Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding Motivation

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. -- Zig Ziglar

Allan doesn't care much for lists, so he may need to look away for this one! (Hi Allan.)

Today, I found motivation in:

My loose-fitting jeans

The challenge of another

The skinny neighbor lady who looks 22 (she's my age)

My struggle with a cardio workout (aka, my near-death experience)

and even

The old pair of shoes I wear around the house (The first mini-goal reward will be a new pair of shoes to replace these)

I find motivation (daily) in something, and often times in more than one thing. Some are positive, some are negative, some are challenging and some are a breeze. Motivation comes in many different forms, and often in surprising ways.

One motivation I can always count on is an NSV or Weigh-in Day of my fellow bloggers! Thanks, one and all, for that. I do better when I focus on the motivations and ignore the hurdles. Keeping my eye on the prize makes the distractions easier to manage.

Humor also helps.

Still alive, ten hours after my first cardio workout, but barely ...


  1. I love me some Allan.
    And I don't know from lists.
    But it's better than being "listless!"
    Love the ZZ quote!

  2. In 1997 I saw Zig speak, He was 70-something then, is he still going strong. He is a good speaker and a good motivator. Of course he is in the business to sell you something with his pitch, but if you can block that out, his approach is one of the better ones amongst those that do what he does.

    NSV's, they are truly a great friend to have beside you when working to get through the challenges we face.

  3. I love that. Finding motivation everyday... it can be very hard- and you are doing it :) Great attitude!
    Glad you're still alive lol :)
    What's NSV???

  4. I am motivated by your blog! Good job and keep it up 18.5 lbs! Yay!!

  5. Don't be listless, Anne! hehehe Patrick, as far as I know, Zig is still speaking, probably in his mid-80s by now. You are doing well with challenges. Keep up the good work! TinaM, NSV is "Non-scale Victory" - other ways, aside from a scale number, that we find encouragement or uplift during the weight loss journey. I'm still alive after the cardio, so I guess that in itself could be a NSV. hehehe Nancy, thanks! Did you figure out the lemon bb muffin tweak yet?

  6. Great quote and I love your perspective! Keep it up.

  7. Yay! I just found out about NSV's, and I'm in love. I think they help remind me that while I'm losing weight, I'm gaining experiences that I never dreamed of before ... smaller jeans, not getting winded going up the stairs, and that great made-my-goal feeling! ♥ good luck!

  8. I chuckled at that quote, glad you like it, Clyde. Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement! Oh Mg, I can't WAIT for my first "made-my-goal" feeling! I'm going to really enjoy it. And what lovely insight - losing weight, but gaining experiences - THAT is an awesome attitude!!

  9. I get so much motivation reading the blogs, I really think that is why it has clicked for me in the last year, reading others challenges, blogs are where it's happening for me at least