Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 34 - Weigh-in Results: 288.5 lbs.

I may have to be up and out of the house fairly early tomorrow morning, so I decided to make today my official weigh-in day this week, figuring if my result was higher than would otherwise be, oh well. I'm not sure how much difference one day makes.

So, how great is this?!! My scale read 288.5 lbs! And yes, I'm counting half pounds, every ounce counts. I have made it into the 280s!! I am closing in on my first goal, to reach 277. That makes the loss for this past week 2.5 lbs.

I set no timeframe for achieving my first mini-goal of 10% loss, except to say I'd ideally like to reach it by the time of my October doctor appointment (and my scheduled next set of labs). If I keep this up, I'll have no worries about achieving 277 lbs by then.

I am almost down 20 lbs - or one entire clothing size.

I am not even worried about my old nemesis - the dreaded and ancient plateau of 283-284 lbs. - which is not that far off. I have loads of confidence, and if positive thinking can make that a non-issue, I'm not even going to pause there! hehehe

I hope Kathy notes, this would be 2.5 lbs toward our 60-lb-goal mid-range challenge! So, 2.5 lbs gone, and 57.5 lbs to go (by August 20, 2011). :D


  1. Well done Ann, a very cool loss for this past week!

  2. Thanks, guys! I guess it is true what they say, hard work DOES pay off. Who knew? :D

  3. Awesome. I'm still interested in doing a challenge. I need the motivation. And I'd still like to challenge myself to lose 60 pounds in 365 days. Still interested? You can choose however much it is you'd like to lose. We'll check in with each other, I don't know? How often do you think? Everyday. Twice a week?

  4. This is amazing! Keep, keep, keep going and pass that old nemesis like it is standing still.

    Keep us posted!

  5. congrats on the loss!!!

    I'm so aggravated! I loved the comment you left on my post this morning...went to hit publish, the mouse slipped and I hit delete instead, and I can't get it back!! DAMN!!!

  6. Yippee and, yes, those half pounds count.