Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 33 - Life's Little Surprises

Well, I had an unexpected weekend, filled with unanticipated food challenges. Luckily, the last thing I did before running out the door on Friday evening was to weigh myself.

I made the best choices available to me over the weekend, but it wasn't always the ideal I'd have eaten at home.

Even so, I was resigned to do my best with what was available to me, and not get hung up on anything. Sometimes, we have to pick the least unhealthy item, if that is our only option.

I weighed myself today (NOT an official weigh-in day). I wanted to see what damage was done, if any, to my forward progress.

Guess what? Doing the best I can, with the options available to me, CAN work in a pinch! I am unofficially one pound lighter today, than I was on Friday.

I've read a lot of blogs (catching up today on things I missed since Friday). It seems a lot of fellow-bloggers have had less-than-perfect meals/days recently. And most, happily, are not beating themselves up over it.

That is proper perspective. Life throws us curve balls all the time. Sometimes we are equipped to handle them, other times less so, but all we can do is the best we can.

The sign of a true change in lifestyle is that we don't just toss up our hands and use these circumstances as our excuse to just chuck the entire thing and take a "vacation" from it all. Our health goes with us, regardless, and we need to be mindful of that.

I've also learned, one or two less-than-ideal meals won't derail a month's worth of positive efforts.


  1. You are so right about the sign of a true lifestyle change. Our success or failure is ultimately determined by what we do when we stumble. Do we stay there and beat ourselves up? Or do we get up and keep on going? It's up to us. Good job on making the best possible choices!!


  2. Great attitude Anne!
    Thank you for your comment and stopping by :) I'm only sorry you came when I'm at such a low point... I'll feel better soon though, it will pass :) Thanks for your words.

    Great job on your loss so far! I like that you have no set time frame, me either. I have a lot to loose and know it will take time, no use in setting up dates that we may or may not make!!! You are doing great, keep up the good work!

  3. Mary, too true (success/failure), just as true character is determined by how we act when no one is looking, right? Great analogy! Thanks for your kind words. TinaM, mothers (and their children) know what buttons to push. Don't apologize for your down day, we all have 'em. You vented, and who doesn't do that? Your focus remains your health and your child - right? And that is exactly where your focus should be. What I'd like to know is your strategy for moving the scale downward again. Ideas?

  4. "I've also learned, one or two less-than-ideal meals won't derail a month's worth of positive efforts."

    Abso-tootley! You really have kicked the old all-or-nothing thinking to the curb!

  5. I'm going to stick with the original plan, which is baby steps lol. The way I got the scale to move steadily down was portion control- I think that was the biggest one. Eat what you want, but if it isn't the best choice, only a little. The others are, NO POP, lots of water, only eat when hungry, walk every day even if only for 10 minutes. Those are what work for me, I just have to get back at it!!!
    AND in doing those things also adding more fruits/veggies and healthy foods. I REALLY have to improve on that though!
    I'm not at all upset by this weeks gain, I know why I gained and what I need to do... I also have to make sure personal problems don't send me to the fridge (and they did). I know that as long as I don't give up, the number will continue to go down :)