Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okay, this was unexpected

I wear a 3x (pants), but prefer the more comfortable 4x for my shirts. That is because I am a busty gal (I mean, even when I was normal weight or thin, I was top-heavy. We'll leave it at that.)

So, this afternoon, I am in the store. They have a sale on shirts. I pull out my usual 4x and hit the dressing room.

What the heck? This thing is like a tent on me. Must be the cut.

I return to the rack, and pull out a 3x. Did I mention I love this cut, whatever it is? Anything that makes me feel smaller is okay by my book. I hit the dressing room.

What the heck? This thing is a bit too baggy (though not a tent). Come on, seriously, I've only (officially) lost 12 pounds here. Okay, probably a little more this week, because I am noticing some changes, but still. I know the weight is leaving from the top much faster (and unfairly) than from the bottom, but come on ...

The shirt must be mismarked. I try on another 3x. Nope, it is too baggy. Okay, I grab a 2x - just for something to laugh about.

What the heck? It fits. Not too loose, not too tight, but just right. Now I know it is DEFINITELY the manufacturer's cut. I grab an entirely different line, different manufacturer, different style shirt, etc. I go for the 3x. IT is too baggy! I try a 2x. It fits too.

So, I know (already) I definitely lost some more weight, but it must be all from the top. OR, the arm/shoulder exercises I've been doing are toning me enough to actually change how the clothes are fitting.

I'm happy. Mind you, I wish the world was a bit more fair about these things. I vote that fat should be required to leave starting from the bum or thighs, rather than the twins.

I can already see, during this weight loss journey, the bottom half will lag the top half by a size or two. That's okay, as long as the fat LEAVES. Bring it on ...

BTW, 2x coveres 26w & 28w. So, apparently, my top half has made it into the 28w arena, at least for some manufacturers' cuts. I wasn't expecting that for weeks yet!

I bought the 2x shirt, and I am going to wear it this weekend. I may have a long way to go, but I loved this afternoon's NSV.

Is it weird, that I am excited to already be in a 28w/2x shirt? If the shirts were mismarked, I don't want to know at this point. I prefer to live with the delusion!

My measurement updates will tell me whether it is actually me, or the shirt cuts. Keeping my fingers crossed ...


  1. Why is that weird ? It is freaking awesome !!!

  2. Hurray!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!! Hot damn you're shrinkin! :-)

  3. This is great news. Show us a picture of the new outfit.

  4. Great, great news!!! Congrats!!!! Keep up the awesome work!! Hugs!!!