would go out the window altogether.  I hate to disappoint anyone, but someday ... just not 2010.  I hope everyone understands.


  1. All good, the head shot is for you. Take one and keep it private. When you are ready you will have it for yourself to marvel at..

  2. I'm already marveling ... how in the heck did I not see what I was doing to my THIGHS! lol Okay, I'll take a personal head shot ... Thanks!

  3. Your taking care of your body and your body is taking care of you! New relationship forging... I love it!!


  4. It takes hard work to see that sort of change.

    Awesome! :)

  5. I love thinking about having a relationship with my body. Sometimes I feel a little crazy (having imaginary convos with it about what hurts and feels good) but so long as those stay in my head, I think it's a great way to have a more healthy mindset about it- your story from today def sounds like an NSV to me.

  6. I am so glad to hear that everything has worked out for you in the end and congrats on overcoming the power of the PB cups! Sometimes the force is strong with them!

    <3 Katie

  7. Good for you Ann, congrats on your new relationship, you are loving yourself, and I think that is wonderful. take care.

  8. Ann, That is terrific that you OVERATE on veggies! Excellent!

  9. Vitamin D is helping. Sometime take the time to read up on the benefits of it. There is a Vitamin D Council (web address: Low levels of vitamin D are linked to all sorts ailments and conditions. I am amazed at how much better I feel. And i have lost 8 pounds since Monday.

  10. I just read a comment about Vitamin D. I was having some awful pains in many different places and it got to the point they were bad enough that I saw my doctor and then after a few weeks of his prescribed vitamin d supplement, they all went away and I felt so much better. Way to go staying on course today amoung a hard day! I just joined Allan's challenge and today is my first day. I still have over 100 ounces to get in, no idea how I'm going to do it!

  11. You've got your Back's back!
    Love it - you have a way with words, Ann!