Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happiness Overload

Out of the mouths of babes ... or how I accidentally fell off my sister-in-law's "good" list:

Sitting around my much-younger brother & sister-in-law's dinner table, my preschool-aged nephew chimed in with his own bit of wisdom.

He announced to no one in particular, "I know why Aunty Annie is fat ..."

Is that EVER a good phrase to hear?

My sister-in-law nearly choked on the inhale, but before she could admonish him, he continued, "she has so much happy feelings and smiles, it needed more room."

Now I ask you, how can you not love that? BUT, he continued (do boys EVER stop while they are ahead?) ...

for it was then he turned toward his mother (and where I fell off her "good" list) and said in his very next breath, "And that is why you are so skinny, Mommy. You are grouchy and yell all the time."

She went from mortified to angrily embarrassed, in about a nanosecond, but she appreciated the skinny comment nevertheless. (She is very image conscious, my sister-in-law.)

So, unofficially, I'm using THAT as my excuse for being so heavy - happiness overload. hahaha


  1. thats adorable! I would buy that nephew a gift right away, ha ha ha ha!

  2. Okay I am loving that nephew of yours. FOR him it is a beautiful way to look at his Aunt...It will take some work to get back in the Moms good books. I really had a laugh at this one. take care. be well.

  3. hahahaha, isn't it funny what kids notice about us. They see the inside AND the outside and they accept it all as one package. Beautiful story!!

  4. Oh, I love that!!

  5. What a lovely thought - kids DO see the inside and the outside, accepting it all as one package! Even most adults don't accept themselves in that fashion - a lesson there for us all, to be sure. Buy my nephew a gift? Shoot, I'll put him at the top of my heirs list! haha Glad others appreciated the moment as much as I did - funny!

  6. 25 days, 12 pounds... In 100 days, 50 lbs... Great stuff !!!!

  7. Too cute!!! But girl, don't stop your journey!!! You keep at it!! Ya hear me? Hugs!!!

  8. What a sweet thought. Little kids are the greatest! They see things so purely. I have a much younger brother and when he was maybe 5 or 6 and I was talking about trying to lose weight, he got very sad and said he didn't want me to lose my "squishy pillow belly" - because he loved to snuggle up with me.