Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 40 - Where's the Rainbow?

The ocean has its own rhythm. I'm not talking about waves. I'm talking about swells, and tides - a general ebb and flow.

Well, I've noticed a swell, lately, among the weight loss bloggers. So many of us, it seems, are dealing with the doldrums. I don't know if this is just an end-of-summer thing, or more a function of how long some have been on their journey to improved health. But, it is funny (odd) how a general malaise has hit, and caused a struggle for so many to remain dedicated to the task at hand.

Perhaps, it is important for us to stop every so often (appropriate for me, being this is day 40) and ask ourselves, "Where's the rainbow?"

We need to revisit the highlights of achievements we've made so far. And we need to remind ourselves of where we want to be - it is, in essence, a promise to ourselves. And I think it is important to hook up with a (currently) enthusiastic person. Enthusiasm is catchy! If ours runs low, we need to borrow that energy from someone else, until our own is reignited.

And, if nothing else, we need to give ourselves "just one more day" ... do that often enough, and we may just find our paths again.

Right now, I'm still in that golden time period that every new diet has - enthusiasm is high, and the weight is coming off steadily. But I know (too well), that things will slow down soon. And when plateaus hit, as they always do, it will be time to ask, "Where's the rainbow?"

So, to all my weight loss blogger buddies, who are suffering through the doldrums - hang in there! You don't reach your target if you give up. Walk if you can't run, even crawl if you must, but never give up! Visit bloggers who've made their goals, and recapture your enthusiasm - renew your strength!! You can do this ... we can ALL do this.


  1. I don't have the doldrums....
    But I just today realized that
    I am waiting for something that might not - no -
    is never going to happen again.
    So I'm hoping my little raft of twigs that I made
    will be enough to sustain me through the hard times.

    A perfect storm! The only thing big enough to bring me down.
    And thanks for all your support and comments on my blog, Ann!

  2. Great post, very timely. It's easy to get bored when the weight loss slows. (I'm there now.) But we have to focus on the big picture of how far we've come, and the little picture of putting one foot in front of the other. It will happen if we are patient and keep doing what we're doing.

  3. Love it, Ann! I join you in the "golden time period" right now and I'm nothing but wildly enthusiastic. But years of experience tell me that the plateau is coming.

    What I keep telling myself is that a plateau shouldn't make even the slightest bit of difference. Because this is the way I live now.

    The rainbow exists in treating ourselves lovingly and with the same care that we give to those in our lives who we in and day out. We want only the best for them, and we should want only the best for ourselves.

    Thanks for the's a great encouragement!

  4. Hang in there, Anne!! Even a perfect storm is survivable. You just have to believe you can make it, and reach out for help. I'm here. (And you're welcome for the comments on your posts - I enjoy your photo essays a LOT.) Jo, thank you for your kind comments. You are right, it IS easy to get bored! I love your attitude. You've hit upon the formula for ultimate success. It is ALL about putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes, the road seems endless, but when we're feeling that way, it is time to just concentrate on what is immediately in front of our feet - ignore the long road ahead. Never give up! Karyn, I love that enthusiasm! And you are right, of course. Part of my problem is that I was so focused on caring for others, I neglected me. I think a lot of us are like that. Now, we have to pay the price, right? I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  5. What a wonderful post, Ann!

    I loved this: "We need to revisit the highlights of achievements we've made so far." Why, oh why do I forget to do that?!

    Stick out your elbow, Ann... there... I just rubbed elbows with you, so I can catch some of your enthusiasm!

    Superb post!

  6. Well said, Ann. I do believe that the end of summer has a lot to do with how I feel--buy I do have several stressors in my life right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the toast--not the bread kind but the, "here's to you. . ." kind.

  7. I gave you an award, just my way of saying thank you

  8. wow what a great post, I so often hook my wagon to another blogger and they pull me out of the blues, you are so so right on!!

  9. Yep, I'm there. I'll bet it IS an end of summer thing. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

  10. Thank you, Karla! (I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds nice!! I've never received an award before.) Mary, hang in there. September is almost here - a new month, a new effort! Kathy, check out Oh_mg's Tuesday post on the Labyrinth - it ia AWESOME. You'll shake the summer doldrums after that post. Loretta, I'll give you some of my enthusiasm, if you give me some artistic talent! :) Okay, okay, it was worth a shot though. You've accomplished so much already on this journey, you should be revisiting your successes - and often - they were so well earned and there is no reason they can't do double-duty by re-motivating you too!

  11. Sometimes it's just hard to catch your breath when you're in such a storm with the fear you're being left behind but you've got to keep at it to survive the doom.

  12. Love your chipper and positive attitude post. Regaining our health is a slow process, so encouragement is necessary. Stay strong Michele

  13. Great post :) thanks Ann, I needed that!