Friday, August 27, 2010

Death and The Sixty-Pound Challenge

I've blogged about my current mini-goal (see the ticker at the top of my blog page), and of course the ticker at the very bottom of my page shows my long-term goal. But, I needed a mid-range goal too. Kathy provided that for me in the form of a challenge about a week ago.

The blue one-year countdown clock is ticking, and Kathy and I are working to lose 60 lbs by the time that clock ticks down to zero.

This is the end of our first week of the challenge. Kathy has lost 3 lbs to my 2.5 lbs - we're both doing well, but I think her exercising routine is far superior to my meager efforts to date, and it shows! That extra half pound a week would come to an extra 26 lbs lost, by the time the countdown clock zeroes out! (Way to go, Kathy!!)

This has motivated me to move a little more. I'm using my Pilates Ring, but need to start increasing the length of time I use it. And I need to change up what I'm doing more. To that end, I did my very first 30 minute cardio workout.

I won't lie - I thought I was going to die.

My poor heart had no idea WHAT was going on. My arms and legs couldn't keep up. My brain kept saying, "REALLY? You volunteered to do this? REALLY?" I think my feet wanted to kick my own a**, if only the knees could bend that far.

Autumn weather can't come soon enough. When it cools to less-than-oven-temperatures outside, I'm switching to walking. If I'm going to die, I don't want to be surrounded by size 2 people wearing sweat bands and leotards, unless they are MDs or at least certified in CPR.

So, while Kathy blazes trails with her awesome exercising regimen, I'm still finding a path to what will work for me - and that I'll maintain, without death lurking in the background. The eating side of the equation is so much easier for me (not easy, just easier).

So, Day 37 and doing well ... sore, but doing well.


  1. Once you get into exercising, it gets a lot easier. The first 15 minutes are the hardest.

  2. Good for you doing the cardio! Maybe even do only 15 for now, and add more each week? All I am doing right now is walking, so I can't really talk lol.
    But 2.5 pounds in a week is good! Be nothing but proud of that Ann!!! You are doing great! Keep up the good work :)

  3. The key is consistency. That, and ignoring that self-sabotaging voice that tells you to skip a workout just for today. Ask me how I know. LOL!


  4. Keep up the fantastic job - its the make it or break it point, and I have been known many a time to quit right along in here, but something tells me you are strong enough to keep going for it!

  5. I agree, keep it up. Can you imagine how the Biggest Loser People must feel? I can't believe what they put those people through. Crazy! Baby stepping is so right - consistency!

  6. Well, compared to the BL people, I have NOTHING to complain about. LOL That is perspective. I recognize the wisdom (as Mary said) about consistency. I think this will be my struggle, to consistently do something I know is good for me, but which I generally don't like. Still, mind over matter ... Good advice, from one and all. Thanks for your insight!

  7. I admire you doing this...I don't think I could handle it. It will be easier next time for you, I'm sure!

  8. That's what I keep telling myself, Clyde. :P Thanks for your kind words!! xx