Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 39 - Positive Thinking

I've been working hard in the yard these last several days. I'm counting that as my exercise - and it IS exercise, based on the complaining my muscles are doing today. Actually, I'm surprised I could do as much as I did, given the heat especially.

After church this morning, I had planned to go swimming. I donned my trusty old swimsuit, which fit me perfectly fine just 2-3 weeks ago (in fact, better than its fit in years), only to find it is too big! If I wore that in water, I'd be arrested for what would be exposed.

I'm glad I discovered this now, before all the swimwear disappears from the stores/catalogs for the season. (Fall items are already starting to show up.) So, this afternoon, I am going shopping for a new swimsuit, while they are on sale, which is a bonus! And I think I will get two - one that fits, and one the next size down, since we will go midwinter to Florida on vacation ... just in case.

How is that for positive thinking?


  1. Hi Ann...I just came across your wonderful blog! I have just started reading some of your posts and can already tell you're off to a great start. I'm on the same journey trying to lose weight the healthy way, and like you I've lost 18.5 pounds so far. But the biggest change by far for me has been my thinking! I am happy to be among your followers and look forward to seeing you go far in this journey.

    It looks like we both started our blogs about the same time too...I hope you'll come for a visit sometime.


  2. Waqy to go! Nothing like buying smaller clothes.

  3. Welcome, Kimberlynn! I will definitely check out your site. I get so much motivation from visiting others and seeing their successes. That is so funny, that we started at the same time and lost the same amount! Yay!! Hi Allan, thanks for stopping by to cheer me on. Kathy, TELL me about it!! haha I did some light weights today - as always, just concentrating on my flabby upper arms. The yard work wasn't as strenuous today as on the last two days - a bit tired and sore after all that. So, I added some light weights today - just so I'm doing something. I'm trying to come close to your exercise, but I've got a LONG way to go. :D

  4. Great news about the bathing suit! yes, get the lower size! You will need it!

  5. Ann, I just saw your IRT question. I am sorry about that. Sometimes I am an idiot and space my comments... :p

    Alex had a clot and received treatment and was declared fit to return to driving.

    I don't know about you, but Hugh is driving me nuts, this season. He is always a shall we say a strong personality. But this season he is an obnoxious ass.

  6. Yard work is definitely exercise. Swim suit no longer fitting - that is an NSV for you!

  7. Love the positive thinking.A great and concrete reminder of your success so far. Stay strong! Michele

  8. You must be feeling so great!!! That is an awesome NSV!!! Good for you buying 2, your going to need that second one for sure the way your going!!!
    Thanks for letting me know what an NSV is LOL :)

  9. Congratulations on your weight loss, you have been doing awesome. down 18.5 and buying a new swim suit, this is just wonderful. take care and keep up the great job. hugs.