Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 27 - Inspiration

Things that inspire me to stay on track:

My 10-year-old pair of size 24 jeans. I've worn them just once. They are in my closet, taunting me - daring me - to fit into them again. Right now, I can get them up to my knees, sort of.

The oppressive and never-ending heat of this summer. I have been in some kind of misery, and I don't want to head into next summer with anywhere near this weight again. The heat is bad enough, but who wants to carry around an additional 150 lbs (+) in it?

My fellow weight-loss bloggers. I don't want to be the only one to give up, so I don't. And I visit, and revisit, and revisit (again) those who've achieved success in their efforts - not necessarily their goals (yet), though some of those too!!

My own growing comfort. The steering wheel doesn't touch my tummy anymore. My current pants are LOOSE. A regular stall has suddenly gotten a little less claustrophobic. And my shirt sleeves don't act like tourniquets on my upper arms.

Next year's family reunion. Actually, the pending PHOTO from next year's family reunion. I really REALLY don't like to be on the lens side of a camera, and for sure don't want to be captured for eternity at this weight, in the family reunion photo of 2011. I want to be in the picture, but taking up a little less room on the image.

My lab numbers. I know that may seem weird, but I do feel motivated by that too. I want my October labs to be better than the last (posted on the right sidebar). It tells me how well I am doing internally, how stressed or how well my body's systems are doing.

There are other things too, which inspire me, but this is the quick list. It is good to revisit our motivations - the primary one being improved health for me. And it is equally important to revisit our inspirations. So here it is for me to revisit when times get tough. I've noticed that a lot of my fellow bloggers have been hitting rough patches this month - in remaining dedicated to the task at hand. I am too new into this process to hit that wall yet, but I know it will come. And, when it does, I can revisit this page and remind myself of my inspirations.

What inspirations do you have?


  1. The date is wrong. Today is Tuesday, August 17th. However, I started a draft last night, with the title "Day 27 -" to remind me (today) what day in my journey this was. SO, apparently, if you start something - even if just a title reminder - it logs that date/time as that of the post. I didn't even know the subject of my post until this morning! LOL Wow ... good to know. I won't do that again, because it just messes up the dates.

  2. Why don't we start some kind of challehge for each other? I don't know what that be, but we can work it out.

  3. Let's do! Good idea, Kathy ... any thoughts? Email me. Also, you need to clue me in on guest posting for Wednesday or Thursday.

  4. Let's make it Thursday. I have a freelance job I'm doing tomorrow. Email me what you what to post, and I will put it up. I don't know about the challenge. I thought about challenging myself to lose 60 pouinds in 365 days. But let's think about it.