Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 24 - All About Sizes

The last time I had anything near a significant weight loss effort, I got "all the way down" to a size 24 (pants). I remember how GOOD that felt. This was about 10 years ago, and I only stayed in that zone for about two months before I started to regain again (plus an extra 10 lbs. added for good measure).

I kept two of my size 24 jeans, because I hardly wore them, and how much does jean style realistically change? (They aren't bell-bottoms.) I think I will make fitting back into them one of my mini-goals. I should be able to do that, if I stay on track, by the end of January. That is a big "if" there, given I need to successfully negotiate through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Right now, I think I'll be able to do that - positive attitude and all that.

My pants were a snug 4x in June (or about a size 30W). Today, in mid-August, my pants are now comfortable. In fact, they will probably be loose in another 2-3 lbs.

Change may be slow, but it is happening. I'm large enough that no one has noticed - at all - a whopping 12 lb weight loss. I wonder how much I'll lose before someone actually notices the change. I imagine it would be harder to detect in winter, with bulky clothing and all that. Won't friends and relatives be surprised next spring? Well, hopefully so ...

The general rule of thumb is 1 size = 20 lbs, therefore, as I reach 20 lbs in weight loss, I should be ready for a 28W. I'm more than halfway there!

Sizes are another way to measure successful implementation of a healthy eating regimen.

30W on my way to 28W ...


  1. I think I love the fact that my clothes are loose almost as much as I love the numbers on the scales going down! You will be in that 28 pants in no time at all. I'm with you on the "nobody is noticing"...and I've lost 35 lbs! I don't care though, 'cause I'm doing this for me, not them. Every time I put on an article of clothing that is loose or baggy, I just smile and give myself a high five! It's a great feeling!!! We just gotta keep on doing what we're doing!

  2. Come on 28W... fitting into smaller sizes is a great motivator and an awesome NSV when attained.

  3. Congrats on Friday's 0.4 lb loss, R. (First Steps) ... every ounce counts! You are right, of course, I don't much care whether people notice my losses or not, because I'm doing this for me. I was more curious to see how long it would take to get the first comment from someone who didn't know I was on a health-kick. hehehe I thought 12 lbs is a lot of weight for no one to notice, but 35 lbs?!!! Sheesh!

    Patrick, spoken like someone who has lost over 45 lbs!! (GREAT job on that, after a mere four months.) You are wonderful at sharing your motivations, enthusiasm and humor. Now, if I could just figure out how to get your metabolism ...