Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 30 - One Month

Today marks one month of healthier eating for me. I've lost almost 5.2% of my body weight (16 lbs). I wonder what that means in terms of improved health.

Fellow blogger, Kathy, and I are challenging each other. I think our goal will be to lose 60 lbs by August 20, 2011. That is doable! One year from today, I should be 60 lbs lighter. I can almost picture the smile on my doctor's face ...

My realizations, after one month of healthier choices:

Eating healthier has been (so far) easier than I thought it would be.

I miss cheese, but not enough to be tempted.

I still need to eat more vegetable servings.

I do not have to run to the bathroom as often. I wonder if that is a function of improved glucose levels, or simply there isn't quite as much of me pushing against my bladder, or both.

I have more energy.

I am much more in tune with how my body is feeling. I pay it more attention.

I still don't want to be in front of a camera lens.

I love being in a smaller shirt already.

When you start the journey to improved health at 300+ lbs, no one notices a 16-pound drop. Amazing ...


I was in a local department store yesterday. I happened to pass by an aisle that had various boxed scales for sale. One box said something like "body mass and weight indicator," which got my attention. So, I spent time satisfying my curiosity, and looked at the scales for sale.

For the body mass scale, it looks like you program in your height and it calculates all sorts of things for you. I haven't looked at scales in at least 15 years, and they have come a long way. What also struck me was that so many (they even had a "Biggest Loser" scale) were higher capacity, allowing for weights well over 400 lbs.

I was surprised. I had to search very, very hard to find my current scale, which was literally the only one out there that weighed people over 300 lbs (the scale goes up to 350). And THAT scale had to be ordered via Internet. There simply were no high-capacity scales at retail chains. And, for over-300-lb-capacity, there were no other choices - it was this scale (I now own), or nothing. And it was NOT reasonably priced for its day.

On one hand, I am glad the industry finally recognized the need to service those of us who are heavier. On the other hand, I thought it was sad that there was finally a large enough market to warrant that industry shift. Mostly, however, I was pleased. Who needs a scale more than we do? If you haven't looked at scales lately, take a look at what is now available out there. You may be surprised.

As for me, I'm sticking to my current scale - "Old Faithful" - which has seen me through ups and downs (mostly ups), puts up with me, and yet tells it like it is.

Hmmm ... it is starting to sound like an old friend. Maybe I should have listed that under my realizations list above. I realize my scale has become my friend, finally, after all these years.



  1. That is pretty cool. (The scale is your friend) I went to the doctor today and was excited to go and step on the scale. I am 15 lbs lighter than 4 months ago when I went. I told her today was the first time I was happy to go see the doctor.

  2. " I realize my scale has become my friend, finally, after all these years."

    I like that. That is how I feel too. I appreciate it for the tool it is, for the information it provides.


  3. yes, my scale is my friend too. I started in my 260's. It took a while for the weight to start becoming noticeable...I think around 40 lbs before I got comments.
    Not I weigh 150 or so...and the weight is coming off slowly and people see 'imaginary' weight loss.
    As in "have you lost more weight' when I have lost 2 more pounds. It could be the clothes I am wearing. It will get to the point where people 'expect' you to be thinner. lol.
    It's a good point to be at...and can I tell you.
    I love, love, love your 60 lb goal. It's SOOO realistic and doable and reminds me of my 40 lb goal. slow and steady wins the race.
    You are in it to win it.

  4. CFG, that is so neat, that you were happy to see your doctor! Congratulations on your success!! Loretta, you worded that beautifully "appreciate (the scale) for the tool it is" ... cmoursler, WOW, you are where I want to be! It is always inspiring to meet someone who has done it. And thanks for the validation on the doable-ness (is that a word??) of the 60lb goal. It is encouraging to hear, so soon into my journey. Thank you - one and all - for your kind and encouraging comments!! xx