Thursday, August 26, 2010

Almost Toppled by a Mocha Frappe

Well, it is another hot and humid day out there. I have been running like a crazy woman all day, and I passed two McD restaurants. The mocha frappe (no whipped topping or chocolate drizzle) was calling to me. Actually, by the time I approached the second McD's, the mocha frappe was shouting to me. Its cool, chocolately goodness - refreshing and invigorating - beckoned to me. McDonald's calls it "one frosty cup of love" and it is, as far as flavor is concerned! The car wanted so desperately to make that left turn at the light ...

But, I turned right.

It wasn't the 470 calories, 11 g of saturated fat, or 72 g of carbs that made me ignore the Call of the Frappe. It's yumminess could even make me ignore that the first five ingredients are: water, cream, sugar, milk and high fructose corn syrup.

What made me turn away from this strong temptation was one simple question:

Do I want this Mocha Frappe MORE than I want to lose weight this week - because this could be something that would derail that process?

My answer, of course, was no. I wanted to lose the weight more than I wanted this delicioius refreshment.

I recognize, sometimes, my answer may be YES, but today was not one of those days. I came home to my iced water instead.

I'm just 11 lbs away from achieving my first mini-goal (of 10% loss, or 277 lbs), and I'm already dreaming of the next goal. I'm not even in the 270s yet, but I'm planning. Perhaps keeping my eye on the goal helped me. Or perhaps it was that I've gone 36 days (as of today) with really good - though not perfect - fueling of my body.

Whatever the reason, I stopped long enough to ask myself that all-important question, and shoved my old knee-jerk I-want-it reaction to the curb.

That is how this battle is won, one good decision at a time.

Today, I made a good decision. I survived a very strong craving. And I'm a step closer to achieving a true change in lifestyle, a step closer to improved health.

So, I'm looking forward now. I was going to make my next mini-goal another 10% drop (which would put mini-goal # 2 at 250 lbs), but I think I'm going to shoot for 247 - another 30 lbs drop. That number pulls me out of the morbid obesity category! Oh, I'll still be obese, but "just" severely so. And you know, I think I can do it. If I can whip a Mocha Frappe, I can knock out an extra three pounds in the next mini-goal - no problem.

Day 36 and still going strong ...


  1. Good for you! I needed to read this right now. It's around 4:00 and the worst time of the day for me! You are so right - the big decisions may motivate us and be exciting, but it's those small decisions that move us forward!!!

    Hugs, and thanks!

  2. One choice at a time. This was a victory for you, enjoy the feeling, as it is well deserved!

  3. That's right. That's right. That's right !!!!

  4. You know, I was thinking... after I read this post, maybe I misunderstood the context of the question that you asked me in a comment on my blog. About having a goal to lose wt and be at a certain number.

    Cuz I actually DO do it like you do... have these fun mini-goals to aim for along the way, to break up this LONG journey into little shorter distances. So, I guess I have to amend my answer, LOL!!

    I've had mini-goals from the start: get under 400, then it was in 10 lb increments for awhile.

    Then a big one was to be 350, so I could weigh in at the doctors office for the first time in 20 years.

    Then it was to be under 333... which used to be my hot-button number for several reasons.

    Now, it's to get OUT of the 3's!

    I guess I am just wary of putting too rigid of a date on it. I might figure out on a scrap of paper what I "might" weigh by a certain time frame IF I lost about 2 lbs per week... that kind of thing. But I don't make it a part of a set challenge. For whatever reason, I always fail at those!!

    Anyway, I think we ARE alike with enjoying having little mini-goals.


  5. Well done. :D

    When I crave something like that, I opt for a blended iced coffee with lo fat milk and Splenda. I get something cold and refreshing, my caffeine jolt and a tiny fraction of the calories in a frappe or a Frappaccino. :D

  6. Good job on your inner conversation.

    That's so important - to stop and at least ask yourself the questions and be conscious of the choice. Stopping and thinking about it is half the battle. It's the mindlessness that gets us.

    This summer I've been happy with plain iced coffee if I need the caffeine, and flavored seltzer (no sweetener, no calories) if I don't. I actually prefer this now, and I used to love frappes.

    Unfortunately I still like ice cream. And eating it (however mindfully) stalled weight loss for me several times this summer. I'm considering it a learning experience.

  7. OMGooodness I love those things! Always with the whipped topping and chocolate though lol, getting it without is something I wouldn't even have thought of! haha. Haven't had one in MONTHS, I miss them sooo much, but like you said-loosing weight is more important.
    AWESOME job beating your craving!!!

  8. Thanks, Everyone! Riverview, watch that ice cream!! I know it is hard, with such a hot summer as we've had ... and you are right, stopping and thinking IS half the battle. Well said! xx

  9. I can relate to the Mickey D's drive through ... there is one on the off ramp on the way to work, I used to stop quite regularly for my morning breakfast, with 2 hash browns thank you very much!!! now I make sure on my commute I always take something to eat (my drive is an hour to work) I have to admit fast food is/was my downfall, I do/did love all that greasy goodness!!! Congrats on the drive by, changing behaviors is a process and you took a step!!! woo hoo!!!

  10. Thanks, Karla! And good job to you too, for bringing non-fast-food snacks for your commute. Way to go!!