Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weight Loss, Water, Practicing Discretion and Thanksgiving

My strategy for this upcoming (rapidly approaching) Thanksgiving holiday is pretty straight-forward.  I'm going to practice discretion and take it a day at a time.  How will I do this?

I will be sure I balance out my food intake as best I can.  I have to plan if I decide to indulge in something (giving up something else, for the extra calorie food item I may want instead).  

I am committing to NOT snacking - at least on non-vegetable items. 

I'm going to enjoy everything I want at our traditional holiday feast, but I'm going to practice discretion too.  No second helpings, except for vegetables. 

I'm going to watch portion control. 

I'm going to stay hydrated. 

And I'm going to go for a walk after the big meal. 

I'm going to avoid the typical holiday weight gain and still enjoy all my favorites!  This is my plan for Thanksgiving, my goal, and the steps I plan to take to make this happen.

It will be important for me to maintain my motivation.  In years past, this is the time I would most often quit dieting, with disasterous results.  Taking a diet "break" for Thanksgiving Thursday often led to extending the "break" through New Year's Eve.  So, I am taking actions now to maintain my motivation.  I am putting my goals in writing (above).  I may even put them on some post-it notes for my bathroom mirror, as a reminder over the holiday.  I have specific steps to take to meet the goals.

Now, I need to figure out how I would handle the "what ifs" - should I deviate from this.  Setbacks happen to everyone as they try to change behavior and long-established habits.  That is just part of the natural process.  If I don't have the "in case of emergency" plan - I'm more apt to wing it after a not-so-great decision, and I'd rather have a plan to implement in those instances.  Winging it only ever leads to weight gain for me, and that is NOT happening this year.  This year, I'm planning for success.

According to the SDDDY Challenge (Blog: Almost Gastric Bypass), which begins today, I am to drink a minimum of 121 oz. of fluid - given my current weight - by the time I go to bed tonight.  And then I need to repeat that, each day.  So, is it any wonder that today's motivational word is hydration

Water, we've all heard, helps in the weight loss process. 

I found an article online by Maia Appleby, entitled "Drinking Water and Weight Loss," that explains exactly how and why water actually (really) aids in the weight loss process.  I appreciated the explanation of why we run to the bathroom so much, the first few days of drinking all we should.  (And not to worry, as we KEEP UP the water intake to properly hydrate ourselves, our need to run so often to the bathroom will go away.  This is known as the "breakthrough point.")  Does it seem like the water is running right through me?  Yes, but actually it is flushing out a lot more than I apparently realize.  It is all good news!

WebMd.com has an article on the latest findings linking weight loss to water consumption.  It looks like drinking 16 oz. of water before meals can greatly affect weight loss efforts.  So, maybe I should pay a little attention to the timing of when I drink some of my water too, to better help my efforts.

SDDDY1 Update:

Calories today:  1572

Beverages today:  143 oz.  (about 18 glasses, spread throughout the day)

Day 112 and feeling well-watered!


  1. I figure I better shave off 100 calories a day for a week before and save up 700 calories for indulging in sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, and mashies. I am not planning to do a whole lot of portion control. I'm planning to drink a ton of water and use up saved calories. 700 calories saved lets me have double dips into my two fave sides. :D

  2. That is a good plan. I'm too afraid to go down that road (for myself) ... I could load my plate with stuffing, and still go back for "seconds" LOL Still, I think I will bank some calories too - just to offset any possible math errors. I just don't want to end up, at the end of the weekend, asking myself "why did I DO that?!" The food may soon be a memory, but the hips can be forever. lol Thanks for the banking idea!!

  3. Ann, this sounds like a workable plan. I think if we can just be reasonable about the holidays, and focus on the big picture, we can succeed. Even if we fall off the wagon for the entire day, there's no way we can undo the progress we've already made. Unless, of course, we don't get back on the wagon until New Year's, as you said.

    Thanks for the comment you left for me today. It helps to get different perspectives.

  4. Hi sweetness that is Ann
    Good job on the H 2 OH!

  5. I have found in the past if I make sure that the sides are veggie heavy (not potato) then I can fill my plate with those and then have just a smidgen of the naught stuff. One year we had fresh green beans (not canned), roasted asparagus, and turnips rather than smashed potatoes. That year I felt better after the big Turkey fest!

  6. I think it's great to plan for success, instead of deciding to take one of those diet "breaks" I too, was so fond of taking!
    This morning we had a Ladies Bible Study and some of us were to bring snacks. I knew I could eat what I brought, and I planned on having one serving of one dessert.
    It was great to have a plan, but when I got to the food table, I realized it was all just not worth it.
    So I didn't have anything! (Except for a few pieces of natural dried fruit.) I didn't feel deprived, but best of all I didn't feel guilty that I had eaten too much! And that is a great feeling!
    Good job on the water!

  7. I read that WebMD article today too. I set a schedule for myself to drink one 20oz glass per hour and a half and that makes getting in all in much easier.

  8. Water is good stuff, enjoy each sip; a sipcloser to your goals!