Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 110 - Weigh-in Results: 263 lbs.

Did you remember to set your clocks back?  I forgot. (Sigh.)  I decided to move my weigh-in up a day, to better accomodate Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass), so it is one lesss thing for him to do on a busy Monday morning.  Here are my results, on this last official morning of the DDDY (Double Dog Dare You) two-week challenge:

Weight: 263 lbs ... down three more pounds this week!

My BMI is now in the 42s, sliding ever so much closer to the magic 39.9 (leaving morbid obesity).

The right sidebar, scrolling down, will show you my current measurements and BMI number.  At the  very bottom of my blog, you can see my progress tickers, both overall, and for this current mini-goal.  I am just shy of the halfway point on this current mini-goal!

I've lost another inch from my waist, but the hips are slow to give up their horde.  You'd think the waist and hips would shrink at the same rate.  Still, no complaints from me!  I'll take that 1/4" ... my hips are down 7" from last December.  If I do that again, in 2011, I'll have my college weight back.

As my signature indicates, I am now just a few pounds shy of the halfway point on my "Lose 60 lbs. in one year" challenge.  The blue box (right sidebar) tells you how many days remain on that challenge, still plenty of time to make it happen.

I've managed to exercise three times last week - a first, since graduating all those decades ago.  I'm going to try to do that again.  Consistency is important in exercise, just as it is in diet.  I may not be burning mega-calories on my mile walk, but I'm strengthening muscles and my cardiovascular system, and bumping up my metabolism. 

DDDY14 Update:

Calories today, so far:1168

Water today, so far: 8
Day 110 and staying focused on improved health.  My doctor wants to see me again in January, to reassess how I'm doing, and to (perhaps??!!) reduce some medications!  I've already been able to completely eliminate the cholesterol meds. Perhaps, after the mid-January blood draw, I can see further improvements.


  1. Ann - you are a real find -
    Good all the way around!
    Good good job!

  2. Great week!!! I didnt take measurements in the beginning, now I wish I had

  3. I am so stinkin' proud of you!!! Good job!!!


  4. Thanks, Anne - and I'll say the same back at you! I look forward to reading your blog every day.

    Karla - thanks! I didn't like the thought of posting those original measurements, but I'm glad I did (now) because it helps me keep track. A quarter-inch off the hips doesn't wow anyone, but when I see how far I've come, I can see the bigger picture. It all adds up! Thanks for the love!!

  5. I read this post and your last post within 30 minutes of each other and just wanted to mention how I bet that 3 pounds loss this morning more than validated your decision to go without the cheese on the wrap last night. The two may have had nothing to do with each other, but sometimes it sure is nice to have tangible proof that a hard decision was the right decision.

  6. Ooooo ... great commentary, Sharon! I was sure glad I passed up the cheese last night, when I decided to weigh-in this morning. lol It may not have been that one decision, but a string of them together - it all adds up, doesn't it? I often say to myself, "Make a good decision!" And, we (each of us) knows what that is.

  7. You're doing great Ann working all the things necessary to be successful. I always could lose in my waist but it seems to be different every time you go at this. I'm seeing more progress in reducing my hips this time round and I'm happy with that. Are you in a climate that you can continue your walking in the winter. If not, I know you're find a good substation and keep firming and toning.


  8. Woo hoo! Amazing progress! Love the theme of all-around consistency - definitely an area I need to improve on!

  9. Wow, Ann! I always look forward to reading your blog.
    When I had 8 reduced fat chips the other day, it wasn't a whole lot of calories, but I just felt like it was a bad choice.
    A one time cheese thing wouldn't have been so bad, but I like the way you said you had to put your needs ahead of your wants!
    I think thats something I´ll write on my refrigerator door!
    I tagged you in a Meme. I actually posted that on saturday and forgot to notify the people I tagged. Still kinda new to this.
    Have a great week

  10. Ann - thanks - and back at'cha!

  11. Another three pounds? Dang, girlfriend!!! You are rocking this weight-loss journey! You are totally rocking it. You are blazing right through the 60 pounds. :) I can't wait to hear what good news you get from the doctor in January.

    Keep up those mile walks! You're smart not to jump and and push. Even if your cardiovascular system could handle it, your tendons and ligaments would probably scream at you. I started trying to walk a few miles a day when Ramsey was a few months old, and I injured myself. You are doing this the smart way!

    Thanks so much for the kind, thoughtful comments you always leave on my blog. They mean so much! Consider this a HUGE cyber hug from me to you. :)

  12. You are a zoom-zoom loser! So good! I envy your results! :)

    I'm an apple. My waist/belly do not wanna give it up. My hips and thighs go first (well, boobies, first, then hips/thighs).

    It's now, finally, that I'm seeing the waist respond (more notably since I did the lower carb thing).

    Keep going. You're so close to the "severely obese" instead of "morbidly obese." I have a bit over 2 pounds to cross that line....But I lose about a pound week, so by Thanksgiving mayhaps. :D

  13. Huge congrats on the huge trio of poundsyou have dropped. That is great news! Keep on putting all you have learned this year to work for you and you will fit into whatever you want soon enough!

  14. YAY!!! In another couple of months your poor old nieghbors dog won't even be able to see you!!