Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 25 - Pushing Past Plateaus

Does anyone else have a set-point? I started thinking about this today. I'm within 11 lbs of mine. That is the weight at which I usually see a stall in forward progress (measured by the scale) - the point I usually give 1-2 weeks and then quit.

No, no, no ... I have no intention of doing that THIS time, but I'm afraid of that number. It is lurking before me, and has proven in the past to be stronger than I am - was.

So, I am devising a plan to push past that dreaded plateau. I'm going to tighten up my portion sizes when it hits. If that doesn't move me past it, I will add more movement (though I don't much relish walking in the heat of late summer).

I think mostly, however, it is a mind-over-matter issue. I've lost the battle mentally, in the past. I know intellectually to expect plateaus and to wait them out, but when it comes to actually doing that - well, I don't. I suppose that is true of most people, otherwise their diets would be a success and the industry wouldn't be making billions a year.

Scarlet, on her blog today, expressed her frustration with "just" maintaining. She'd like to see movement down the scale again. That got me to thinking about my own set-point. I know what I have to do, so I just need to prepare myself and follow through.

I am going to prepare myself to FINALLY push past that dreaded set-point, whenever it arrives. I am thinking I will meet my foe around late September.


  1. And we will all send thoughts and prayers your way and scare that setpoint away!!!

    Plateaus are actually a good thing. I think they are just an indication that the body is taking time to think things over before preparing to move forward. That body just wants to make sure you're serious this time! LOL!

  2. Yeah I've hit them. Some I struggle with and one time I blew past one and did not even know it. It's seems when I hit one, less time goes away. The first one was a stall for a long time, then each one after was shorter. I hope I will get to the point where they don't bug me anymore!

    Keep pushing through!!!

  3. You are one smart cookie.
    A sugar-free cookie.
    Forget the numbers and keep on doing what you know is right.
    The numbers will take care of themselves!

  4. Keep on making good choices and putting in effort... change it up if you want but don't get too radical or restrictive. You'll get moving off the plateau & on towards that goal weight and feel great getting there.

  5. I dont know if I have a plateau, maybe, I never diet long enough to find out! Sigh.