Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 35 - Some Body

I've quite successfully ignored my growing upper arms over the years. But, it is now pretty hard NOT to notice the flaps developing, as I lose weight.

Therefore, I've taken up using weights to work on toning my upper arms - primarily the back of my upper arms.

I have developed quite some body, but it is mine and I'm used to it. That is probably part of the problem. I don't see it for what it has become. It is one of the mysteries of life - like why we can't smell our own breath when we talk or just breathe. Okay, maybe not quite a mystery, but it is a great-sounding excuse anyway.

Day 35 and sticking with the plan ...


  1. I think your observation is very valid. We see ourselves as different in the mirror. We give ourselves a breal when we see a particular imperfection that we generally wont when we see it on someone else. And then one day, we realize these imperfections need attention.

    Enjoy the weight training, good stuff!

  2. I wish I could smell my breath (lol). I can't stand the though of bad smelling breath (bad-breath phobic). We do see ourselves in a different light, but most (a lot) of us see others in the same way. I can see the beauty in imperfection and in some cases I quite prefer it. I'm with Patrick - weight training = burns more calories = functional fitness = good stuff.

  3. Day 35 and still with it, awesome!
    My arms are really bad... have been for years. Now that I'm loosing, they look worse (which I thought was impossible) and I think I should start a little weight training... but no matter what, I know I'll never be able to wear anything sleeveless again. It sucks, but oh well.
    We just have to concentrate on all the GOOD that is coming from our weight loss :)